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... Perhaps, Sight is only what the eye "sees".Even with a high degree of myopia and astigmatism,that when corrected,it becomes "Vision". And that is what the "Brain" sees. So no matter what our eye problems may be,we need to always be thankful for our "insight" :) ;) :D Eyes (14 replies)
... I believe 6/12 is the same as 20/40. You might want to use the word "toric" in your search about contacts and astigmatism. (14 replies)
... Your high degree of myopia with a high degree of astigmatism is a structural condition of your eye and your cornea. Any eye exercises would be of no use. ... (14 replies)

... Yes, I know a number of people who have high astigmatism who were fit by an optometrist who's practice is limited to fitting these custom made lenses. ... (14 replies)
... do u know anyone having such high astigmatism and using contact lenses? ... (14 replies)
... You have found Eyestwo22 ! There is a condition : Pathological or Degenerative Myopia is quite different from the simple refractive myopia or nearsightedness that affects so many people around the world. Pathological myopia is an extremely high amount of nearsightedness that causes a major alteration of the shape or globe of the eye, which may lead to profound vision loss.... (14 replies)
... Thanks for the assurance...But What is MD??... n I coudnt find EyesTwo..also are there contacts lenses for -5 astigmatism..I have heard that they are available only upto -3.5 astigmatism?? please reply, Regards (14 replies)
... Pranab: Hellas, SeriousPerson & EyesTwo are the experts on this subject. In the meantime, I will, you won't go blind from myopia and you don't have MD. At the age of 26, your vision should be settling down and probably won't change significantly. There are special types of contact lenses for severe astigmatism. Contacts also seem to work better than glasses for... (14 replies)
... :) ...thanks again!! Here I asm struggliong for site n u talk about insight!!:rolleyes: (14 replies)
... The P-IOL is, infact, intraocular surgery. Therefore,the risks are higher than with Lasik. In most states the vision requirements for getting a driving licence is, at least, 20/50 in the best eye. However, outside mirrors may be nessary. Visa requriments may vary with different countries. I don't know any specifics. Questions are welcome. They give us "IN SIGHT" :D ... (14 replies)
... as P-IOL is placed inside the eye it willl require a surgery also?..which is safer? any idea regarding driving licence,visa etc?? plz do not mind me asking u so many questions!! Regards (14 replies)
... The Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL - it is not an implantable contact lens) and the Verisyse-Artisan are both phakic intraocular lenses (P-IOL). A P-IOL is a "helper" artificial lens implanted inside the eye to reduce refractive error. P-IOLs are an alternative to conventional or wavefront Lasik, IntraLasik, PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik for patients with very high myopic... (14 replies)
... u say eye exercises wont help me at all!! does it mean the only way to get out of this poor condition of my eyes is through a laser surgery?..if yes..can u suggest some doctors/hospitals which are among the best?..and given my vision of 6/12,will I have problems getting drivers licence,visa etc?? is 6/12 = 20/40?? regards, (14 replies)
... :) ..thanks again!!...that means I do not suffer from low vision...also I think I do not have pathological myopia!!..great!!...well,I will visit the site as told by more question,please,..r the eye exercises of an help in my case?there are many websites claiming that eye exercises can reduce myopia considerably..can u provide any inputs regarding the matter?? ... (14 replies)
... Hi! I am a 26 year old Engineer from India.I suffer from severe myopia (-8.0) and astgmatism ( -5.0).My vision after correction with glasses is 6/12..(20/40..I think!!).The cylindrical power has remained constant while the spherical power has incresed from -4.0 t0 -7.0 since the last 15 years or so....though it hasnt changed much for the past 4 years or so! I would... (14 replies)
Salzmanns Nodules
Sep 25, 2011
... ules removed from both eyes several months apart over the past year. I was to the point where I had light sensitivity as well as a large amount of uncorrectable astigmatism as well as very poor night vision. ... (10 replies)
... in another, but it happens to both eyes anyway. I have no chronic or childhood illnesses and, more or less, a lack of acute illnesses. ... (0 replies)
... ng these lenses out of desperation. i tried them when i was very young..around 15..but now i am 21 and feel that i might try them again if they will give me more acute vision, and perhaps be more successful than trying many different types of toric soft lenses. ... (6 replies)

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