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... her a Vitreous or Retina detachment. If vitreous they may just check the retina to make sure it isn't tearing the retina and have you come back in a few weeks. As you mentioned you have been doing some reading on this, you know deep down there is an issue. Please treat this as a true emergency. Call Ophthalmologist ASAP. ... (6 replies)
... weeks ago and saw 2 little dots floating across my vision. I knew they were floaters as I have heard about them before, but I have never had any of these issues with my vision apart from shortsightedness. ... (6 replies)
Help Please!
Jun 10, 2018
... These are known as floaters...they can be nothing, or they can be a sign of a retina problem. ... (6 replies)

... no sign of cataract at all. I had two options as best I understand them. ... (5 replies)
Eye Discrepancy
May 21, 2018
... if I have both eyes open, I have perfect vision, but if I close or cover either one, the other looks blurry. I don't believe I used to have this issue, as I was able to look through cameras fine. Any thoughts? ... (0 replies)
... appens to me at least every 18 months until it gets treated..optical neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve. Its behind the eye, and my symptoms are exactly as you describe.. ... (5 replies)
... I wish you good fortune in finding a specialist to help you. Sounds as if you have been suffering with this inner head pain for many years. ... (5 replies)
... Hello, I'm Jim. I'm 28 and I'm seeking help with regards to eye pain. I've had constant pain behind both eyes for as long as I can remember; 8+ years. I cannot cope well with life like this anymore :( I'd appreciate your time and help more than you can imagine! Pain (scale 1-10): The pain level behind both eyes is 3-4 on bad days and .5 to 1 on good days. I feel constant... (5 replies)
... Thanks a lot for this. I will clarify with my doctor with the numbers as I am also quite new to these things. I guess the number represented some sort of level for my astigmatism. ... (5 replies)
... An optometrist visit would tell you the answer and they usually have opticians on site to order glasses. If you do need them, I also have benefited greatly from the 'anti glare' or 'anti reflective' coating as an extra add-on (had worn glasses for years without that so I can tell the difference easily). I don't understand what the numbers mean that you mention (25, 50 - do... (5 replies)
... I sent you a PM as I have experienced something similar for over 2 years and have never found anyone else with this weird symptom. ... (1 replies)
... Azathioprine. I read that Azathioprine is listed as a human carcinogen and am very nervous about starting it. If someone has had it or is currently taking it, please share some feedback. Thank you so much! ... (1 replies)
... stressed or if I was getting sick. Fast forward to two years later, in late 2017 I began to feel an intense pressure on my right eye if I slept on my right side, as if gravity was about to cause my eye to pop from it's socket. ... (0 replies)
Eye floaters
May 5, 2018
... Thanks for getting in touch. They never formally diagnosed me with migraines as i dont really have them per se, I just got this odd occurrence for some reason. I live in the UK so don't have health insurance, I'm not sure how that works. ... (8 replies)
Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... I don't really have migraines as such I just had an aura out of the blue last month and nothing since then. ... (8 replies)
... litis now and the doctors I see have me start taking high dosage of steroid tablets. The recovery is super slow and they insist I start taking immunosuppressants as well. Does anyone have experience with this disease? ... (1 replies)
Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... So I know most people get floaters as I'm sure I've always had them, but the last couple of days I've noticed many more of them which just constantly swirling about my vision. ... (8 replies)
... Be sure you explain your sight difficulty very well. Besides having medical insurance it helps a lot to buy a rather inexpensive optical insurance such as VSP. ... (2 replies)
... Tillamook, thanks for responding. Yes I had the followup with the surgeon and got the all clear for the cataract removal. I think I can attribute most of the dry eye / scratchiness to it being winter at the time. Since furnace isn't running as much now, the eye feels like 100%. I went ahead and scheduled two different appointments with separate ophthalmologists. Doing... (5 replies)
... Unless the ERM is causing visual issues it's probably best left alone. These often happen as a result of a posterior vitreous detachment, common as we get older, and are harmless. ... (2 replies)

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