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... This isn't exactly a solution as much as it is a quick fix, but have you looked into any japanese eye drops? ... (10 replies)
... My sister had dry eyes and she was told to use eye drops. After one session the problem is gone. As I can see your problem is 4 years old, you should visit eye specialist in your place! ... (10 replies)
... t notice any thing. About a week later I noticed a spot as it was forming. It looked like a camera flash spot that would not go away. I went back to doctor and this time he noticed a cotton wool spot. ... (1 replies)

... s exactly the same as my old one, which I did give to him. The only thing that changed was the axis, from 170 to 175. Did this really warrant me needing new glasses? ... (0 replies)
Right Eye Issue
Feb 22, 2015
... This feeling will last for a couple of days and go away as quickly as it came on. Any ideas what is going on in there? ... (1 replies)
Knocked Cross eyed
Feb 19, 2015
... eyes looked strange. Upon leaving the hospital they came in with video cameras and asked permission to film my eyes for a case study, but gave me no instruction as to what to do. I wound up in Atlanta GA and after three surgeries my left eye is still crossed. The right one straightened back out before any surgery. ... (0 replies)
... Instant and prolonged afterimages from light sources such as a computer screen. ... (0 replies)
PVD Question
Feb 11, 2015
... A friend of mine (Age 60), who is farsighted, recently complained of a large blurry spot, or in his words, like a thin curtain with undefined edges which he says is not like floaters (He reports no floaters), in the peripheral of the right eye, also presenting with diplopia in the affected eye. At my behest, he visited a ophthalmologist who diagnosed it as posterior vitreous... (0 replies)
Imaginary bugs?
Feb 11, 2015
... Sometimes floaters are described as 'bugs'. ... (1 replies)
... I'm trying to convince myself that this is nothing too serious as otherwise it would happen all the time, and not just with digital objects and mainly dim lighting. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you everyone for the replies. I've booked to see an eye specialist in 2.5 weeks and hopefully they can come up with something. I might try Restasis and see if it works (though I'll have to get a prescription) as someone else mentioned it. It sucks that so many things can possibly cause dry eyes :( (10 replies)
... I have suffered from dry eyes for as long as I can remember and its partly because I do wear contacts. So now I know when I fly I need to wear my glasses and I can never fall asleep with my contacts in. ... (10 replies)
... says that he has heard of people having bad results such as scleral melting from similar type surgeries. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for your reply....sorry to hear about the problems your is very scary.... and its hard to find anyone that has this surgery done. I understand your not able to state who did the surgery...can you tell me where they're located...FL, CA, NY, etc... or what method they used....graph, primary closure, ice-burg? *How are your plugs doing...what can you... (4 replies)
... I posted in another thread which I believe you read, but I thought I'd respond here as well. ... (4 replies)
... e by a dodgeball a few days ago and immediately I saw a grey crescent in the lower half of my left eye field of view. My vision improved over the next few hours as I waited in the hospital emergency but I could still tell that my vision was being affected. ... (4 replies)
... especially if I don't get enough sleep, and gets better throughout the day but still dry. Air conditioned places such as on public transport also worsen my symptoms. ... (10 replies)
... months. She is in a total panic about it and sadly, we don't think we have enough info to make the decision.... My mother is terrified of going blind in one eye as she seems to worry, for some reason, that her remaining good eye will suffer the same fate in a few years. ... (0 replies)
Dry Eyes
Jan 26, 2015
... Hi, you should try something like Theratears liquidgel eye drops which are formulated for nighttime use as they are thicker than regular eyedrops and sit on your eye while your eyes is closed to lubricate while you sleep. ... (1 replies)
... I had my surgery December 9, 2014. I did not have any problems, and I am awaiting scheduling for the other eye. In regard to MCS, I have been diagnosed as a Universal Reactor by 2 different physicians, 25 years apart, both times at the height of illness. ... (4 replies)

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