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... wobbling, just like a camera not being held still. This happens when I'm completely still. I find reading text is no problem near or far, and it's not so severe as to derail my eyes scanning lines of text. ... (3 replies)
Dark spot
Dec 4, 2016
... either way it should be checked out as a detached retina can cause major problems. ... (1 replies)
... Has anyone tried these and do they contain all the same ingredients as Genteal gel drops? ... (4 replies)

... Everything has healed fine and I went back to opthalmology 2 days ago and they discharged me and as far as I was concerned everything had gone really well. ... (0 replies)
... many young people develop it as well, and, it can come out earlier in each succeeding generation. ... (1 replies)
... and some trouble spots in my optic nerve that my optometrist described as "borderline. ... (1 replies)
... nd a cough etc. In the morning when I wake up my eyes are a little sore and sticky and a few weeks ago they would be swollen. I'm just giving all this background as I have no idea if any of it is related. ... (0 replies)
Conjunctival cysts
Nov 10, 2016
... s have been hanging around for a little over a week and have fluctuated in size. Today I went to have them examined by an ophthalmologist and they were confirmed as conjunctival cysts. ... (0 replies)
... Hi....the individual vials have no preservatives. I use Refresh vials. They are expensive to use daily on an as needed basis, so I save them for when my eyes are really rough feeling or if there's something in there that I can't get out. ... (14 replies)
... you can't beat that pricewise. I also use a hot compress as instructed by my ophthalmologist, not a warm one. A side benefit of it is that it's so relaxing! ... (14 replies)
... just a little bit is needed. Choose an organic or natural baby shampoo so as not to irritate your skin. ... (14 replies)
... Sounds as though you are going through a horrible time. ... (14 replies)
... t gets colder and the sun isn't so bright I barely notice it, if at all but during the summer in bright sunlight, it's really there. Oh and if I wear sunglasses, as soon as I take them off the lights are always there, usually in both eyes. No migraines, thats not it. Anybody have this or know anything about it? ... (0 replies)
Unstable Vision
Oct 17, 2016
... lt very uncomfortable so I immediately switched my position while sleeping and everything felt normal again, for about 7 seconds. Then once again it somehow felt as if everything had been flipped upside down and my mind felt extremely uncomfortable so I moved again. ... (0 replies)
... ouple genteal things but not the gel drops. I've found the ointment and the preservative free ones. Hopefully we can keep each other posted!! Not sure what to do as systane is crap too. Tried bausch and lomb and burned my eyes like no other! ... (4 replies)
... Hi there. There really isnt any big difference. With prescription lenses, if you also have a problem with being near sighted, as in you need glasses to drive or watch TV or a movie, the bifocal can be created, which has the reading part at the bottom and the distance part in the top, allowing you not to have to change glasses. They make them without lines in them now, so you... (3 replies)
Vision Anomaly
Sep 27, 2016
... The times I do notice it when my eyes are relaxed and acting as normal, is when I am looking both up and to the upper right. During this scenario, the arc looks like a little sliver of a shadow like a crescent moon. ... (0 replies)
Strange light
Sep 27, 2016
... Noticed this a few weeks ago, not certain how long it's been going on, or if this is even strange: in the dark, specifically with a RED light (so the nightlight in my hallway for instance, or the glowing tiny red light on a power strip) it causes me to see what i can only describe as a purple double-helix shape of light across my field of vision. i tilt my head this way and... (0 replies)
Eyes and computers
Sep 20, 2016
... What might be happening is you're not giving your eye muscles enough exercise by only focusing on the screen as opposed to taking breaks and looking in the distance. If this is the case that could change the shape of your eyes and affect your acuity. ... (6 replies)
Eyes and computers
Sep 19, 2016
... take a break once an hour. Walk away from the computer. If you cannot walk away, put your head down with your eyes closed for 30 seconds. Give your eyes a break as often as you can. ... (6 replies)

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