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... Hi all. I've had big problems with my vision the last couple of years, I've been to see 4 eye doctors, 2 neurologists, took lots of tablets for migraines with aura - lamotrigine, amytril, propranolol, and others. Tried acupuncture, eye physio and more. Recently I stopped taking Lamotrigine (2 x 50mg a day) and am currently not taking anything. Lately my vision has... (0 replies)
... xt day of my operation there was an earthquake which make me to stand and walk out of the house to the garden , i have done ct scan as suggested from the doctor as if there is the displacement of piston from the internal membrane but the ct report shows well position of the piston to the oval window of internal membrane. ... (0 replies)
... Everyone's vision changes over the years. As we get older, we tend to get more far sighted- which means if you are near sighted to begin with, you will have an area in your life where you will think your vision is improving, however, if the far sightedness gets too extreme, youll wish you had longer arms, or youll get reading glasses. If your eyes have some astigmatism,... (4 replies)

... and are they available as Daily disposables? ... (6 replies)
... Hi - I too had problems after many years of wearing contact lenses - I was wearing focus dailies - tried all sorts of eye drops and also went down the allergy route but nothing helped long term until I changed brands - I now wear Acuvue oasys and I have had no problems at all in the last few years - I could feel the difference as soon as I changed to the Acuvue they were... (6 replies)
... It's not necessary to wear glasses if you are not required to do so, such as for driving. Your vision will neither improve nor worsen because you wore the glasses or did not, assuming that you are an adult. ... (4 replies)
... It could absolutely be allergies causing this...especially if it didnt happen at the eye doctors, but only at home. You might want to see an Opthamologist as well as the optomotrist- Opthamologists are medical doctors who specialize in diseases of the eye. Optomotrists are simply people who are trained to fit contact lenses and do eye exams for glasses. If there was... (6 replies)
... If your eye exam suggests that you need glasses now, and you dont wear them, youre eyes will get worse. You are straining them, without even knowing it. There is no way to correct your vision naturally. Possibly it could be corrected surgically, with Lasik surgery, but you would have to see a specialist for an evaluation to determine if that is the case. If you dont wear... (4 replies)
... As soon as I put my lenses in my eyes feel uncomfortable. ... (6 replies)
... for as long as i can remember, my sight was always bad. yes, i wear glasses. ... (0 replies)
... I thought the same thing as well so I've cold turkeyed my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds last few weeks for now see if it stops. ... (4 replies)
... when I stopped the med as a test the side effect went away. Then my doctor believed me and it was reported to the FDA. ... (4 replies)
... both eyes. This is very tough to explain. It's like my vision is no longer bright. Outside the sun isnt as bright, flourescent lights no longer are bright at work. Watching tv is no longer bright. My phone isn't vivid anymore. ... (4 replies)
... today same as 5 week ago. The distorted, crooked and double vision still here. The retina is healing fine according to the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... ll, for some time I have been having left eye pains, specifically on the inside of it. It is definitely not around the eye, but inside it. I can only describe it as a SUDDEN stabbing pain that comes and goes at random intervals. ... (1 replies)
Hard lense cleaner
Aug 21, 2015
... I'm having trouble finding a hard lense "Gas permeable" cleaner as most pharmacies only sell soft lenses clearing solution. ... (0 replies)
... thank you very much!! (4 replies)
... d i have always known my diagnosis accurately and quickly in just a few minutes and he prescribed medicine or new lenses and then i can get back to wearing them as soon as the problem is treated I hope that you feel better soon! ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've been a contact lens wearer for many years and have good hygiene with them, taking them out and washing/soaking every night. I've never had a problem, until now. Around the beginning of June, I had some irritation that just wouldn't get better in one of my eyes. It felt like there was something in my eye and I had to rinse out my contact, but that just didn't work. The... (1 replies)
... I have had floaters for decades, literally. They are nothing to worry about, they are just bothersome. As we get older, we tend to have more. Usually mine are like cobwebs moving around as I move my eye and are especially noticeable in bright light. ... (4 replies)

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