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... Soft contact lenses will not work. I sat in a doctor's office and he let me try on a lot of them one after another and none of them helped much. It's because of the asigmatism. But mine isn't an astigmatism like you would have just naturally. Mine is laser surgery induced. They took a map of my eye and I could see how it wasn't just a nice oval astigmatism. I have a mass... (4 replies)
... Sometimes that causes problems after sx. With asigmatism correction things may improve, may not. ... (1 replies)
... Actually this was discovered about 9 years ago. SInce then, I have had Dr's tell me that they would advise not to do anything about it since I have had it for so long. That the correction would probably mess with the qualibrium, so, I haven't got it fixed. Sometimes, it doesn't bother me and other times, I can clearly tell when my eye is blurry. I just wondered if allergies or... (2 replies)

... Tough one. In somebody who just acquired the condition, yes. But you've had it probably forever, so you'd be used to it. I'm just guessing though. You say it's caused by astigmatism. Why wasn't it detected sooner and can it be corrected? (2 replies)
... Hi everyone!:wave: My eye sight last time I had it checked was 20/200 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. With the dramatic difference in the vision, do you suppose that can cause lightheadedness from time to time? Thanks!!!!!!! (2 replies)
... ive had stigmatism in my left eye all my life and have had no noticable trouble with it apart from the obvious wondering if i could get it fixed. but lately in the last 3 months ive noticed a hard pea sized lump on my lower eye lid under the surface of the skin it puts alot of pressure on my eye yet doesnt hurt to touch im worried about this and i wonder if it has anything to... (8 replies)
... I agree with SP--you can always try a contact on that eye. If there is no improvement, forget about surgery. If the amblyopia developed after childhood, there might be some chance of reversal, I don't really know. During the eye exam, did the doctor try any lenses on your bad eye that improved it at all? K. (8 replies)
... Please read my 01/29/06 post again. You have to accept the fact that the weak eye will never get any better and more than likely never get any worse. If your eye drs have told you that you have amblyopia in the weak eye,than it is best to continue your life with a positive outlook. singer1 : If your astigmatic eye is 20/400 uncorrected and you have never worn glasses (or... (8 replies)
... Before surgery, you might try a contact lens. It would more closely mimic a permanent change than glasses can. Sounds like you need a second professional opinion. I got a second opinion for a major eye decision and it really gave me peace of mind. (8 replies)
... any thoughts? (8 replies)
... Do you think the weak eye will get worse as I age though? I have been passing my eye test for my drivers license by moving the good eye over when they are testing the bad one. (haven't got caught yet!) But, I am concerned that it will get worse as I age according to my Mother (she's no doctor). I can deal with it as I have for a long time. In fact, I really don't know how long... (8 replies)
... singer1 : If your astigmatic eye is 20/400 uncorrected and you have never worn glasses (or contacts) to correct it,more than likely you will have amblyopia in that eye. Amblyopia is the loss of normal sight due to disuse. Even if some correction of the astigmatism could be given,it my not be any better than 20/100 if the astigmatism if of high grade. You state that your... (8 replies)
... Do you think it would be worth it to wear glasses and try to adjust my left eye into some correction or would you just leave it like it is? How long does it take an eye to adjust to a correction? anyone know? (8 replies)
... I have severe astigmatism in one of my eyes. I have had this for years. Doctors say that because my good eye has compensated for both eyes, that a change or correction now would be more difficult. For the most part, I see fine, but when I have a headache or allergies act up, I can see the blurry in one eye. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help this without surgery? I am nervous... (8 replies)
... I have been told that I have an asigmatism in one eye. I also know that blurry vision can be symptoms of many other things as well. I am wanting to know if an astigmatism is a clear cut diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... I think you mean 20/200. Is this bad sight caused entirely by an astigmatism? Have you had several opinions about getting it fixed? If laser surgery could be successful and the only worry is your balance, I'd say go for it and adjust to the new vision. That's just my opinion not knowing whether the eye is at all amblyoptic (brain shuts down images from weak eye), or how... (1 replies)
... I am wanting to know if there are days that the bad eye that you have feels "heavy" at times. I have 2200 vison in one eye and they said that since it has been there for so long (their guess cause I don't know) that it's best to just leave it alone because otherwise, if it is corrected, then it would REALLY throw my balance off. Anyone ever been told this? (1 replies)
... They just said that my cornea is in the shape of a football instead of being round. It's a bad asigmatism. (16 replies)

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