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... The pain I am feeling is mostly from the stitches, my eye does feel a little achy, but not as bad as the scratchy stitches. All of this is normal, from what the doctors tell me. ... (120 replies)
To Cher2005
Jun 17, 2005
... in the good one. That doesn't sound too bad, but there are so many other problems thrown in there. Tons of floaters in both eyes and a sort of wavy, watery vision. I think that's the distortion from the edema. I'm hoping that as things improve, I will get better. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, Im 17 and a male and I've been having strange vision problems lately. This COULD be neurological but I just want to see if any of you know better about this since im guessing. First of all im having eye pain...everyday, but im getting used to it since I've been having them for more than 3 months. Now the most thing im concerned about are the hallucinations, they arent... (5 replies)

... I can see it on an Amsler grid in dark light, it darkens the squares, but does not distort the lines. I have "fireworks" in that eye, sometimes. I have more floaters than vitreous gel, I think. ... (8 replies)
... I first noticed this about a week ago, whilst looking at my computer screen. But it's only got noticeably bad in the last couple of days. ... (10 replies)
... ainly above. I notice its worse in my left eye, when i close my right its worse, left isnt as bad. Ive seen eye specialists, always come back normal. I also have floaters and all that garbage. I do alot of computer work, and have for years. I can only think its just strained eyes or something. ... (7 replies)
... Hi trust1, you've described my symptoms exactly. What kind of treatment did you get for your occlusion? On any drugs? And what kinds of tests have you had (lab/imaging)? Causes of an eye occlusion are hard to detect especially for one your age. It is an exclusionary process to find out the exact cause because. With optic nerve involvement, MS needs to be ruled out... (7 replies)
... i had an eye ecclusion and optic nerve swelling since last august, the swelling is still there in my optic nerve and my eye vision has been totally restored (except i see a few floaters now) a blood panel test was done , only thing that came back positive was ANA test, and rhematolgist say i dont have enough symptons for lupus or rhematoid arthitis.....i've been getting lots... (7 replies)
... the floaters will make a light at night look purple! ... (1 replies)
... I have been seeing weird things visually for 9 years and I've been to Doctor's that tell me I'm fine. I see tons of floaters and visual snow and sometimes blurry vision. ... (9 replies)
... d shimmering in my vision, meaning when i look at stuff it appears to have lots of tiny tiny lights moving around over it, its really hard to explain, its like a bad signal on a tv. I can get through my day fine with it, it doesnt cause reading problems, i can read fine. ... (6 replies)
... I sometimes have a fear I'm having small strokes in my eye, but every time I run to the Dr. he says things look okay, just have my usual floaters in there, so... ... (12 replies)
... hereditary bad eyes. Karma? ... (12 replies)
... the a.m., I may have the eye doc check that out. I've been to him tons of times with similiar stuff, and it always checks out just fine in there, just my usual floaters banging into each other. ... (12 replies)
... here about 6 months ago. I went to a specialist and he said my eyes are perfectly healthy. You should get it checked but try not to loose sleep over it because floaters are common. ... (4 replies)
... ough is some folks on there have had this for YEARS with no deterioration of their vision, just the annoyance of the static. I don't know if that's good news or bad for you, but at least no one has gone 'blind' from this and you are not alone. Check it out and GOOD LUCK! ... (5 replies)
Double Vision
Oct 16, 2004
... My Double Vision And Floaters Started When I Had Mononucleosis,this Has Been Going On For 7 Months Now . My Double Vision Is Not As Bad Now Compared To What It Was 4 Months Ago, But My Floaters Are Worse Now Then They Were 4 Months Ago. ... (2 replies)
Eye problems
Oct 13, 2004
... eyes, floaters, etc. Contacts can cause a lot of problems. My son got the laysik operation about a year ago and he now has perfect vision. For me, my eyes are so bad even with the operation I would still need glasses. ... (10 replies)
... Oh gosh thank you so much! I have been worrying about this for so long, but I guess you'd know what you're talking about more than me. When i went to the eye doctor he didn't put drops in but he did look in my eyes with a light. So I hope that if their was something wrong they could have seen it without drops. I just don't want to go blind. I should go back to the eye doctor... (4 replies)
... That's not a symptom of a detachment. however those symptoms can be indicitive of a tear in the retina which could LEAD to a detachment (very, very low odds of that though), but it should always be checked out with a dialated eye exam (did the doctor you go to put drops in your eyes,then look into your eyes with a bright light? then afterwards you could hardly see in bright... (4 replies)

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