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... I began to notice floaters in both eyes. My optometrist referred me to a retina specialist, who took a look and found no reason to be concerned at the time. ... (6 replies)
Vision problems?
Feb 17, 2015
... ra flash spot in vision that last around 20 second or so also get a little bright line in vision for couple seconds... My eyes are very sensitive to light I have bad glare problems also have the little white fast spots when outside or looking at anyrhing bright...I'm very scared about the black spots... ... (2 replies)
... this has nothing to do with any bad thing with your eyes or retina, it's totally normal to see floaters when looking at bright light! ... (2 replies)

... I have also seen a number of opthalmologist. First one at UCLA Jules Stein. I never went back to her again, that was in December of 2010. It was for floaters that I just awoke one morning and there they were. I didn't know what the heck was going on. The floaters got worse and I went to a new opthalmologist. ... (4 replies)
SulcoFlex IOL
Jun 3, 2014
... Is there anyone who has had a Sulcoflex IOL implanted or anyone who knows of someone who has had this lens implanted as a "Piggyback" lens? I have had problems with my cataract surgery (after my vitrectomy for floaters). I have dysphotopsia (where I see the edge of the IOL and causes blurriness in the far outer edge of my eye) and also diopter difference between the two eyes.... (0 replies)
... grey halo. The blue spots are just bright blue. Are floaters like after images or do they look like your seeing something on the wall? ... (0 replies)
... All floaters are also usually removed, however, a couple of them may remain. Is that what you dr is talking about? ... (27 replies)
... Hi Spar, It is not worth the extra money, because after all the research I done, you will still need magifyers for tiny print. and all the pro's i talked to said it is more dangerous to put the toric in. I had the "up-close" version of the regular lens that insurance will totally pay for, and I've been very happy. good luck and I hope your surgery goes great! eyemar (2 replies)
... e time on my phone and other ways. I also have mild astigmatism and have had a corneal tear in the past. I have floaters! That with my mild cataracts cause me bad vision no matter what. ... (2 replies)
Retinal tear
Oct 31, 2013
... Catline, 4 weeks ago I underwent Vitrectomy left eye for posterior vitreous detachment and laser sutchering right eye for a big retina tear. 3 weeks earlier I was having difficulty with vision (acute myopia) and optometrist did all the fancy dilation and boasted about just got all NEW EQUIPMENT. Nothing wrong with my eyes even though I was in a high risk group (Diabetes)... (2 replies)
... the sun reflects off cars like I am looking directly into the sun. Any reflection is worse than looking right at the sun. Lights of any kind hurt my eyes very bad but if a motorcycle drives by, I might as well be blind because it feels like it shoots right through my eyes. It is unbareable. ... (4 replies)
New floater in eye
Jun 21, 2013
... Hoping that someone might be able to reassure me really. I am only 24 but I have had floaters in my eyes for as long as I can remember being health conscious really. ... (1 replies)
... sighted all my life and had lasik surgery about 10 years ago. Both are factors for floaters as I read the literature. My floaters started in 2009 in my right eye and within a year, my left eye had floaters. I put up with them until others appeared in 2011 and 2012. ... (3 replies)
... Misano, My floaters probably were caused by some unusual eye strain and myopia. ... (66 replies)
... Amen to that about Doctors' personality types and their assuming you don't need to know/wouldn't understand any details. One example, they may prescribe something without telling you it's contraindicated for some condition you have, for instance low thyroid. After terrible damage was done which may never clear up, I was finally told that Kenalog (a steroid)... (5 replies)
Vision Problems
Feb 15, 2013
... I also have eye floaters but they are not too bad, they are not as bad as the ones I have seen on YouTube. They only affect me on overcast days but I generally always wear shades if the is any sort of sun in the sky. ... (4 replies)
... re is no way to accurately explain them to anyone. If they become worse after cataract surgery, well let just say the entire field of vision will be nothing but floaters and it will be quite challenging. ... (66 replies)
... I would like to also hear from people who had floaters bad before IOLs and what the floaters seemed like after IOLs. Worse or better? ... (66 replies)
... I need one for floaters,bad. I will certainly get cataracts after because I already have them!!! I am getting the cataracts done in the next few weeks. That way the Doc can see better to do the floater/vitrectomy. (66 replies)
... Hi Tubint, Thanks for your reply. Your scar tissue, sounds like what my Retina sp. just called the "viterous gel" . My veterous gel, which two sp. told me normally just "slides" off in the form of floaters, was attaching to my retina and causing me to see wavy lines and just poor overall vision, (i don't know my exact numbers). but they could never really give me an... (18 replies)

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