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... pain. This has also given me ulcerations which have caused some corneal scarring in one eye. I believe that due to the constant eye inflammation, I now have a bad case of floaters too. ... (2 replies)
Tiny Black Dots
May 29, 2010
... c she doesn't have to concentrate on them. She says she see's them when her eyes are open too but dont get bad until she closes them. They are NOT floaters. ... (3 replies)
... I think it's natural that you are worried since you haven't been given an explanation really yet. I'm in a similar situation. I have really bad eyesight, like off the charts, can't even see the largest letter on the board kind of eyesight. I do the optimap scan too where they take a picture of your eye. ... (2 replies)

Temp Vision Loss
Jan 20, 2009
... a different way. No head ache! Only a dull pain...if you want to even call it that, in my temples that evening and my nose hurt between my eyes. The pain was not bad at all and I hat to really concentrate to see where it was coming from. I have seen "glitter" in the past. I asumed it was floaters or just stressed eyes. ... (1 replies)
... ey can do in the early stages of a problem. They can keep inflamation down, they can do something called retina freezing or something like that. So it's not as bad as it sounds if you keep it monitored. ... (42 replies)
... s going on with my eyes. So last night I took my time and made sure that I told him about everything that was going on. The first problem was that I have alot of floaters in my eyes. ... (18 replies)
...'s only been a week. Your eye has been severely abused and look for slow, but sure improvement. Take all your eyedrops religiously. Search the web for vitrectomy images and you'll understand what your eye has been through. Second, you are not going to have any usable vision thru the oil. You should be able to read with that eye thru a pinhole. You will be... (5 replies)
... Hi I'm 29 too and quite nearsighted since I was very little. I have floaters too, and get new ones once in awhile. I started getting them when I was little. It's true that nearsighted people are more prone to floaters. ... (18 replies)
OCT test info
Oct 12, 2008
... I can't find any place on the Internet that describes what normal results of an OCT are, or what, exactly , a bad result might indicate. Anyone know anything about it here? ... (1 replies)
... I can also see my "heartbeat in my eyes" although don't have the circles or sensitivity. I get it when I unfocus my eyes and stare at a white background such as my white bathroom floor or a blank wall. I also have floaters and flashers which the retina specialist said are normal for my age (65). And from what I can tell most (if not all) of you on this forum also have the... (24 replies)
... Hello I am new to the site. I was just told by my eye doctor that I have to see a Retina Specialist for a Macular Hole next week. I noticed that my center vision on my left eye was distorted and blind spots. Did you have the same problems? what was your recovery period? is it as diffucult as I've been reading to maintain your head in the down postion so that the gas... (7 replies)
... I have floaters in my eye.. ... (3 replies)
... surgery originally was to fix Macular hole but the hole is not closed and the vision is very poor can just only see the Big E on the eye chart. I also have lots floaters both eyes. Even the bad eye with vitrectomy which use silicone oil to reattach the retina has many oil doplets left in it. ... (7 replies)
... What nobody understands is that yes they are just floaters, but they are so bad I cannot focus when I am in light! This along with diabetes has made my life complete and utter hell. ... (7 replies)
... My doctor also said the floaters are normal and that I have more than normal but I shouldn't worry. Can some of them appear to be clear in addition to the dark colored ones? ... (11 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties. I have been a high myope my entire life. Recently had implantable contacts, but now considering having them removed and having clear lens extraction because my own lens has had changes that create visual abberations very similar to what you describe. Have also had 2 retinal holes, so am at higher risk for detachment as well. It is... (19 replies)
... You described it pretty well as it makes objects look alive due to the movement, of what looks like, thousands of little microdots. Night vision is the getting bad as well and shows up the fizziness even more, meaning i can't pick out details either. ... (7 replies)
... Sorry, this is a long post: ;) I am 47 years old, female and in "excellent" health, no smoking, drinking, etc. I had a clear lens extraction (for refraction -- no cataracts) because my eye doctor and his associates were so excited about the new alternatives to Lasik. I was losing my near vision, but intermediate was still good. They told me that I would be free from... (19 replies)
... What you are describing is exactly what I have been dealing with too. I wish I knew an answer, I am dying to figure out what the problem is. Just one question, are the veins in your eyes itchy as well? Mine itch to no end and I feel the same weird twitching sensation you do. The majority of my red veins are in one eye and under the eyelid as well. I hope we can find a cure for... (6 replies)
... ologist to be on the safe side. But luckily most people have more symptoms than just one if the retina's actually detaching. Also most people start seeing more floaters as they age anyway, so it may not be anything bad. Still. ... (11 replies)

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