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... My update. Had an erosion this morning at about 1:30 am. I have been wearing a nightly contact up until a few nights before--decided to try and go without. (Not taking any medications at the moment.) Woke up and apparently tried to open my eyes but they didn't open freely and the pain was enough to awaken me. Though I didn't actually open them before putting in drops, I... (88 replies)
... Evie had the right response. Search through these boards for more detailed responses about PTK. IIRC, there are about 5 of us who had PTK for RCE's and it worked for all of us. I had PTK 5 years ago after having RCE for a few years, and it stopped them immediately. I had a severe case, and nothing else had worked. There is some discomfort for a few days, but I found RCE... (88 replies)
... I have been dealing with RCE since 12/2006 after getting a thorn in my eye. I recently saw a cornea specialist and am now scheduled for a laser procedure --PTK. Has anyone had this treament? I would appreciate hearing about it from anyone who has experienced it. Did it work? (88 replies)

... Chuck - you have our sympathies. I still hold steadfast that if you really train yourself and are totally on your guard each night to awaken eyes closed still and relaxed, you can stay erosion free. But, you must stay off your back when asleep. As per Janet's comment, when you get an erosion, immediately lay on your back and keep your eyes closed still and relaxed and... (88 replies)
... Chuck, Yes, the dust and pollen contribute to the liklihood that an erosion could occur. Try to protect you eyes; possibly wear goggles, sun glasses or other protection. Also, use plenty of artificial tears to hydrate your eyes and cleanse them. The dry air and wind can also cause irritation. With winter ending in the northern hemisphere, it should be more humid in the... (88 replies)
... My second thought is if the cornea was slow to heal prior how all of a sudden does it feel better and seem like its healing? ... (88 replies)
... Good info Mike. Regarding your BCL comments, from what I was told the new contacts offer better oxygen transfer. ... (88 replies)
... I know for a fact that some eye medications reek hvac on your cornea and I'm wondering if any of the past treatment medications could have contributed? ... (88 replies)
... s, I had it done 3 times in different areas of the eye. After the 1st one I had a bad erosion and the doc said the area had now moved to a different part of the cornea so he did the puncture in that area. He gave me a BCL. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks Janet, Today I actually saw the doctor again. They again removed the BCL and started me on an antibiotic ointment only for right now. They are going to try the puncture method on Friday so we will se how it goes. ... (88 replies)
... In the meantime, I definitely recommend that you try to keep your cornea hydrated as best as possible...keeping any irritations to a minimum... ... (88 replies)
... RCE that night. Woke up tuesday in discomfort and pain. Around noon I put a new BCL in, it helped some but still pain. Wore it last night and no RCE but I still have eye pain again today but not as bad. The eye tears up off and on... ... (88 replies)
... m wearing my BCL at night and both eyes have been dry the past few mornings. ... (88 replies)
... I never got a straight answer on that one. It would seem that a RCE damages the cornea then it has to heal over again. I think the time in between gives the cornea time to heal to the under layer? ... (88 replies)
... each erosion was "back to square one." He said something along the lines that each time there is an erosion it causes some scarring, which in turn may give the cornea cell layers something better to anchor to and help to stabilize things, eventually. At least that is how I understood what he said. ... (88 replies)
... Chuckcap! Whew! Glad to hear things have been going better for you. I find the stress and anxiety associated with the RCE can get me down at times. I have been doing pretty well also. Because I got a really nasty cold last week, I decided to wear a lens through the weekend and not do the in and out thing. New contacts arrived Friday so I had put in a fresh one Saturday... (88 replies)
... (88 replies)
... g this, but it seems rational that if you are able to get through the days without contacts and resulting RCEs why not give your eyelids a break and protect your cornea at night when you RCEs are more likely? ... (88 replies)
... (88 replies)
... the cornea or the eye lid? ... (88 replies)

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