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... and saw a sudden white flash in the whole of my vision, almost like somebody had just flashed a bright torch on and off infront of me quickly, I assumed it was lightning. ... (6 replies)
... sounds like floaters and pieces of vitreous gel......get it checked, but it's probably eye dr told me it could take up to a year for them to settle on the bottom of your eye, picture shaking up a snow globe....... ... (3 replies)
... The last two mornings on waking,when blinking I see black horizontal lines similar to the appearance of tree branches. They disappear on getting out of bed and I'm not aware of them now as I sit typing this letter. ... (1 replies)

... Ok, for 2 years now i've had these ugly black lines under my eyes. I don't know how to get rid of them. I'm 16 and have a healthy diet, male, and get my sleep. I really need help. ... (1 replies)
... I have had those floaters in my eyes since I can remember. You know the lines that when you look up they fall down if you stare at the sky on a sunny day. Today something really weird happened. ... (0 replies)
... Like most medications, hydroxychloroquinine has a long list of potential side-effects, including visual disturbances. So, it is possible that this is the reason for your problem. You should mention this to the prescribing doctor who will either suggest that the effect may wear off or perhaps change you to another medication. (1 replies)
... our middle finger and index finger, and hold them horizontally parallel right in front of your eyes, with only a small gap separating them, you will see two thin black lines between the fingers. ... (7 replies)
... Hello do you still have this problem? (4 replies)
New symptoms
Mar 24, 2013
... tried it on the other eyeball, but it did not happen. Kind of strange! ... (19 replies)
... It is a problem that I have when looking at high contrast patterns such as rows of supermarket shelves with stuff on them, oriental rugs, white text on a black background on a computer screen. It feels like the light contrast has to be exactly right for this to occur. ... (4 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jun 11, 2012
... Was wondering if someone else has this. Whenever I look at certain patterns, especially white lines on black background they appear to vibrate or move almost like guitar strings. I see this pretty much all the time. ... (77 replies)
... ction, is that I now always have the presence of light, even in a totally darkened room. I have an image of a pale orange coloured background covered with swirly black lines. ... (5 replies)
... if this is an illness or just simply things that happen. I get migraines sometimes, but i get headaches ever such a lot. I know exactly what you mean about the lines shuddering. I told my optician this at my eye test but he didnt say anything was wrong. ... (24 replies)
... ition is that I now always have the presence of light, even in a totally darkened room. I have an image of a light orange coloured background covered with swirly black lines. ... (12 replies)
Spots and Lines
Sep 15, 2003
... I see these blue or darkish translucent perfect circles sometimes with a lighter halo around them, covering a large part of my eyes when I make sudden movements with my head or eyes. ... (3 replies)
Migrain or tear
Sep 9, 2017
... A few days ago, after a workout at the gym, I sat down on my laptop and saw a little of... something like flashing. ... (1 replies)
... This is my first post on the site. ... (3 replies)
Vibrating vision
May 31, 2013
... My symptoms started out as the vibrating vision mostly as you described. I first noticed it on a tin building that had curves in it. Blinds, shelves, where wall meets ceiling, anything that had contrast with lines. The bathtub showed it a lot for me. ... (77 replies)
... good, you are in luck, since it will simply dominate most of the vision, as in my case, and I can do everything normally otherwise. It's the coordinaion of both eyes in the brain that's the issue! ... (20 replies)
... ary bad in a office environment or in a supermarket, where there are lots of artificial light sources. Looking at my monitor I see ghosting of text. White text on black is very bad, but even standard black on white appears to ghost, almost likethe text hjas been highlighted. ... (1 replies)

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