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Vision problems?
Feb 17, 2015
... OK I'm 27yr old female with no health problems about 6mos ago I started having vision problems went to eye doc and he gave me eye glases... They helped for a little while well about 4mos ago I started having problems again I've been back to the eye doc a few times but says my eyes are fine. ... (2 replies)
... more floaters and lots of black and white dots when I look at the sky. My retina specialist mentioned I had a small amount of myopic degeneration and a drusen spot. ... (4 replies)
... You didn't say what treatments you've had, which may or may not cause the floaters, black spot, etc. ... (1 replies)

... Hi, today when I woke up I noticed that I could see a small black spot just around my field of vision from my left eye, but disappeared after a few seconds. ... (1 replies)
... f my eye. The bump is brand new I looked yesterday was not there. Current vision slight blurriness, Whitespots, Pain And when I look up and to the left I see a black spot. Eye is tearing alot. No redness but one red vein like line appears to look like it is running inside the bump and out. ... (1 replies)
... how to rectify black spot in eye (0 replies)
A black spot
Apr 13, 2006
... A black spot that does not move COULD be a "scotoma" which means a blind spot. Sometimes that can be a sign of serious retinal disease. ... (20 replies)
A black spot
Apr 12, 2006
... Your right in telling her to see a doctor, but MANY floaters don't move, they don't have to move to be a floater. (20 replies)
A black spot
Apr 12, 2006
... I don't like the idea of a black spot that doesn't move. I understand some floaters don't float, but still...I'd see an eye doctor about it just to make sure it is a floater. ... (20 replies)
A black spot
Apr 8, 2006
... oks it follows her vision so it is always there but she has learnt to ignore it. She did go to the opticians and she said it was probably just a floater some are black and some are other colours apparently but as she has no other problems with her eyes the optician said it was just that. ... (20 replies)
A black spot
Apr 8, 2006
... Also the eye is VERY dry and sort of pressure like a sinus thing. What could it be? ... (20 replies)
... what can be a black spot in my left eye? ... (2 replies)
Black spot in eye
Mar 29, 2005
... I have had a little black spot in my eye for about a year now and it seems there is another there now, it does not affect my eyesight etc but just wondering could this be soemthing harmful. ... (3 replies)
... the other day i got a black spot in my left eye about the size of a dime it appears to be about 6 inches infront of my face i can always see it and it moves where ever my eye moves i think this may have stared about 4 mouths ago when i poked my eye with a little peace of plastic ever since i poked it it would bother me in the morning it would be kind of dry and felt weird... (11 replies)
... I posted a reply to a simaliar post, but I figure I would get better responses by creating a new thread..... Whenever I wake up I see and faint glowing spot in my center vision that quikly turns to a black spot. ... (4 replies)
... hello, I have a terrible brown (almost black) spot on the white part of my eye, it bothers me not in hurting, but it composes an esthetic trouble, when i look at myself in the miror.I heard it is called (Eye Freckle), you can't feel how disappointing it is when I talk to others and realize they are focusing on that spot, I am always afraid from their questions " what's that... (1 replies)
... years. I sometimes see a dark spot on the peripheries of my vision noticeable mainly against white clouds or white walls. ... (0 replies)
... For about a week now I've noticed this blurry black spot in the center of my vision in my right eye. When I first noticed it, it was just a blurriness in my vision. ... (0 replies)
... go get a test for your retina, fluoro whatever, it isn't because a few weeks ago you had nothing that you don't have something now... no stress tho, it could be simple fear, but better safe than sorry (2 replies)
... Anyone here ever have black spots in your eyes,but they dont float? ... (0 replies)

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