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... I took Accutane for 6 months in 2007. When I finished the treatment, I could notice how easily my eyes used to get irritated by wind, air conditioning...etc. ... (0 replies)
... I was on Accutane 6 months ago and am still battling dry eyes. Can you tell me how long after your courses of Accutane did it take for your dry eyes to get better? ... (5 replies)
... but no one seems to have studies accutane induced dry eyes, and I wanted to get a sense of other people's experiences. ... (5 replies)

... I was on a lower than therapeutic dose of Accutane several years ago when my eyes became so dry I couldn't wear my contacts. ... (5 replies)
... treatment of accutane and I noticed that my eyes were very dry for quite some time after treatment.... ... (5 replies)
... start doing religiously now, and I think i'm going to try doxycycline. Given the my limited success with restasis though, I've been feeling a little fearful that accutane induced dry eye is somehow different. Do you know if your friends have had success with treatment? ... (5 replies)
... Hi i dont know much about dry eye from accutane, but i know plenty of people whos dry eye was caused by accutane. Do you know if your dry eye is evportive or aqeaous deficient, did you have dry eye before accutane? have you tried restasis, compresses etc? (5 replies)
... I have dry eyes that were caused by using accutane, and I'm trying to find out what kinds of treatments other people with accutane induced dry eyes have had success with. ... (5 replies)
... Hey jcolgrove, i'll just answer ur questions on this thread. yeah, my symtpoms began w/ just the swelling/puffiness too. i had some stinging or burning once in a while, but it wasn't much. i know how u feel, but imagine how bad it was for me at 17!!! u were there, u know how teens are still going thru was such a blow to my self esteem, i was soooo depressed.... (50 replies)
... Ladymoon, Glad to hear your eyes are better. Don't stop treatment, continue for a long time and make sure the infection has cleared. Then do eyelid soak/scrub in the mornings to keep eyes clear. Blepharitis and meibomianitis both cause swelling of the eyelids, just looked this up to be sure. Sooooo....your eyes are most likely not clear since you still have swelling. ... (36 replies)
... i actually didn't have dry eyes for a long time after i got meibomitis and only got it i think after i started taking accutane. i haven't been on accutane for a long time now, over a year, so the effects should have worn off. though my face and lips are still a bit dry. ... (36 replies)
... i have dry eyes too, but i think thats from the accutane i took. thanks again for all the advice. i just pray that mine will clear up and that we can all keep it under control forever. ... (36 replies)
... Hi Jen, Thanks so much for taking time to talk to me, even after you've gotten over the problem. I really appreciate it. Actually my problem started in March of 2002. At first my main symptom was that my lids were swollen - all day, not just at night or in the morning. it would be worse in the morning but never completely go away. its not a very obvious swelling, more like... (50 replies)
... I posted on the general board a while back about my eyes being dry and gunky. I just went to the ophthalmologist, and he says it's blepharitis. Nuts. I'm told my grandmother has it; is it hereditary? I also hear it can be a long-term side effect of Accutane, which I took. I don't know if I "buy" that, of course, but it concerns me because I really need another course of it. (10 replies)
... i stopped taking accutane thats about the only correlation. Last year it happened august september, went away, came back feburary to april. And again now august to september. ... (4 replies)
... that perhaps ur first two episodes were anterior blepharitis and not meibomitis. that's prob why it took only a month to get the symptoms out but it wasn't clear. ... (36 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Mar 10, 2005
... drink more green tea. It wasn't a scientific report where I read it. Of course, you could experiment and see for yourself. Sleek822, I have the same problem from accutane but with minimal blepharitis. Flax oil and DHEA thin meibomian gland secretions so you might try them. ... (488 replies)
... MGD usually manifests itself if you've had blepharitis for very long. Roughly six months or a year of untreated blepharitis. ... (20 replies)
... Jen, we've talked about my situation with blepharitis before, so I thought I'd offer an update. ... (17 replies)
... I am 18 and I've been having eye pain/headaches non-stop 24/7 for the last 1 1/2 years. The pain varies in intensity during the day but is always there. I've been all over the place from specialist to specialist(neuroopthamologists, etc.) giving different suggestions, ranging anywhere from migraines to dry eyes to simple eyestrain...I've had a CT scan for sinuses, spinal tap,... (3 replies)

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