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... with a light grey halo around it in my center vision or right off center the last 2 years. I started seeing the blue spot in my vision lately. ... (0 replies)
... While pinching my eyes closed, I saw bright blue spots floating around a larger black spot in the center of vision. The blue spots moved until they eventually formed a continuous blue ring around the black spot. This happened only once. No headache was associated with it. ... (0 replies)
... Hi all, must admit this is my first time posting on anything like this but I feel I have no other options. Just over a month ago my boyfriend noticed a large red vein in my left eye only when I look to the right. This scared me! I've never had any issues with my eyes. There was also a light bluish spot behind the vein - at first everyone told me its probably just a popped vein... (6 replies)

... as a part of aging ,They move as your eyes move and seem to dart away when you try to look at them directly but The occasional fleeting floater that occurs as a spot or strand and disappears after a few seconds is not something to worry about. ... (1 replies)
... I developed a small, bright blue spot today in my right eye, off to the lower right, and it lines up with a blood vessel that has a few other blind spots scattered along it's length. ... (9 replies)
Ghosting or what?
Aug 28, 2005
... and asked her tons of crazy questions about the ghosting, floaters, and these sparkles and blue spots that I sometimes see. She says that my eyes are perfectly healthy, and that my retinas look great. However, I have become more nearsighted and my astigmatism has shifted. ... (9 replies)
Grainy Vision
Mar 16, 2005
... Hi Guys - Sorry I didn't see your posts sooner, I've been off this board. I don't know when it started, I can't pinpoint it but I do know that going into stores like WalMart really bothers my eyes - I walk around squinting to focus otherwise I feel like I'm just staring. sk3499 - I get a royal blue spot - very quickly comes and goes - in my left eye. At night, in the... (11 replies)
... months ago I went to the eye doctor to make sure I didn't have any sort of degenerative problem. She did an exam and had me do a visual field test and told me my eyes and vision looked fine and some people just have more floaters than others. ... (3 replies)
... If I were to be staring at a blank wall without blinking for a few seconds, I will notice this spot starting to form and get brighter till I blink causing it to disappear. And at other times, these spots appear after blinking. ... (7 replies)
... dimly lit room I notice like little pinhole flashes right around where the blind spot is. And of course in broad daylight these spots are like the 4th of July. ... (14 replies)
... you get used to them, but they become noticeable out in the sun, looking at blue sky, etc. ... (1 replies)
... I saw the dr yesterday. She dilated the eyes and did that pressing as she checked for tears. ... (28 replies)
... no spot with the left. If you look down...the spot seems to be falling slowly to the floor. ... (5 replies)
... It all started about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a small black spot in my right eye. It looked slightly like a bullet hole... ... (1 replies)
Floaters: normal?
Mar 23, 2006
... s hard to describe, but it was like a cloudy black movement. I didn't see it in the other eye. This reminded me of a few weeks ago when I was lying down with my eyes closed, I could see a sort of pattern on my left eye. ... (10 replies)
... It was a VERY cloudy day. Not a spot of blue in the sky. I am extremely light sensitive even in normal sunlight lately, and sometimes even indoors with the bright lights in the school lunchroom. ... (6 replies)
... I, too, tried to go back and look at old pictures, but my eyes are such a dark blue, that I can't make out the pupil size at all. I have very few digital pictures of myself from a few years ago, so there's no help there. ... (12 replies)
... the blue sky, a white wall, a computer monitor, etc. ... (12 replies)
Spots and Lines
Sep 15, 2003
... I see these blue or darkish translucent perfect circles sometimes with a lighter halo around them, covering a large part of my eyes when I make sudden movements with my head or eyes. ... (3 replies)

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