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... Prior to receiving PTK, when I had a corneal abrasion, which I got a bout once every 2 weeks it could take as long as a week for my eye that was affected to return to normal. ... (1 replies)
... I have had a corneal abrasion 5 weeks ago and I have been followed regularly by an opthtalmologist. The abrasion occurred right next to the center of my eye so in the axis of vision. ... (1 replies)
... Right now I'm at the point where I still have blurry vision and I'm trying to wait to see if it's going to get better before I change my prescription. ... (88 replies)

... t my glasses and he agreed to do a corneal scan where he found some abnormality. ... (88 replies)
... I am currently suffering with the condition known as recurrent corneal erosions. I've read some stories similiar to mine. No memory of a stratch or abrasion. I just woke up, and felt pain like something was stuck in my eye. ... (2 replies)
... I was given eye drops and eye wash to use and told to follow up with an eye doctor if it doesn't feel better. The pain is pretty much gone at this point, but my vision is still a bit blurry in that eye. Is that normal for being so soon after the injury or should I call and make an eye doctors appointment? ... (1 replies)
... I had PTK 5 years ago after having RCE for a few years, and it stopped them immediately. I had a severe case, and nothing else had worked. ... (88 replies)
... I have been dealing with RCE since 12/2006 after getting a thorn in my eye. I recently saw a cornea specialist and am now scheduled for a laser procedure --PTK. Has anyone had this treament? I would appreciate hearing about it from anyone who has experienced it. Did it work? (88 replies)
... Chuck - you have our sympathies. I still hold steadfast that if you really train yourself and are totally on your guard each night to awaken eyes closed still and relaxed, you can stay erosion free. But, you must stay off your back when asleep. As per Janet's comment, when you get an erosion, immediately lay on your back and keep your eyes closed still and relaxed and... (88 replies)
... the BCL unless I had a puncture or surgical proceedure to protect the eye...So once I stopped using it was in bad pain and discomfort for about a week until the abrasion healed over. I was RCE free for the last 2 weeks and just got a bad one or almost bad one last night. ... (88 replies)
... I have only had one minor erosion in the last 4 months and im not not even sure it was an erosion may have just been the eye stuck to the contact after to much alcohol and going to sleep. I still always use eye drops upon waking before opening my eye. ... (88 replies)
... If it's day, warm Muro 128 or another ointment after 15 minutes and apply it. ... (88 replies)
... don't blink but instead continue to add artificial tears. Finally, after 15 minutes, gently open your eyes and add either ointment or Muro 128. ... (88 replies)
... Hi Benzinful, welcome to the board! Sorry to hear you had an RCE. My eye gets really blurry after I get one, but usually doesn't feel really bad after about 30-60 minutes. I do sometimes get an irritation during the day though it doesn't get red or swollen it is distracting. Night time is the only time I get erosions (or before waking) so I've been wearing a lens at night... (88 replies)
... According to the specialist I am seeing he informed he had a high success rate for his patients with the proceedure he have me the 87% likelyhood it would work but their is always that if and but. As a side note I was suppose to get it done tomorrow as my luck goes it won't happend for 2 weeks now. It started last night I applied the batrin (?) ointment as prescribed by... (88 replies)
... but I don't want you to be surprised if it fails after a few weeks or so. ... (88 replies)
... that big of deal...The puncturing helps rescar the cornea again to regain the deep attachment properties again...They will do it in the office and I should be Ok after 24 hours. I hope things go well and will post again likely friday. Good day to all and get well soon! ... (88 replies)
... Just to update going on day 2: I removed the BCL on monday slept with Muro ointment monday night and had a 3/5 RCE that night. Woke up tuesday in discomfort and pain. Around noon I put a new BCL in, it helped some but still pain. Wore it last night and no RCE but I still have eye pain again today but not as bad. The eye tears up off and on...Hope this goes away. I am... (88 replies)
... in. Right now its killing me. I will give it a week to see how it goes. The doc said if it bothers me again to call and schedule the eye puncturing the day after a RCE. I am starting to question the BCL right now because the eye felt pretty good lately and one day without the lense caused this much pain... ... (88 replies)
... of the time. He want to see me the day after a RCE inorder to perform the work. So, now I am so confused about this whole situation and treatment. ... (88 replies)

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