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... This is my 1st post here so i apologies if i have posted in the wrong place. ... (0 replies)
... sometimes only mildly blurry othertimes very blurred. At the hospital this week they found nothing wrong. ... (5 replies)
... and have recently been having blurry vision in my left eye. Up front I will say that sometimes I am not the best with my contacts and they have on occasion caused a stinging sensation when I put them in. ... (0 replies)

... That's good news. Doesn't fix the blurry vision though. Did you see much more clearly when you were doing the test looking through the different lenses? ... (17 replies)
... I went to get my eyes checked today and they are ok. They told me my right eye is only slightly worse than my left one and it's not worth wearing glasses for. ... (17 replies)
... Thank you for that. I have decided to go and get them checked out before the year's out. Thanks everyone. :) (17 replies)
... I too have blurry vision, eyes do not focus together, but I wear glasses and can now see like other people do. Glasses do not cause your eyes to get worse. ... (17 replies)
... Ahhhh, the voice of reason. Thank you. As I've said before, there a lot of posters here who would really benefit from an eye exam every now and then. If you're having vision problems, an eye doc will help out a lot more than a message board. ... (17 replies)
... years ago, i noticed the vision in my right eye was blurred. It has become progressivly worse since then, but not to the point of not being able to make anything out. ... (17 replies)
... of the time, but those few times my left eye isn't blurry then my right eye is. It's very odd. I've not used the Thera Tears eyedrops like I should. ... (5 replies)
... For about a week now I've noticed this blurry black spot in the center of my vision in my right eye. When I first noticed it, it was just a blurriness in my vision. Now it's a darker blurry spot during the day and at night I see this flickering black spot with a white ring around it. ... (0 replies)
... for about 8 years. All of a sudden this last weekend my vision was so blurry that it seemed like my right eye was not wearing a contact lens although it was in. I thought maybe I need to get a fresh pair which I did and it didn't change anything. ... (1 replies)
... It is a treatment for it. It applies to people with low and initial myopia. The plus lenses can treat low myopia and reverse their vision back to 20/20. Minus lenses are a temporary solution; in the long run, they only continue to worsen your nearsightedness. Hense why people need new perscriptions annually/biannually. (17 replies)
... I like how the cure for the "crutch" of more glasses. Genius. And unless those plus lenses have the ability to reshape your cornea or shrink your eyeball, you won't be seeing 20/20 without those evil minus lenses any time soon. (17 replies)
... Actually, negative lenses glasses does make your vision worse. Go to for further information. ... (17 replies)
... When she put the 2 lenses in and asked if it was better with the 1st or 2nd, sometimes one of them was clearer, sometimes there was no difference, so i don't know what that meant. ... (17 replies)
... read the 2nd and 3rd posts in this thread. ... (17 replies)
... I guess i'm scared they're gonna say i'm going blind or something. I have a problem with my left eye, too. The muscles don't work properly and my eyes don't 'work together' all the time. And when i close one eye, i can't see as well as i can through both eyes. Is that normal? (17 replies)
... etrist and find out what is wrong. Then decide what to do about it. It's highly ironic that you don't want to wear glasses because they will supposedly make your vision worse, yet you're walking around with bad vision. ... (17 replies)
... I noticed last weekend as I was walking in the countryside that everything looked rather misty when looking through my left eye. ... (4 replies)

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