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Chronic Red Eyes
Jun 26, 2008
... Does anyone have chronic red eyes? ... (1 replies)
... I've had chronic red eyes for about 7yrs. now. This condition is driving me crazy. Every morning I look like I'm incredible hungover even though i haven't drank in 3yrs. ... (7 replies)
... how to treat chronic red eyes? ... (0 replies)

... I have been having chronic red eyes for some time now. I am 23 yrs old. Here are my symptoms... ... (7 replies)
Chronic Red Eyes
Jun 27, 2008
... Hope you get relief with your red eyes. You can try things like Genteal gel to help with eye dryness. ... (1 replies)
... I am just getting started with drug treatment, Tobradex and oral Augmentin, and could really use input. Have suffered with red eyes for years. ... (7 replies)
... Hmmm. I'm JUST guessing but since nobody answered thought it was better than nothing. It could be you sleep with your eyes slightly open and that area gets dried out. ... (1 replies)
Chronic red eyes
Nov 10, 2009
... every morning and all day my eyes are red! drops only help temporarily! please help me to be normal again! ... (0 replies)
... also, I have been told by a doctor that red eyes from computer use is irrelevant to chronic red eyes. He said red eyes from computer use is normal, but when you're not on the computer than it should go away. ... (31 replies)
... How in the world do you get rid of chronic red eye when you know it's not allergies or the other reasons doctors give you? ... (0 replies)
... I wake up daily with red, puffy lower eyelids and the inner eyelid itself is red and inflamed which causes the eyeredness and I also as sazy101 have blotchy red face but only for about an hour after having a shower? ... (7 replies)
... years my eyelids have been red and inflammed, my lids burn and become very sore at times, eventually the whites of my eyes become red.... plus lower lids swell. I have been to 3 opthamalogists, 2 optometrists and 2 GPs and have been told that I have dry eyes and blepharitis. ... (7 replies)
... I've got an appointment with an ENT in 2 weeks. It seems there is a pair of sinuses near your eyes that can get infected. ... (7 replies)
... ng to put eye drops in 9 times a day. I have to use the steroid eye drops in my left eye to bring down the inflammation and then use the artificial tears in both eyes 4 times a day and then use antibiotic eye drops before bed. I feel like I'm constantly putting drops in. It's really helping. ... (7 replies)
... I just went today for a problem that really in the beginning started 5 years ago. Then my right eye was really red for about a year and I had gone to 10 doctors and they all were confused and no drops they gave me helped in the long run. ... (7 replies)
... I have a good complextion, its only when i get out if the shower or am really hot my face becomes red and blothey, am just taking supplements. its not a problem. not like the eyes are. I dont take doxy. ... (7 replies)
... I didn't know Dry Eyes can cause inner eyelid inflammation. I am sure if I got my inner eyelid inflammation under control that the burning will lessen. ... (7 replies)
... Do you have flakes on your eye lashes? Usually do with bleptheritis. Alot of people with dry eye have inflammed inner eyelids. Dry eye ussually has some inflammation. i have mild rosesea and bad dry eye. But my eyes are not red, my inner eye lids are red and this is worse when my eyes feel bad (dryer). Have you seen an eye doctor? if you have dry eye and/or ocular rosesea its... (7 replies)
... Thank you so much for the reply. I went to a dermatologist awhile back and asked if I had Rosacea. He said that it was not Rosacea but that I have acne and tried to treat me with various acne medication which only irritated my skin more. My acne is not bad, I get a few here and there, usually around my cycle. I guess the only thing that bothers me right now is if I pull... (7 replies)
... If your cheeks are flushed as well could you have ocular rocasea? The eye component of it can become dry and red, so you may have dry eye due to rocesea. Burning, redness are symptoms of dry eye. You can have mild rocasea with bad ocular rocesea. and vise versa. (7 replies)

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