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... o buy a pair of sun glasses so I quickly got a cheap pair from a gas station. Spent about 8 hours in the sun fishing on the river, when I got home I noticed pink circles in my eyes especially in dark rooms, almost like a camera filter. I am guessing the circles are where my eyes were dilated to when I had the sun glasses on.. ... (5 replies)
... I am a 22 year old female, and for about a year I have been having pain in my eyes when I look far left or right or up. I will see dark circles in both eyes when I look left and right or up. I do not see them when looking forward so I have no clue what it could be. ... (0 replies)
... To be honest while it is noticeable it is fairly faint, so it's not like I have bright pink circles obscuring my vision or not. I guess I'm just more concerned about what is causing it rather than it negatively affecting my vision in any way. ... (5 replies)

... For the past 5 days I have had peripheral white/bead lights move from the top or bottom of my peropheral vision. Ophthalmologist gave me a clean bill of health on Friday 7/26/13 said it was "exercise induced aura without headache" (CD-9 coded it as well)and get to my primary. I see these white bead/circles(eyes opened and closed) move in different directions at the same time... (5 replies)
... ve posted in the past, but something that has sent chills down my spine, and caused me to stress a lot. Okay, so here goes. I have noticed these odd small black circles with white outlines appear in my vision randomly throughout the day. ... (0 replies)
... I also see few round circles when I look up in the sun. looks like tears.. ... (16 replies)
Strange vision
Mar 15, 2011
... Anyway after about four months of constantly worrying about my eyes I developed these dark circles in my vision, but strangely only when I look left and right, I cannot see them when I look straight ahead or even just slightly left and right. ... (0 replies)
... A few months ago I noticed several vision changes. ... (6 replies)
... Hello Jeff, I have experienced this kind of sudden vision-impairment too. it usually happens when I am sitting in front of the computer and in my case it is not as bad as it seems to be with you but here is what I believe is happening and what I found out helps to make it go away (for me). In my case I believe the problem is my neck: like most people my posture in front of... (9 replies)
... ok, so taking a deep breathe before replying as its all quite alot to take in. His agoraphobia is too bad to along to the hospital, he cant even get to the end of the road. The doctor has said that an opthalmologist will come out (at a stretch) so that at the very least he can do a consultation. We do have, Im not really sure what to call it but a kind of mobile eye clinic.... (3 replies)
... Someone please tell me I'm not the only one that experiences this. they're small circles.. in a honeycomb pattern. They're small and appear usually when I'm tired or fatigued. I used to hardly ever notice it (it's been happening for a long time) but lately it's been happening all day. It's so hard to explain but they're bright and colorful and look like this almost:... (1 replies)
... Yes, high pressure can result in glaucoma, but I don't think seeing circles is a symptom of that disease. ... (14 replies)
... Anyway, I wouldn't worry about the circles if the doc said your eyes are fine. ... (14 replies)
... I have had a strange eye anomaly for the past 6 years or so and no one knows what it is. My eye doctor says my vision is good, and my eyes look normal. ... (14 replies)
... make an appt. with your eye dr. just to have it checked out......don't fool around when it comes to your vision...... (3 replies)
... what causes purplish circles in my vision? ... (0 replies)
... I am a golfer and when I am out on a sunny day, sometimes I can see clearly, a yellow and black round ball floating in my vision and it drives me crazy. I tried to wear sunglasses, but can't hit the ball with them on, so I try to ignore them which is hard. ... (24 replies)
... I can also see my "heartbeat in my eyes" although don't have the circles or sensitivity. I get it when I unfocus my eyes and stare at a white background such as my white bathroom floor or a blank wall. ... (24 replies)
... s office and its normal. My heartbeat in my eye never goes away and if I get my heartrate up, it beats faster too in my eye. Now when ever I am outside I can see circles that look like the tips of drill bits that constantly turn like a top. It drives me crazy! ... (24 replies)
... oh yea.... That heartbeat stuff. I had a dopler done on my carotid artery and cranial arteries and they came back normal. My son sees his heartbeat in his eyes also and I have a friend who sees the same. In my humble opinion some people are more sensitive/aware of their vision. That heartbeat is like floaters, I don't pay attention to it, it's not there. Maybe I... (24 replies)

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