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... sh should also stop. Sure enough after the light stop the eye doctor told me that the gel had completely detached. I haven't had any problems again but I do have floaters on that eye. But is still good to check with your doctor. ... (3 replies)
... I have had RK, Lasik and cataract surgery in my right eye. I have started developing floaters as well as clouding of my new lens. I have been to my ophthalmologist several times. ... (3 replies)
... king appt. with an eye doctor today and getting in as soon as I can. I can't let this take over my life anymore!!!! Whatever the news, it can't be as bad as this constant stress and wondering. I'm to the point where I'd rather know and deal with it then keep pondering obsessively over what it may be. Thanks, again! ... (4 replies)

Feb 23, 2011
... symbol looking floaters since I was about 12. I've been overweight my entire life. ... (1 replies)
... I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have been this way for over a year and was just diagnosed this month. I asked my doctor if this would eventually go away or if I would have to feel like this the rest of my life and he didn't know. ?! Scary. I am a bartender and have been unable to drink since this started. the last time I did I got tunnel vision. I am 25 years old and have been... (1 replies)
... after a month of misdiagnoses i now know that i have a constant silent migraine. i have had well past 30 symptoms come and go but ill stick to the constant and major ones. ... (1 replies)
... same with me, constant visual disturbances with eye pain and ringing in both ears. i do believe there is a correlation with floaters because the same happened with me. they are not preceived i know what a floater looks like and they are always the same. more come daily. ... (7 replies)
Eye floaters?
Feb 17, 2009
... Hi im from South Africa. i also got one spot in my one eye then i started getting lines. i went for test in both eyes 2 months ago & r really worried. im going for a test this month.From where are you maybe we can talk bout it personnaly. (17 replies)
Eye floaters?
Feb 15, 2009
... Yesterday i noticed little dark specs like squiggly lines going by my vision. But not alot and not constant. I read it isn't uncommon. I just had a complete eye exam in November and all was healthy. Should i be concerned by this? i want to call my eye doctor and be checked out. comments? bride5527 (17 replies)
... Hey guys! After months of complaining of floaters and sore, red eyes my right eye finally became symptomatic to the point of constant watering and pain. I saw an ophthalmologist on Friday and he told me I had severe, advanced iritis in both eyes. ... (0 replies)
... I see the circular flashes in one eye. Usually when I see a bright sky or white background. I do not notice them in a darker room. I have a lot of floaters...spiderwebs, rounds ones..a huge round one in my line of vision, lines that all move together. They all appeared together too. How do they determine whether your problem is with the visual processing center in your... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye last year. I have constant floaters in that eye that look like spiderwebs and clumps of mascara. I also see the circular flashes of light that you mention, usually in a dimly lit room. ... (11 replies)
Floaters: normal?
Mar 21, 2006
... Thanks for the info. It's been really bothering me, especially since I never even thought of them before and now I can't stop looking at them. My eyes feel totally strained. Another thing I'm unsure about - on diagnosis websites they say a 'shower' of floaters can indicate retinal detachment - does this mean a one off series of floaters, or a new constant? And how many are... (10 replies)
... Oh gosh thank you so much! I have been worrying about this for so long, but I guess you'd know what you're talking about more than me. When i went to the eye doctor he didn't put drops in but he did look in my eyes with a light. So I hope that if their was something wrong they could have seen it without drops. I just don't want to go blind. I should go back to the eye doctor... (4 replies)
... That's not a symptom of a detachment. however those symptoms can be indicitive of a tear in the retina which could LEAD to a detachment (very, very low odds of that though), but it should always be checked out with a dialated eye exam (did the doctor you go to put drops in your eyes,then look into your eyes with a bright light? then afterwards you could hardly see in bright... (4 replies)
... I all of the sudden noticed a gray spot in my right eye. It freaked me out as it was constant and in my direct line of vision. ... (8 replies)
... ors, an optometrist, opthamologist, and my primary doctor. The optometrist and my primary said that it sounded like floaters. But nowhere in the description of floaters have I found anything like this. The opthamologist examined my eye and said I had some floaters, but could not confirm that what I was experiencing was related. ... (2 replies)
... For almost two years, Iíve experienced eye problems including feelings of eye pressure, eye pain, crazy amounts of floaters, monocular diplopia, and really slow focusing eyes. My eyes also recently started having afterimages even when Iím not looking at a light. Most of the eye stuff is not constant, but something happens pretty much daily. Also, the right half of my face gets... (1 replies)
... Yes I am. I have the same exact floaters you're describing but in both eyes. Left eye is usually worse though. It's like zigzag lines and kinda cobwebs constantly floating around in my field of vision. ... (7 replies)
... iewing, and I can't drive after dark anymore because I see multiples, glare, ghosting. On top of all of that, an eye exam last year triggered problems with huge floaters that now impair my vision. My corneas continue to flatten due to the RK surgery 20 years ago. ... (0 replies)

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