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... Hi....I had a large corneal abrasion 2 weeks ago right in my line of vision. I was prescribed antibiotic drops to take for a week. The abrasion healed in a few days. However I still have very blurry vision at most of the time. My eye is totally clear when I wake up in the morning. ... (0 replies)
... Prior to receiving PTK, when I had a corneal abrasion, which I got a bout once every 2 weeks it could take as long as a week for my eye that was affected to return to normal. ... (1 replies)
... I have had a corneal abrasion 5 weeks ago and I have been followed regularly by an opthtalmologist. The abrasion occurred right next to the center of my eye so in the axis of vision. ... (1 replies)

... Right now I'm at the point where I still have blurry vision and I'm trying to wait to see if it's going to get better before I change my prescription. ... (88 replies)
... My corneal abrasion happened last December and i didnt get BCL till July so Im impressed youve had this treatment option so quick. ... (88 replies)
... t my glasses and he agreed to do a corneal scan where he found some abnormality. ... (88 replies)
... I was given eye drops and eye wash to use and told to follow up with an eye doctor if it doesn't feel better. The pain is pretty much gone at this point, but my vision is still a bit blurry in that eye. Is that normal for being so soon after the injury or should I call and make an eye doctors appointment? ... (1 replies)
... the BCL unless I had a puncture or surgical proceedure to protect the eye...So once I stopped using it was in bad pain and discomfort for about a week until the abrasion healed over. I was RCE free for the last 2 weeks and just got a bad one or almost bad one last night. ... (88 replies)
... Hello - here's my wisdom and comments: We had a huge thread a few years back. At present, I have pretty much been erosion free since about July 2004. First, I don't believe in ASP since it seems to have too high a failure rate and may permanently affect vision. Second, I don't believe in BCL (bandage lens therapy) either except for very short term pain relief and that is... (88 replies)
... Hi Benzinful, welcome to the board! Sorry to hear you had an RCE. My eye gets really blurry after I get one, but usually doesn't feel really bad after about 30-60 minutes. I do sometimes get an irritation during the day though it doesn't get red or swollen it is distracting. Night time is the only time I get erosions (or before waking) so I've been wearing a lens at night... (88 replies)
... Usually, wearing my contacts makes my eye feel soo much better and I can see better as well too. I am so fustrated right now as last night was very painful, my vision is incredibly blurred from my last erosion and the refresh pm salve, and now my eye is back to being red, irritated, and swollen. ... (88 replies)
... The doctor said in the almost 2 months with the BCL the eye hasn't healed enough to warrant continued use. Now that things got worse for me it proves his theory. The last thing I want to do is prolong a possible recovery and he assured me that the pucture has about a 87% effectiveness to it. Will see how it goes. Good luck to you keep up with the good progress! (88 replies)
... t control by use of the lens. Also, it seems clear no matter what literature you read, once you suffer an abrasion you a subject to future abrasions. You may want to take a little OTC pain reliever for your discomfort and try not to do too much reading. ... (88 replies)
... Chuckcap, Glad to hear you got to the specialist. Hoping for the best with your new treatment. I can imagine that in your case, with the other complications you've had, there is concern about infection with the lens. Do report how it is going, how the nights are with the new drops. I'd be willing to try those drops if it kept my eyelids from sunctioning shut at night. ... (88 replies)
... I see that Muro drops are indicated for temporary relief of corneal edema. ... (88 replies)
... have been having. I thought Id throw some of my experience on the mix. I have been wearing my contact for 5 Months. This is not regarded as long itme by the corneal specialists here in NZ. When I first got it put in, they said they would review it after 3 months and if it went well we'd go for at least 9 months. ... (88 replies)
... Usually with contacts they will start to see a little blury, feel dryer when they are due to be changed. If you feel a sharp object it may be the contact settling down in the eye a little? I have worn contacts on and off for about 8 years. I have very sensitive eyes and as result my eye lids get inflamed. Your likely seeing the results of sensitive eyes due the... (88 replies)
... Chuckcap, Sorry to hear you had another RCE. As far as the healing from the RCE, I find that the worse the RCE the longer it takes my vision to clear up--well as clear as it gets anymore. My eye feels pretty comfortable in a day or two after. Last night in bed, I was watching a little TV (with my BCL) and I felt a tiny piece of (sharp) debris. I put in a couple drops... (88 replies)
... I had a great new years with no erosions. It was really heart warming. I went and seen aonther corneal specialist 2 days before xmas and he told me that he believes most cases of RCE come right within 3 years. Thats the most positve thing ive heard in ages. ... (88 replies)
... In my case and from what my doctor said--the contact aided in smoothing the surface of the cornea and at the same time easied the pain and improved my vision (a little). Earlier on my eye was so uncomfortable during the day as well--I couldn't function without it. After about a month, and still having some erosion issues, the doctor specifically stated he wanted me not... (88 replies)

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