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... manages to provide the distance sight that the Crystalens isn't providing. ... (5 replies)
... I am not sure what type of lens other than it was Crystalens and the insurance would cover. ... (5 replies)
... That iol is horrible, no doubt. Most people deal with the problems associated with that implant. ... (5 replies)

... Would like to know if anyone with any type of IOC lens had the problems I'm having with my Crystalens, was it fixable? ... (5 replies)
... Update on my situation with Crystalens IOL's. ... (36 replies)
... want might make your vision both clearer and much more comfortable. Please, please, please don't delay in consulting someone else. The doctor who gave you the Crystalens doesn't seem to be hearing your expressed concerns. ... (36 replies)
... Hi SP -- I think the term you are looking for is "neuroadapt." And like you I can see for miles on a sunny day. I prefer to pull back a little on the distance and possibly improve closeup, because like you, for years of being able to see up close, that's a huge loss to me. If I can ever get the contacts to try that, I'll let you know!!! I am only -.50 different between... (36 replies)
... the contact lens. That is a good question for the surgeon tomorrow morning. You mentioned in the preceeding paragraph that at first the blurriness caused by your Crystalens at near range negated the good vision you were getting with your ReStor. That's what is happening with me and the Crystalens with distance. ... (36 replies)
... C, I have the crystalens in my left eye and a Restor in my right. ... (36 replies)
... eye" problem, then he is going to exchange the Crystalens for one with a different prescription equal to the results I am seeing with the contact. ... (36 replies)
... SP -- I looked over your previous posts, but I didn't see it listed: what type of IOL's do you have? It's hard to see the computer screen, so I may have missed it. What I noticed is that like I said, I don't have any "softening" or cloudy appearance, like you described (and my mom says she has with her cataracts -- mostly at night -- bad halos). I also don't have "greying"... (36 replies)
... This is an update ... I saw my surgeon today and he seems to be too irritated with me to help with my problems at all. ... (36 replies)
... A lot of good points have been made here. When I got my second opinion after the first surgery (crystalens) the doctor said that eventually the posterior capsule would get very cloudy, and then they would do a YAG, leaving the edges of the cloudy capsule to block the edge glare from the crystalens. I don't know if that was just a theory or if he'd actually seen it happen... (36 replies)
... who might know more about edge glare problems with Crystalens. I don't think you should assume that nothing can be done. ... (36 replies)
... t would be unstable and may dislocate and have to be stitched into place. Also if the posterior capsule ruptures, it could leak vitreos fluid which causes vision problems and possibly would necessitate a vitrectomy. ... (36 replies)
... act surgery. And the comments made by your surgeon's associate lead me to believe that your surgery was not exactly stellar in its execution. Who says that the Crystalens can't be safely explanted, especially early in the healing process, besides your surgeon? ... (36 replies)
... I just wish surgeons were REQUIRED to inform their patients of the actual problems involved with all the lenses so they could make an educated decision. There should be a law, like they have with so many other consumer products ... ... (36 replies)
... Actually, I'm normally a very positive person. You know, I was perfectly happy (well, pretty happy) with what I had -- legally blind from a young age, but correctable to 20/20 with contacts -- amazing! But when I started to need readers for "reading" I was hoping for another option. I didn't yet need them for hardly anything else, so I just avoided reading very much for years.... (36 replies)
... I can't understand why any surgeon would encourage or even allow a patient to get Crystalens implants for improving presbyopia, when they clearly have been shown to provide only limited, if any, near correction for MOST people. What is the point, then? ... (36 replies)
... I'm really not wanting to go through that much pain again as far as surgery (it was more than 12 weeks after the 1st eye that my eye wasn't hurting as much). I'm glad only the one eye hurt like that. So I know that wasn't "normal" but I'm afraid that if I have surgery on that eye again, it will affect the nerve again. My eye was half shut for 5 weeks but now seems to be open... (36 replies)

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