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... Even though I'm not going for the YAG yet, I do have some PCO. Because of the starburst glares and halos that have been with me since the surgery at night, it's difficult to say for certain that the softening of these glares is the PCO, but I think it is. By softening, I mean that there's the effect of a translucent, white film over the glares/halos. And sometimes words on a... (36 replies)
... Thanks for the post, SP. The mall doc has been here in town for many years (I used to go to him long before I ever heard of retinal detachment -- he's actually the one that told me I was high risk and he then worked for the opthalmologist I go to now for a while). So I do trust his skills. I also plan to see the Retina Specialist for a 2nd opinion on the YAG. I will see if the... (36 replies)
... EYE-KANT-C, From what you've typed here, and from what I've read elsewhere, I would recommend holding off on the YAG. I am. I figure since I was disappointed (like you) with the implant surgery because my pre-surgery corrected vision wasn't that bad, it doesn't make sense to do the same thing with the YAG, given the risks. But these ophthalmologists sure do seem to be in a... (36 replies)

... About post-retinal tearing? Not sure what you mean exactly??? I didn't have a retinal detachment, though I am high-risk for that with mom & sister both having RD and myself being high myopia. That's why I don't want to do the YAG; I've heard too many stories of RD resulting from YAG, though my surgeon says the IOL implants are much riskier than the YAG for detachment. I sure... (36 replies)
... can you tell me which eye drops helped with the post-retinal surgury tearing? Thx. (36 replies)
... weeks ago I had cataract surgery and they put a crystalens in my left eye and then 2 weeks later a restor lens in my right eye. ... (2 replies)
... I can't see either. I had restor lens implants about 4 weeks ago and everything is still fuzzy. My whole world is airbrushed. May be nice in some situations, but I read alot at work and just can't get my eyes to focus. Im glad you vision improved over time--I hope mine will follow. (36 replies)
... EYE-KANT-C, I'm very glad to hear how much better you are doing. I'll check back here later too. :angel: :cool: (36 replies)
... Hi -- I saw my surgeon today and he said I have an extremely good range of vision between the 2 eyes: one for close and one for distance. And I again said yes, they are each great ... separately. But I didn't WANT monovision. I want to try a contact in the "near adjusted eye" that's not as strong, since the one I had (-1.50) was overcorrecting that eye for distance. And he... (36 replies)
... ;) Just a quickie ... My husband is going to a new opthalmologist soon and if he feels confident with them, I'll make an appointment also. (They do cataracts, laser for retinopathy and retinal repairs -- my surgeon only does cataracts -- definitely worth checking into!) (36 replies)
... I had to laugh at that. I've been to Florida several times with poor vision. Everywhere I go I have poor vision.:) (36 replies)
... Feel free to come here anytime and complain to us. :) I know what you mean about your family being tired of hearing about it. But I have to wonder if they were really tired of it, or just frustrated that there was nothing they could do, and that they really didn't mind. Have you purchased some drug store readers? I got every available prescription (just about) at the... (36 replies)
... Hrmph. I've never heard of anyone personally who was happy with them either. But I suppose that doesn't mean there aren't people out there just tickled pink about their crystalenses. Before considering explanting, I would want to talk to some who have gone through it and hear what they thought of it. EYE-KANT-C, I can tell how upset you are right now. It wasn't so long... (36 replies)
... I know explanting is risky, but just how risky? Since you are so unhappy with the results, maybe you should give more consideration to another op. (36 replies)
... than to try to have them explanted and risk all the serious problems I've been reading about. ... (19 replies)
Crystalens post-op
Sep 24, 2007
... My case is, in a way, worse than yours in that I didn't even have cataracts. I only did the Crystalens to see "near, far and everything in between." I have a high degree of myopia and starting to get presbyopia. ... (14 replies)
... I have been thinking of you most of the summer. I have been doing a lot of reading to get my close vision back in my Crystalens eye but it has not improved much. I go back to the Dr. for my 6 month next week. I want him to check my other eye and see how that cataract is doing. ... (1 replies)
... hkolln, I've recently had a very similar experience in both eyes for not-too "early onset cataracts." (I'm 52.) So I know your disappointment with having gone through all of this and not having your current vision be as good as your previous vision, albeit with a contac lens. Yes, your "uncorrected vision" is now probably fabulously better. But you never did (if you're like... (3 replies)
Crystalens post-op
Jul 14, 2005
... I also want to tell you about an eye drop which shrinks the pupil size, which really helps with the Crystalens and eliminates most all of the halos and glare until it wears off. It is available with your Doctors prescription and is called Alphagan. ... (14 replies)
Crystalens post-op
Jul 14, 2005
... Anyone who has had surgery to have a Crystalens implant, please post here. ... (14 replies)

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