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... Judy - you can use Muro as long as you want and as often as you want day and/or night. Freida - don't think because you continue to get erosions after 3 months that treatment is not working. I know for a fact (that I read) that one continues to have erosions on Dextran but they say to not give up and continue using it for 6 months. They say the erosions decrease in... (125 replies)
... You are correct that you NEED a prescription and you are correct about everything else in your post. A few more things to note: One post expressed concern about being on antibiotics. But, here's the thing, the recommended dose for corneal erosion is VERY small. I take two 20 mg tablets a day of Doxycycline, that's it. I remember back in Feb or March when I got my first... (125 replies)
... Muro 128 is the first coarse of action which is over the counter ointment that you can get at any pharmacy or Costco. That works in many cases and you cannot overdose on it. I think they recommend to use it for about 2 months. If it fails I personally would never to the "micro stroma puncture." PTK is highly successful (especially the second time around it's 99%... (4 replies)

... I tried to no avail to find these Dextran dehydrex drops on dry eye zone. please post where you can buy and leave out the dot at the end so it would be allowed. Thanks. ... (125 replies)
... You know - I don't know that I can actually mention specific places where to get Dextran/Dehydrex drops on this forum. But, if you go to the dry eye zone and do a search there for Dextran and Pharmacy then you might find what you are looking for. My doctor contacted them and they make the drops and I have them shipped first class to me. They recommend that you keep them... (125 replies)
... Thanks again. Just one more question: where did you get dehydrex/dextran? I heard about these drops in the dry eye zone. tks and good luck to you! (125 replies)
... Freidi - what I meant was using Muro 128 at night causes my eyes to feel a lot more "greasy" or "lubed up" as opposed to dry when I awaken. They feel a lot more this way while on Doxycycline (as opposed to using Muro when I was not on Doxy). I think the Doxy/Dehydrex/Muro combo is working. Whether it will have long term effects after six months I can't say but it has been... (125 replies)
... Mike, tks for the update. I am also on doxycilcine, but no dehydrex... I wonder if I should suggest this to my doc... I am also back with the BCL.. just to giv eme some relief after a turmoil of a cycle of once a week erosions... I did not undretand your last comment on the muro... what did you mean by the they last a lot longer? what are you referring to? Now I am on... (125 replies)
... Update: At the beginning of the year my Doc did PTK and it cured the massive erosions I was having at 7:00 but a month later they moved to the 5:00 position. I was thinking about another PTK but I suggested to my doc that I would like to try the steroid drops prednisilone for two weeks with doxycycline. After that I went on Dehydrex/Dextran drops 5 times a day. I'm still... (125 replies)
... PTK surgery could have beena solution to my problem. But according to your and Mike's comments it varies case by case. Next appointment I will talk to him about dehydrex and PTK. thank you so much!!! and I will definitely be in touch! ... (125 replies)
... Thank you for the response. So my felling is I will have to deal with this for the rest of my life, until the medical industry will come up with something more efficient. In the meantime, you said you are on dextran (dehydrex). Was it approved by the FDA? This is Dr Hooly's drops from the eye zone, isn't it? My doctor never mentioned to me about Dehydrex, neither Dwelle. Many... (125 replies)
... As it turns out the PTK only had me erosion free for about a month but reduced the severity of the erosions. So, the next plan was my doc (by my recommendations) put me on Doxycycline oral antibiotic and combined that with prednisilone (steroid drops). I was on the steroid for 2 weeks and I'll be on Doxy for 6 months. Now I'm off the steroid and I'm on Dextran drops... (125 replies)
... But, I'm finding one bottle was enough. I just used them the same way one would use Dehydrex which I believe is 6 drops a day for a week, then 5 drops for the next week, then 4 and so on down to one drop a day. ... (55 replies)
... invented dwelle and worked in the early dehydrex studies in the early 1980s. ... (55 replies)
... In any event, Dwelle is perhaps something to consider if one doesn't want to go through their doctors to try and get in the Dehydrex study. But, I would still be very cautious upon awakening and apply artficial tears if necessary before moving your eyelids and never sleep on your back. ... (55 replies)
... For the last 5 weeks I have been using the over the counter Dwell drops from the dry eye zone the same way one would use the Dehydrex drops. I started with 6 drops a day for week then 5 drops a day for a week then 4 and so on down. ... (55 replies)
... Chuckcap, thanks for the link. I went to it, but they were having technical difficulties at the time, so I will check again. Mike, I hope that you find the drops to be as useful as I have. It is a slow process, but I am sticking with it and am having success. And, from what I have read, they are administered just like Dehydrex. They are also much more gentle on the eye than... (125 replies)
... I wonder if they are used and are like Dehydrex if they can cure the erosions. I just ordered a bottle to try. ... (125 replies)
... who worked on dehydrex at Duke University invented Dwelle. His theory is that some cases of dry eye come from corneal dystrophies that produce an irregular ocular surface. ... (125 replies)
... that is about the best alternative for many who have exhausted everything else. Other medical options include cortisteroids with doxycycline and there is also Dehydrex drops. Muro 128 is usually the first course of action which is an ointment to help remove excess moisture to get the cells to adhere better. ... (125 replies)

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