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... I have been dealing with recurrent corneal erosion for 11 years. ... (125 replies)
... Is it possible it is unrelated to Corneal erosion? ... (125 replies)
... One post expressed concern about being on antibiotics. But, here's the thing, the recommended dose for corneal erosion is VERY small. I take two 20 mg tablets a day of Doxycycline, that's it. ... (125 replies)

... Judy, your update is greatly appreciated. As terrible as the recurrent corneal erosion cycle is, it can be manageable, and, as you point out, we can take steps to make it better. Like you, my erosions hit two hours into sleep, during REM. ... (125 replies)
... The only other things I can think of if you want to avoid surgery are Dehydrex trial drops for corneal erosion. I've also heard a lot about Restasis drops for dry eyes but I know little about them other than they are supposed to increase the natural tear production. ... (125 replies)
Corneal erosion +
Jul 21, 2006
... t the day. It seems ridiculous to me that I should have to drink even more now. I am beginning to think something else is going on with me and that perhaps the corneal erosion problem is just a symptom of something greater. ... (4 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 8, 2006
... RCES the epithelial cells "slough off" or "erode away." Often, what happens is one may sleep with their eyes just slightly open which has a tendency to severely dry out the eyes. Also, in general, no one produces tears while asleep. ... (56 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 2, 2006
... I have always had really dry eyes and regular eye drops never worked. The doctor said it was because of the preservatives interacting badly with the skin oil. ... (56 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 2, 2006
... mentioned that due to the continually oily nature of my skin, it was interferring with the normal water balance in my tears which makes them very susceptable to dry eye and has evolved into corneal erosion. ... (56 replies)
... at night, when my eyes were closed and as I was falling asleep, my right eye would touch a tender spot which would wake me up. My eye doctor felt my problem was corneal erosion and started me on Muro 128 drops during the day and Muro ointment at night. ... (36 replies)
... As an elderly diabetic with low vision, Dry Eye, etc., I may have cornea problems, mostly Inflammation, once got poked trimming shrubbery although I was wearing my glasses, but it healed pretty quickly. ... (2 replies)
... Late November 2012, I got a paper-cut in my cornea. It was pretty bad...the paper was kinda thick. The doctor put me on antibiotic drops followed by Prednisolone. I'm a steroid responder so the Prednisolone drops elevated my eye pressure. I had to also use Refresh drops because my eyes became a bit dry. I thought I was doing fine. The doctor saw through the slit-lamp... (2 replies)
... g better .. the bandage lens has been helping me and to be honest I actually notice my eye plays up if I cry !! im sure drinking wouldnt help but crying seems to dry my eyes out more ... I keep note of what upsets it and crying it the only constant thing ... ... (6 replies)
... My situation is sort of unique because I have no idea where the corneal erosion originates from in the first place. You'd think an event that caues part of your cornea to come off would be memorable. ... (6 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Haha...silly me! Didn't pay good attention to the year of your post. Thank you for the update. It's good to hear you are doing so much better. Take care. Cheers! :) (6 replies)
... ely went off of my medications and have never had a reoccurance again. I also think it was a combination of severe allergies that season. I still have a slight dry eye at night and still use muro 128 at night but do not have severe dry eye anymore. ... (6 replies)
... use of your RCE. Unfortunately, there are some people who are just prone to RCE genetically or they may have certain type of eye conditions that involve RCE. A corneal specialist will be the best person to figure what could possibly be the cause and what the follow up care and management should be. ... (6 replies)
... because those can dry out the cornea. ... (6 replies)
... but also when it cuts through both nerves at the top of the eye can cause dry eye for around 6 months. ... (7 replies)

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