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One eye's a blur
Aug 7, 2006
... tip and no tears body soap and scrub the eye ducts and eye lid.People who has flaky skin can get flakes in the eyes and the skin drys out. ... (5 replies)
... I've had a sharp pain in my eye for a couple of days now. ... (2 replies)
... to wash away any goop such as crust and oil and skin flakes. In fact, I just asked my ophthalmologist that exact question. I wanted to know if with my severe dry eye condition, I could use baby shampoo to cleanse my eyelids. He said no, that it would irritate me too much. ... (20 replies)

Dry eye story
Oct 21, 2004
... Hi Montgumski, I don't believe I have dandruff, but my hair is rather dry, you are taking 200 mg of Doxy a day, how long have you been taking it? they started me out on only 50 mg a day which did'nt do much, some of these doctors are freaking incompetent. thanks for the info, I'll be checking to see if I have any flakes. Jen (12 replies)
Dry eye story
Oct 20, 2004
... I blamed it on a pink eye inf. I had just prior to succumbing to dry eyes. ... (12 replies)
Blepharitis Cure
Sep 25, 2014
... Then I read about using an eye rinse that you can get over the counter. Its used to rinse out debris that gets in the eye or for people with allergies. It comes with a little cup for your eye. The active ingredient is boric acid. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Lucy Thank you for the details. A few questions: 1. Are your eyes dry or are they back to normal? 2. What were your symptoms before you began using the wipes? 3. Did your vision improve after the blepharitis went away? My symptoms are: Itchy eye lids (11 replies)
... pain I know....the warm compresses should also be done before the scrubs for THREE MINUTES each eye. Use a different wash cloth, or other sterile cloth for each eye so you don't cross contaminate yourself. When you are thru, check your eyelashes for little white flakes, looks like dandruff. ... (6 replies)
... on the eyelids. The tear ducts to which you refer are near the inner corner of your eye top and bottom near nose and there is one only on the top and bottom. ... (5 replies)
... vice...I don't want to jinx anything, but it's been two months and I haven't had an incident of my blepharitis. Daily, I've been treating it with warmth, ocusoft eye wipes, and baby shampoo. I also started using dandruff shampoo on my hair and eyebrows. ... (5 replies)
... very flaky looking. I put the vitamin E on it at night and still nothing would fix it. I was kind of stupid though, I didn't get it looked at and I still wore my eye makeup. It slowly started to spread across my eyelid and started forming on my right eyelid also. ... (1 replies)
... went through several rounds of antibiotic drops from the doctor but it would always come back, like clockwork about once a month. I stopped wearing contacts and eye makeup altogether. ... (5 replies)
... no. But if the infection spreads to the cornea, it may cause painful, potentially damaging ulcers. The bacteria are most likely to spread to the cornea when skin flakes fall into the eye and are not removed promptly, irritating the conjunctiva and cornea. You must treat corneal ulcers promptly to avoid loss of vision. ... (3 replies)
... is an affliction of the eye that, if left untreated, can lead a form of glaucoma known as pigmentary glaucoma. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Sazy. I will be seeing an Opht. soon. The last eye doctor spent around 5 mins with me and then sent me home. No diagonoses. I hope this new one will take some time to help me. To answer your questions. ... (7 replies)
... Do you have flakes on your eye lashes? ... (7 replies)
I Need Help
Sep 3, 2005
... Like clockwork every saturday morning i awake to bright flashes of light in my left eye, when i close it i see my eye in it, and i can make out my iris in a light pattern, and instead of a full circle, its more of a "C". ... (1 replies)
... ome. This is when 'flakes' of pigment break off from the iris and can clog up the fluid drainage system in your eyes. This can cause a temporary increase in your eye pressure, cause temporary blurred vision, and can lead to pigmentary glaucoma. ... (7 replies)
... I don't even have to use eye drops. ... (74 replies)
... Well, on my 2nd dose of Restasis last night, I first note it was burning my rt. eye out of my skull, which I know can happen and is normal for this. ... (0 replies)

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