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... If you would seriously rather take the risk,,,, first do the research on the Recovery of a Vitrectomy,,,,,it is GRUELING from what I have read and I am dreading the day make that Years of recovery when I have to have one....then if you STILL WANT IT,,,and you cannot find a doctor, go to a local University Hospital, even if you have to go to Germany if you are in Italy,, and... (16 replies)
... Same boat, have floaters as well, since I can remember, it has been a long time and I am 20 yrs. old. ... (16 replies)
... floaters are the cause of my anxiety, how can you "Fix" anxiety without "fixing" the problem that causes it? ... (16 replies)

... In medicine, it's "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and with eye floaters, nothing is why fix it? ... (16 replies)
... Howdy! I'm 24 years old and I've been dealing with floaters for quite awhile myself. ... (16 replies)
... Hi I'm a 14 year old boy and I Worry a lot about my eyes I had a worry of going blind which turned into a phobia, then an anxiety now I have panic attacks about going blind. I sit at the computer a lot and it's been like 3 years now almost everyday and I'm not active but I'm not overweight. ... (1 replies)
... Sorry! Having trouble at the keyboard! But wanted to tell you that ANY flashes of light or unusual floaters should be evaluated by your opthomologist (some very good optometrists can catch retinal problems, too, and refer you to a vitreous/retinal eye surgeon as needed). I'm a very nervous person, too, but never saw flashes of light due to anxiety. However, I did... (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... what I believe to be floaters in my eyes. ... (2 replies)
... omenon. It is the ability to see your white blood cells moving about very fast in the blood vessels that lay in front of the retina. It is weird that the human eye is designed this way, but the blood vessels from the optic nerve branch out in FRONT of the retina and cast shadows on your retina. NOrmal folk tune this out. ... (14 replies)
... in one person and may not happen in another person. However, you certainly have to be careful, and not panicky, and get your eyes checked regularly from a proper eye doctor or retinal specialist! ... (1 replies)
... I had a PVD about 2 years ago, plus I've always had floaters, however, I just had a new floater and the doctor did laser eye surgery. ... (1 replies)
... who have floaters that turned into PVD. Mine started on Oct.2011 with small black dots in left eye. ... (1 replies)
Eye problem
Nov 13, 2013
... It doesn't occur happens the most when I'm anxious like hell.Yes I've anxiety problems,it seems to happen the most when I'm bored.I've got trouble focusing on printed texts.I've had my eyes checked... ... (0 replies)
New floater in eye
Jun 21, 2013
... Hoping that someone might be able to reassure me really. I am only 24 but I have had floaters in my eyes for as long as I can remember being health conscious really. ... (1 replies)
... For me.. this has been going on for about 6 months or so I think. Sometimes I get a blue flash of light in the eye too. Lasts just a few seconds. ... (5 replies)
... ymptoms such as panic attacks, crying sessions, sweating, heart beat irregularities, nervousness, anxiety, etc. What really disturbed me was the problems with my eye sight. My vision became slightly blurry, edges of objects lost sharpness, and the number of floaters increased gradually in both of my eyes. ... (1 replies)
... the eye doctor made me another appointment because my eye pressure was a little high. At first I thought it was because of my anxiety that when I get nervous my pressure goes a little bit high. ... (2 replies)
... Dear people, i have had some problems with my eyes for the last month. When i look at a wall with a detailed texture, it seems to me that somehow parts of it are slightly moving. I have the same with watching a computer screen; i get than the impression that the lines are moving from side to side, not aggressively but only very slowly. I have the same effect, and it even... (0 replies)
... I asked once why they asked, and my doctor told me that they could indicate a serious eye condition, so they take them seriously. ... (1 replies)

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