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... Well, tomorrow is the day for my internal limiting membrane peel! ... (79 replies)
... I'll let you know how the ILM goes for me. November 24th is the day. I know my vision in my right eye will be worse before it gets better. It will take about a month before the gas bubble disolves and I start seeing the results. ... (79 replies)
... nd vitrectomy surgery on November 24th since I did not get good results with the first one. My only hope is that when it is repeated doing the internal limiting membrane peel they will be able to remove all of the remaining membrane and I will notice some improvement. ... (79 replies)

... D I hope I have great results, since I have not seen any improvement with my retina problem up till now. I am confident that being able to remove ALL of the membrane will be enable me to regain much more vision. ... (79 replies)
... It's amazing how well you can do with just one "good eye" although it would seem to me that by making the good eye do all the work, that eventulally it could also become your "bad eye" Hope not!! ... (79 replies)
... My new retina doctor has done many internal limiting membrane peels with much success. I don't think they are that uncommon. I had the regular membrane peel done 2 years ago and because the membrane was so thick which is the reason I didn't have much success. ... (79 replies)
... My new retina doctor has done many internal limiting membrane peels with much success. I don't think they are that uncommon. I had the regular vitrectomy membrane peel done 2 years ago and because the membrane was so thick is the reason I didn't have much success. ... (79 replies)
... had my first vitrectomy surgery done in October 2006 and I went back to the doctor over and over again for 2 years with no improvement. Maybe it was because the membrane was so thick. I was even given 2 different types of a steroid injections that was supposed to help with the swelling of the macula , but that didn't do anything. ... (79 replies)
... It's actually called a vitrectomy surgery where they peel back the membrane of the eye. I was diagnosed with epiretinal membrane several years ago, and I had a vitrectomy surgery performed 2 years ago. ... (79 replies)
... rs since he operated on me for a severe retinal detachment and placed a scleral buckle. Have been stable for most of those years but developed a secondary ERM or membrane wrinkle as he calls it. Caused distortion in vision in that eye. The membrane has now thickened and caused swelling of the retina. ... (7 replies)
... Did your Retina specialist say anything about scar tissue forming on or near the macula ? The scar tissue, ERM (macular pucker) can block the center vision. I was just diagnosed with that 2 weeks ago and am also freaking out about when or even if I should do a Vitrectomy/membrane peel. My "gut" seems to tell me to "leave well enough alone", (even though the one eye is... (7 replies)
... I do feel very fortunate to have a doctor who takes as much time as needed to answer questions and explain things where you understand them. I knew from the first visit that I had someone I would like. I would insist that your doctor takes the time to answer your questions. You know they get paid plenty. If I wasn't happy I would keep looking until I found someone who would... (79 replies)
... Jodie My Doctor does not practice at U of M in Ann Arbor. One place he practices at which is very close to U of M is St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor in the Reichert Health Bldg. He is at that location all day on Friday. You could do a physician search, medical specialty opthamology, city Ann Arbor and he would be the second from bottom. Initials A.T. He received... (79 replies)
... It's totally amazing how far they have came with eye care. I go tomorrow morning for my 2nd follow up. I'm going to ask my doctor some more questions about the surgery. ... (79 replies)
... BTW, my "twisting the glasses" trick worked only because my glasses already had some astigmatism correction. With the sutures, my amount of astigmatism increased and the axis changed. Once my sutures had finally dissolved and the terrible inflammation had diminished, my rx in that eye was very close to my pre-surgery rx (with significantly improved acuity). Unfortunately,... (79 replies)
... wise, than that with the stitches. Mine are still there and it is 22 days post surgery. Though improved, my eye is still red and swollen, the stitches still quite visible and uncomfortable, and my eyesight poor. ... (79 replies)
... I suspected I'd be having problems, and I was right! About a week or so after surgery I developed a huge swollen mound on the white part of my eye with black suture wires polking through. ... (79 replies)
... gauge equipment, there are layers of sutures in the eye which can take several weeks to dissolve. I found the sutures terribly uncomfortable and sometimes itchy. The newer vitrectomy equipment in sutureless. ... (79 replies)
... Hi Sharon, My bubble was completely gone at 13.5 days, the most annoying bit of that was when the black line floated directly across the middle of the eye, as it appeared in front of everything at which I looked! Other than that, it was pretty fascinating I thought. If you have stitches you may feel them more in a few days, though perhaps mine were just more prominent for... (79 replies)
... I'm sure I had some stiches put in my eye after surgery, but I sure don't feel anything. Your stiches should dissolve soon I would think. I am happy to hear things are improving for you. ... (79 replies)

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