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... Hello, I'm Jim. I'm 28 and I'm seeking help with regards to eye pain. ... (5 replies)
... After a bad case of the common cold in 2015 my nose got so stopped up that I began to sneeze out of my right eye. This soon went away, but ever since my right eye would tingle when I felt stressed or if I was getting sick. ... (0 replies)
... I have map dot corneal erosion. My eye doctor has told me to wear an eye shield at night to prevent me from scratching my eye on the pillow case. I have had very painful experiences and have tried a regular sleep mask, but my doctor says this is only causing more problems. ... (0 replies)

Eye pain
Oct 7, 2008
... I have dry eyes, when sleeping they dry up, what I use now is an eye mask. I use to put a eye gel in them when sleeping. They were always very painful, especially in the light. ... (1 replies)
... This is the classic description of "recurrent corneal erosion." It almost always happens at night while sleeping. Eye dries out, and when you open your eyes part of the top layer of the cornea comes off. ... (2 replies)
... The problem is when i fall asleep at night i literally will wake up in severe pain for about 20 minutes and then it slowly goes away. Like i said its strange that this only happens at night. ... (2 replies)
... That sounds like RCE to me. I have it in my right eye and wake up with pain in my eye just about every night. Have to apply a damp cloth to it and eye drops and then it settles down. ... (1 replies)
... My husband had Lasik in 1995 and PRK in 2005. When he goes to sleep he wakes up with bad pain in his left eye and it takes him half an hour of blinking to settle it down before he can fall asleep again. ... (1 replies)
... About 2 weeks ago my left eye was very sore. Thought it was just dry as I tend toward dry eyes so I started using thera tears. ... (1 replies)
... Sometimes people get a dryness in the eye which can cause pain like this. Other reasons can be problems with the eye structure such as the cornea. Eye pain can also come from sleeping in certain positions which put stress on your eye and certain areas of your head which can cause pain around your eye. ... (2 replies)
... I pulled my neck quite bad when I was alot younger from sleeping on my stomach and have always had problems since with pain and crunching noises. ... (4 replies)
... This might sound like a weird question, but is it possible for a contact lense to become lost behind the eye and leave no symptoms whatsoever for years? ... (3 replies)
Eye flashes
Dec 5, 2017
... or an eye is pressed into the pillow or a fist is pressing on your eye, that can generate the electrical impulses that cause flashes. ... (6 replies)
... face down for a day after surgery and on my right side for a minimum of ten days after that. The pillow really helped support my shoulder and hip. It helped the pain of positioning immensely. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I had a vitrectomy due to vitreous gel attaching to my retina. I had to keep the head down position also, and my understanding was that it would help the bubble stay in place and make the retina more secure. I know it'a a pain, and my neck was sore for a long time even when i could look up again. I did have a cataract start forming in about 5 months after the... (5 replies)
... for the peripheral RD on one eye it was fewer hours than the macular RD on the other eye, although I had cataract surgeries and IOL in both eyes several years before the vitrectomy surgeries. ... (5 replies)
... For years my eye pain and discomfort have significantly impacted my life. ... (10 replies)
... have you considered taking natural supplements for improving your general eye health? ... (1 replies)
... but that's the way it's been going. I am wondering about sleeping on my left side all the time, and sometimes with my hand under my cheek. The pain seems to go up the top of my cheek into the eye. ... (2 replies)
... 123boyzz, When we sleep, our eyes often aren't entirely shut. So the eyeballs may be dried out by morning. During the day, blinking the eyelids causes the tears to be distributed across the eyeball, and keeps the eyes from drying out. That's my guess. Perhaps someone here has some suggestions for keeping your eyes from drying out overnight. Or perhaps you could ask your... (2 replies)

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