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... I am sorry no one has responded yet to your post. I hope you are feeling better. I wish I could help. I have eye issues myself with pressure and some pain in the right eye. They say mine is TMJ related. I don't know. I did have cataract surgery back in December in that same eye and now have a swollen retina. ... (1 replies)
... Then he tells me she got my eyelid really good and she scratched my eye a bit too. He prescribed me some Vicoprofen And some antibiotic ointment for my eyeball. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure if related, maybe not, but I also notice pain behind my left eye sometimes. It's not bad, I'm not immediately concerned, it's a mild to moderate pressure. ... (5 replies)

... I can REALLY relate to your post! I'm 51 and in menopause. I had cataract surgery on my right eye this past December. This eye has had a few more complications than the left I had done two years ago. I've had pain on and off for the past three months. ... (4 replies)
... However, my symptoms started the day after and seem to be progressing. They started out as a lil dizziness, nausea the next day they progressed to eye pressure and head pressure. ... (0 replies)
Eye/Brow pain
Nov 16, 2006
... part of the year, I've had pains in my eyes, mostly the right one. In fact, I can actually touch the top right part of my right eyelid and feel exactly where the pain is. It feels like a vein or something. Sometimes I feel more pain when I look up or down. And my brow hurts when touched, especially the left one. ... (3 replies)
... It's a silent robber of sight. Try to get that pain seen about and let us know what they say, o.k.? ... (5 replies)
... I have also had the visual field testings and my results were not good. I have sharp pain in my eyes before but they only happen about once a month or so, thus it doesn't really bother me. What's going on? ... (5 replies)
... Can a person know if they have high eye pressure without having a pressure test done? ... (7 replies)
... Small swelling in maybe cornea but it is not anything else. He prescribe Trobadex for 2 weeks but pain is still there in my left eye. ... (1 replies)
... I had a periodic eye examination about a month ago and all was fine. Visually, my eyes look perfect with no redness or inflamation of any type. ... (0 replies)
... I have myopia and have worn glasses since the first grade. I started wearing contact lenses several years ago. Sometime within the last few years, my right eye started feeling weird. I thought it felt like my eye was pressured. ... (0 replies)
... My left eye has pain around it and sometimes in it. Every doctor has said the eye ball cannot have pain. It is difficult to close the lid, tight, numb, feeling of constant pressure in and around the eye. ... (0 replies)
... What could be wrong with my eye if I have feelings of throbbing and pressure behind my left eye with ocasional pain and twitching for 2 weeks? ... (1 replies)
... thanks I do keep my eyes moisted but they still bother me and I was tolds to take valtex but is valtex for herpes or is good for this problem too? (5 replies)
... even if your tear film is normal, its possible that your eyes are still dry. try eye drops and see if that makes any difference. try some warm compresses on your eyes as well. your eye pressure is normal? ... (5 replies)
... I would definitely see an eye doctor. ... (3 replies)
Eye pressure
Nov 14, 2008
... Shirley I hope she doesn't go blind. Glaucoma is known as the thief in the night. It is very gradual, and you hardly know it at first. It will steal your peripheral vision first and then gradually your central vision if not treated. There is usually no symptoms and no pain. The longer she waits to be treated the worse it will get and for sure she will do damage to her optic... (7 replies)
Eye pain
Oct 7, 2008
... I have dry eyes, when sleeping they dry up, what I use now is an eye mask. I use to put a eye gel in them when sleeping. They were always very painful, especially in the light. ... (1 replies)
Eye pain
Oct 3, 2008
... My eyes always seem strained and I have pain in both eyes. My eyes feel realy hard too. ... (1 replies)

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