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... I've had this thing on my eye for a long time but recently it's started to pulse somewhat, almost like a twitch. It's raised, and I can definitely feel it when I touch it. ... (0 replies)
Apr 7, 2014
... Why is my eye have a pulse sometimes . ... (0 replies)
... y vision for sometime now. Is it odd to see, when viewing a street light, light expanding outwards like a rod. Second, when i read my mid facial region starts to pulse along with my eyes. During this episode I see a very faint flick of black as when a light is turned on and off, but so fast that you can not notice. ... (1 replies)

Strange eye pain
Nov 26, 2008
... I've been having strange eye pain for a while now. ... (1 replies)
... A few times since then I have seen a kind of shadow over my right eye that lightens and darkens with the beat of my heart. ... (1 replies)
... I have just been to an oculist 2 weeks ago and he checked the eyes and everything was okay but a few days ago I noticed that when I rub my eyes the right eye feels uncomfortable. The left eye doesn't. I can rub the left eye and it doesn't feel uncomfortable but the right eye feels strange. ... (0 replies)
Eye twitch
Jun 17, 2007
... on my left eye is noticeably pulsating more then the pulse on the other side and sometimes i can see it jump quite forcefully. ... (9 replies)
Pulse in eye??
Jan 23, 2007
... I have the same thing happening in my left eye, I am able to see my pulse kind of like a streak or shaddow in my Peripheral vision. Has any one found out what this could be? ... (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
Dec 23, 2006
... I feel the same pulse especially when I look to the right, but its more noticeable when my head is tilted downward. The pulse is like a cresent around the side right and it is also beginning to appear slightly in my left eye. I am beginning to get the cateracts and my pressure is 21. ... (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
Dec 2, 2006
... I get a pulse in the eye too when I get nervous or heart beats fast sometimes.. I also get a falsh when i look up and down fast, but only on the down... ... (16 replies)
... appear infront of my eyes when i feel this pulse and the sensation lasts for literally less than a second. ... (2 replies)
Pulse in vision
Jun 14, 2006
... there is a gray area that seems to pulse in time with my heart and if i really "stare it down", it begins to fade. ... (1 replies)
Pulse in eye??
May 16, 2006
... is it in one eye or both? ... (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
May 15, 2006
... In my case, the pulsing appears as a darker, somewhat circular area in my field of vision. It's as though someone had dimmed the lighting in that region in time with my heartbeat. (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
May 15, 2006
... mine is in left eye only and is like a grey streak that pulses in time with my heart beat ... has anyone here had a fluroscien angiogram to check blood vessels in the eye? ... (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
May 15, 2006
... My eye doctors all tell me that the heart beat pulse is "normal." They're usually pretty dismissive when I bring it up. ... (16 replies)
Pulse in eye??
May 11, 2006
... So true! Lets talk about this. I just joined this site, thrilled to find a few more people out of the millions with this eye dilemma. ... (16 replies)
... Ive been noticing a weird pulsing in my eyes. We can allways feel and are aware of the pulse in our heads but as my normal pusle goes, i see parts of my vision around where im focusing pulsing and moving around. ... (3 replies)
Pulse in eye??
Apr 3, 2005
... I know it's been a year since your post, but I share your symptoms almost exactly, including the diagnosis of the "beginnings of a cataract." I would like to know more about your situation and if, after a year, you've gotten any more answers. {REMOVEED} I'd like to get a dialogue going! Thanks. :) (16 replies)
Twitching Eye!
Sep 26, 2004
... For the past few weeks my left eye keeps twitching. It's just like a little pulse and it happens every 10 minutes and lasts for about 30 seconds. ... (3 replies)

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