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... That's what my daughter had. Her forward gaze was straight. When she looked right or left, one eye would be misaligned. It would also drift upwards. Sometimes it would look extremely freaky. ... (17 replies)
... Well, I'm trying my best to keep a possitive attitude about this. I have an appt. with an optometrist in Columbus who is not specifically pediatric but they do deal in the vision therapy. Couldn't find anyone strictly pediatric in my area. My appt. is for the 18th. ... (17 replies)
... not been to a pediatric ophthamolgist then get a referal from your pediatirician and GO. What you describe sounds to me like accomodative esotropia. That is a turning in of the eye that occurs when someone is trying to focus close up and has to cross their eyes to make up for farsightedness. ... (5 replies)

... I noticed about 2 or 3 years ago that upon turning off the lights at night, that I could not see as well out of one eye in the dark. For instance, if I close my right eye, it is "darker" in the left eye, and if I close my left eye, it is "brighter" in the right eye. ... (3 replies)
... I had flashing lights in one of my eyes in January this year.I would see a curve or straight line. It was very disturbing. I went and saw eye doctor and was told it was posterior vitreos detachment. yes my vitreos gel was shivilling up or turning into a clamp. Now I have floaters in my eyes. ... (6 replies)
... Inability to track text because of the aforementioned difficulty in looking directly at things. ... (0 replies)
... and my eyes seemed to respond GREATLY to treatment. I could literally feel my lazy eye pulling back outwards and could see the results in the mirror too. ... (1 replies)
... in my left eye and have always been curious as to what is causing it. ... (1 replies)
... Both of my lower eye lids are beginning to turn out and my eyes get real dry. I am 74 yrs. ... (0 replies)
... I just deemed my eye problems accompanied by headaches as migraines and auras. However, what I have been experiencing I do not think is a migraine aura. ... (3 replies)
... Does it also happen in your left eye? ... (2 replies)
... AC blowing at your face. Keep the vent in the car facing downward, or better yet, if not too hot, keep it for lower feet vent. ... (5 replies)
... From your medical and eye history, sounds like you are quite healthy and to have this happened out of the blue, it must be disconcerting to say the least. ... (23 replies)
... From what you were saying, was your left eye somewhat turning downward at primary position? ... (8 replies)
... oards mostly to thank you for all the great advice and personal experiences with RCE treatments you have posted. I've had this for about two and a half years now in both eyes, and your advice has made a world of difference as I have read it during the last two years or so. ... (125 replies)
... rouble focusing., I have always had excellent vision, except naturally for the age thing of readers. My eyes became very sensitive to light, and especially when turning to the side the distortion became worse., I went to and Eye Doctor, an MD , he did all tests., retina check. ... (3 replies)
... I am 28 years old and nearsighted. I have had floaters for several years, and have yearly eye exams. ... (5 replies)
... I am 51 yrs. old and had eye muscle surgery in July. This was my 6th surgery for strabismus. The first 5 were all before I was 13yrs old. My rt. eye turned out because I did not use it. Several drs. told me that it could be fixed "now" as an adult. My comment was yes, but insurance won't cover it. Wrong!!! ... (9 replies)
... sighted since I was 10. My left eye was always worse in my right eye. I have been wearing glasses, then contacts since age 20. The vision in my right eye has been improving gradually over the years to the point where I no longer need a contact in that eye. My left eye has just recently improved as well. ... (1 replies)
... I took a trip to Europe. The very first day I arrived, I was rubbing my right eye and a patch of my eye turned red. I didn't think anything of it but the redness persisted. ... (2 replies)

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