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... i know EXACTLY what youre talking about! its like you have to look through something in order to see it.. ive been suffering with this for about 2 years now. Eye doc said theres nothing wrong with my vision, so i blame it on my sinus issues and deviated septum. but who really knows? i dont notice it ALL the time, but at least once a day (2 replies)
... What would make your eyes feel like they can not focus. Its not like the print on a magazine is blurry its like the words are moving after reading for a length of time. Its like this just looking at any object in general. Should I go for an eye exam ASAP? ... (2 replies)
... that sounds like what i just went in for. im 21, never really had eye issues, but lately just feel like im straining more over a period of time, and since i just started i desk job i went for my first real eye exam. ... (2 replies)

... I admitted myself to eye hospital a couple of weeks ago and was diagnosed with vitreous detachment causing floaters and cobwebs. ... (4 replies)
... This situation has only happened to me a couple times before, where all of a sudden I feel like I have been flashed by a really bright light causing my eyes to be out of focus for a little while. ... (0 replies)
... I am a 23 year old graphic design so I spend a lot of time in front of a screen whether it be my phone, laptop or desktop computer. ... (11 replies)
... ok, I am a 36 year old male. I woke up 6 days ago with a feeling of being hung over but did not drink. I went through day with a little bit of a problem focusing. ... (2 replies)
Shifting vision
Dec 16, 2009
... tly moving and on the computer if i am having a bad day the screen moves left to right and seems all swimmy. It is hard to explain but my vision in general feels out of focus but i am sure that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, thats why i feel the problem is coming from my ear. ... (0 replies)
... I was on a computer when this happened. I really don't say what I was doing at the time, but what happened after was I saw my eyes move in a sort of way that had not happened before. I want to say what I saw was it "inverted", but it didn't. ... (0 replies)
"jumping eyes"
Aug 23, 2004
... and it feels like my eyes are " jumping" then it takes a few minutes to focus properly again, or if im looking at far away objects the same thing happens,and my eyes feel very strained after, i work alot with my computer, and am just wondering could this be the cause? ... (2 replies)
... lly hoping to get this figured out. I have been suffering the last few days and my vision actually seems like it is declining. Is it possible to notice that kind of quick decrease in vision? ... (6 replies)
... It started out just getting light spots, just like when you look at the sun and then get the dark spots in vision afterwards.. ... (1 replies)
... the fact that you don't experience it in both eyes suggested it was happening on the eye side of the optic chiasm. ... (16 replies)
... so I've had this problem since October of 2009. ... (0 replies)
... i was wondering what my symptoms may mean as i have been experiencing a load of wierd things for about 3 weeks now. ive had blood tests and everything was fine apart from an increased amount of white blood cells. ... (3 replies)
... In the middle of a university lecture, I unfortunately suffered my first and hopefully last "Migraine Aura". ... (1 replies)
... I have noticed that both my eyelids sort of 'stretch' out to the sides WAY more than usual. In saying that, I mean that the side opposite to where my tear ducts are, there is kind of a red opening of some sort. ... (1 replies)
... I woke up one morning and put my contacts in. About 10 minutes later, I felt like I needed to slam a gallon of water. I felt my jaw muscles starting to tighten. I felt pressure all around the outside of my eyes. ... (0 replies)
... metrist because I was having some discomfort in my eyes. At the same time I was going to my doctor because I had other concerns. My eye appointment all checked out except I had elevated eye pressure and he noted that the backs of my eyes were vary red. ... (0 replies)
... do the surgery and the doc told me to do some exercises by focusing on my finger up close to my face and then bringing it out. More or less making your eyes go crossed. You can really feel it working. ... (3 replies)

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