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... I've have been dealing with rebound redness from useing Alcon baush and Lomb. Please listen this stuff is really addicttive. My eyes where red and my eye veins where visible. Through mouths of research and doctors that screwed me with Alrex and solutions that didn't work. Here's what I do to fix my eyes back to normal. ... (31 replies)
... C and bright flourescent lights make the red veins in my eyes larger and brighter....but using Systane doesnt help at all with the redness or dryness. ... (1 replies)
... If it was just from rubbing them then it'll go in a couple of weeks at most. (1 replies)

Eye drops
Apr 14, 2008
... Somebody suggested me these drops for the veins in my eye I wanted to clear ... I miss my white sclera. ... (1 replies)
Pterygium Surgery
Apr 11, 2008
... n the forum to see if I could find others suffering from pings. I am so pleased you are still here. It has almost been two years since your surgery. How are your eyes now? ... (5 replies)
... I was on a computer when this happened. I really don't say what I was doing at the time, but what happened after was I saw my eyes move in a sort of way that had not happened before. I want to say what I saw was it "inverted", but it didn't. ... (0 replies)
May 25, 2007
... I have noticed similar things. I have also noticed that on an amsler grid, I can notice certain areas where my retina veins are. They distort the graph only slightly. ... (62 replies)
... get a blood test for thyroid problems, i have overactive thyroid stress and anxiety induced and its from that stress, i have twitching ALL day on my right eye, i also have veins developed all over the white of my eyes, pulsating all day i was told it was a thyroid problem, you should feel twitching over the rest of your body if you continue to be anxious and stressed. blood... (2 replies)
... Christy, my lasik eye doctor said I have sun damage in my eyes too. And that's what's causing my chronic red eyes. ... (8 replies)
... his could be do to dry eye...or your tears drying up and becoming rather sticky. Well just a thought and maybe something for you to look into. I know I had red eyes for a long time before my Eye doctor verified this condition and it was only after I asked him about it. ... (8 replies)
... Other than that, my eye is MUCH more comfortable. I would imagine the veins are like that because of the irritation of the contacs and pings, does it look better when you dont wear contacts? ... (32 replies)
... u are happy with the results and that the surgery went's always great to hear a success story. I have been thinking about getting the pingeculas in my eyes removed for awhile. I spoke with a Dr. in Florida that does the same procedure as the Harvard Eye Inst. ... (32 replies)
... gets inflammed and is very right now for example. It feels irritated too. This may be related to dry eyes, I don't know. Do any of you have red veins in your eyes that get irritated that add to our lovely eyeball appeal? ... (78 replies)
... Everything I have read about the red eye veins are pretty much just a live with it and don't get addicted to the eye drops type answer. ... (3 replies)
Ptyergium Surgery
Feb 26, 2007
... y mostly for cosmetic reasons. My pingeculas contribute to my dry eye..I believe, and make contact wear uncomfortable and irritating...but furthermore...make my eyes look like a veiny mess. I have the pings on the outer side of each eye and although the pings themselves are not that noticeable... ... (32 replies)
... A few days ago I spent the whole day traveling home from Florida to ND, a 16 hour trip. I frequently have dry eyes due to pain medication I am on. ... (2 replies)
... Did you have swollen eyes with the ocular rosacea? ... (5 replies)
... Hi I had a look at your pic - this wont be what you want to hear but you should leave well alone. I understand you feel self conscious about it - I have something similar, however I get discomfort in my eyes. If your eyes feel good physically and your vision is not affected in any way - be grateful for that because things could be a lot worse. I dont know of any... (3 replies)
... When I asked my ophthalmologist about the veins etc, he said that to be honest, if you have ruled out any other issues like infection or dryness etc it often just comes down to genetics. ... (3 replies)
... min k, taking vitamin supplements and nothing has helped. It seems like the bruise is not healing and when I look in depth around the discolored area, I see tiny veins all around. ... (2 replies)

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