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... and flashes of light out by your temple the last a few seconds, combined with a decrease in vision. This would mean that you are developing a detached retina. Other than that it is very normal to have floaters develop. ... (10 replies)
... view. Its a spot that "flashes", and sort of looks as if I've looked at a bright light. The spot never moves though. Sometimes its more prominent, and sometimes less so. ... (3 replies)
... last year i noticed a sudden increase in eye floaters and i was having flashes of light when going into dark rooms. i had an eye exam am was told everything was fine. ... (9 replies)

... I'm hoping someone could help me, my mother who is 70 years old and in good health started complaining last night about feeling pressure behind her eye and she was seeing flashes of light, now today she only had it slightly with a mild headache. so far no more today. ... (2 replies)
... I just finished printing off some pages for my friend who has a blind spot in her vision, and they also mention vitreous floaters, which might be what you have. It's a common complaint. ... (5 replies)
... like fluid known as the vitreous. Occasionally, small flecks of protein and other matter become trapped during the formation of the eye before birth and remain in the eye's vitreous body, resulting in the spots. ... (5 replies)
... This is in no way stating that you are a "hysterical mom" or anything like that. I must comment about what you stated in quotes above on your post. ... (1 replies)
Eye problem
Sep 19, 2001
... You should go to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to check out the flashes of light and pain in your eye. They could be signs of something serious such as detaching retina, high interocular pressure, etc. Make an appointment today. ... (1 replies)
Jun 21, 2001
... There is a difference in that of the 2 opthomologists are specially trained in eye diseases and their treatment. The floaters themselves are harmless unless they are the cells that are causing an inflammation within the eye. ... (16 replies)
Jun 21, 2001
... Ok, I went to the eye doctor about 2 weeks ago, i mentioned to the nurse who put the drops in about the floaters, she asked which eye, and i said both, and she asked was i seeing flashes of light, and i said no. ... (16 replies)
Jun 21, 2001
... I went to the Dr. several weeks ago, complaining about a big yellow transparent circle in my right eye. He said it was a floater and it was harmless. I think that is if it does not block your central vision. ... (16 replies)
Eye flashes
Dec 9, 2017
... microscope. It wasn't just an eye exam where I read letters off a screen. ... (6 replies)
... rs about my eyes because I have been worried about them. I'm 18 years old male, and my eyesight is bad. I have glasses but mostly wear contacts at least a couple of hours each day. My left eye seems worse than my right, both have floaters, but no flashing lights, I think. ... (3 replies)
... I have astigmatism, been born that way. Have some other health issues aswell and take quite a few meds. Since december the 20th I got quite 'scary' eye symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... for some reason now, the vision in this eye appears as if I've looked through something extremely bright and now it just won't stabilize. ... (5 replies)
... I have a lot of things going on, and yes, I AM going to the doctor on Sunday, but I'm losing sleep at night for fear of the unknown. ... (2 replies)
... or who has knowledge of them will read this and respond, and so I can learn something. ... (3 replies)
... I totally relate to the frustration. I feel like a case study and that the eye "doctors" should be paying me! I had a shadow form after the flashing stopped too in the corner of my eye. That lasted a couple weeks, and let me tell you, that it was a nice break from the flashing. ... (6 replies)
... I feel your pain. I had surgery for a macular pucker June 2013 and was left with gray patches in my field of vision. I just had cat act surgery, which was fine, except I still have the gray patches. No one will tell me what they are or seems to care. ... (3 replies)
... A week or so ago I was at my daughter's who happens to work for an eye doctor. I laughing said, I thought it was a hair in my face but there isn't anything there. She said OH Mom that's not good. That evening I started seeing flashes in the corner of my eye. ... (3 replies)

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