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... anxiety, etc. What really disturbed me was the problems with my eye sight. My vision became slightly blurry, edges of objects lost sharpness, and the number of floaters increased gradually in both of my eyes. I went to 3 different opthomologists, and very experienced ones, they found nothing in my retina. ... (1 replies)
... sighted since age 6 and I have a Thyroid condition that makes my eyes dry as the desert. ... (2 replies)
... Iron and kidney tests where likly to see if your anemic (lack of red blood cells) this would do dizzy and eye problems. Thyroid as they an create all manor of odd water retention issues and other general body control stuff... (3 replies)

... thanks for the help, I can see the lack of flow to the eyes as a possibility, the vesel and hearing my pulse, would I feel it in my whole head like the pounding actually causing pressure in my head? I will cut the sugar out of my diet and see what happens, hopefully its something I'm eating and I'll try to eat less junk and see if it helps, Thanks, I went to the doctor and she... (3 replies)
... know what an FA test is and never heard of a "chip". If she's using that word in place of "node", I'd CERTAINLY go see a different doctor! I have a node on my thyroid and get an ultrasound every 2 years to monitor it. ... (16 replies)
... Sorry for such a long response on the Monday visit on my floaters and my possible thyroid issue. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for asking our thyroid questions at your next appointment. ... (16 replies)
... but I'm sure some people on the thyroid board probably know! ... (16 replies)
... What other thyroid blood work did you have, Beary? ... (16 replies)
... V screen are badly distorted. I was thinking it's been that way before, when she was doing laser treatments for the retinopathy, and got better. I've had new floaters since doing some snow shaveling, hasn't been three months, so maybe it will spontaneously get better. ... (16 replies)
... gnose although granted, often overlooked and not tested for. Your T3 and T4 levels will fall within a certain range. The TSH will tell the doctor how HARD your thyroid is working to GET to those levels. ... (16 replies)
... Many people can't take Synthroid, which most doctors start them on at first. Most say they studied thyroid about 5 or 10 min. in medical school. ... (16 replies)
... rs. No other toxins in my body either. Doctors appointment Monday at 10AM then will probably be referred to a optomologist. I also was told by my doctor I have a thyroid issue and will be going to a thyroid doctor as well. ... (16 replies)
Flashes of light
May 5, 2013
... floaters, some have increased from before, had eye tests, all fine. Sometimes eye issues are unrelated to the eyes and can be due to an autoimmune illness like thyroid issues or others or neurological, but always best to get your eyes tested just in case. ... (4 replies)
... Sympathy about opthalmologists' habit of not telling or asking us very much. Example,I have low thyroid and Autoimmune disease, inflammation, should not have had steroid Kenalog injections for eye inflammation. ... (13 replies)
... Additional floaters following cataract surgery. ... (5 replies)
... injections are not for low thyroid patients, but that they assumed my high dosage was working well and it would be okay. ... (5 replies)
... Bluecricket, did you tell the Dr. about the floaters, and did he or she say that might be the problem? I'm interested because my worst eye sometimes has a blind spot, like something almost-transparent covers a certain spot. Moves around, isn't there most of the time. I've had cataract surgery, both eyes, and the maximum laser treatments for diabetic ... (1 replies)
... Since there is a family history of thyroid problem, I would suggest to keep an eye on it. Thyroid does cause eye problems, especially dry eyes in the beginning stage. ... (2 replies)
... workers it looks like I've been crying the night before. I see floaters very often. Their shapes range from little squiggles to tiny transparent "donuts" shapes. Sometimes I get little white flashes or shooting stars in my eyesight. ... (2 replies)

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