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Fuzzy vision
Jan 25, 2008
... acting stem cells in the upper portion of my left eye. These microscopic cells apparently are not completely transparent but rather have a twisted shape creating fuzzy vision. The condition is known and I am being treated with steroid drops with no improvement. Has anybody experienced this and had success with a treatment? ... (0 replies)
Fuzzy Vision
Mar 15, 2001
... Every once and a while I wake up with fuzzy vision. ... (2 replies)
Fuzzy Vision
Mar 15, 2001
... Every once and a while I wake up with fuzzy vision. ... (6 replies)

... get optical neuritis, which has little to do with fuzzy vision and everything to do with black spots when moving your eyes as well as color blindness and enormous pain. ... (3 replies)
... tv static vision ever since I was a kid. For 20 years I was convinced that everyone saw that way and that people just didn't know I meant when I explained it to them. ... (8 replies)
Grainy vision
May 11, 2010
... Hi, I hope that many people who join in this thread will have seen the old one hosted I believe, by eayore. I experience this grainy or fuzzy vision and have done always; sometimes the grains populate together and form a shape--sometimes I see coloured lines and random shapes. I also experience afterimage which remains for days. I believe that, in my case at least, this is... (0 replies)
Vision Problems
Oct 4, 2008
... i have been having vision problems starting in december and since then has gotten worse.I went to the eye doctor once it started and everthing was fine. I just turned 17. ... (4 replies)
... I have blurry vision usually late in the afternoon. I have had this for years. I do wear glasses but wearing them or not wearing them doesn't seem to matter. ... (0 replies)
... You described it pretty well as it makes objects look alive due to the movement, of what looks like, thousands of little microdots. Night vision is the getting bad as well and shows up the fizziness even more, meaning i can't pick out details either. ... (7 replies)
Blurred Vision
Nov 1, 2005
... for my right eye. Everything was fine after that until about a month ago I've been experiencing somewhat of blurry vision but it seems more like it's fuzzy. ... (0 replies)
Fuzzy vision?
Jul 16, 2003
... I get this VERY rarely,,,but last nite it lasted for 30 mins. in both eyes I get a blurry, swirling seems to be in the lower left side. It makes it really hard to read anything,,,because its moving! I can compare it to the haze you see over a BBQ....or a really hot highway road. It is not painful, just distorted,,& bright,,kinda like I looked directly at the... (1 replies)
Fuzzy Vision
Mar 16, 2001
... My eyes were checked about 6 months ago, 20/20 vision. I know it is not a vision problem, because most of the time I can see 100% clear. Thanks for responding though. (2 replies)
... Hi everyone. I'm a 17 year old boy and I have some problems. Whenever I spend an extended period of time in a dark setting, and I come out into a lit room (particularly in a white/tan color), when I blink, a split-second after my eyes open, there will be this black flash in my vision. It's only for a split-second... but it's there. It's almost like an inversion of the image... (2 replies)
Vibrating vision
Aug 19, 2013
... Sorry I'm getting a bit fuzzy on some of the symptoms I experienced. It was not a fun time and I hate to think of those with even worse cases. ... (77 replies)
... I've always have good vision but I have spent a fair share in front of the computer and cell phone over the past 8 years. For example, one summer I probably logged close to 500hours over 2. ... (0 replies)
Vision Problems
Feb 15, 2013
... However gradually over the years my vision is slowly getting worse and worse. I'm not talking about ability to read from distance, I mean the quality of my vision in general. ... (4 replies)
Vibrating vision
Nov 20, 2012
... and your post caught my eye as you mentioned dizziness as well. I also sometimes notice lines going fuzzy as well and my night vision as decreased. ... (77 replies)
... Although I cannot help specifically with the double vision issue, I can tell you that I believe it could be an issue caused by your eyes no longer working together. ... (5 replies)
... Apart from curved and bent images, my main problem is double vision because of which my left eye has trouble reading as images get overlapped. Doctor says that with time your brain will learn to filter out the double image. ... (7 replies)
... My vision is very distorted and wavy, images are 'bent' and fuzzy. I also have an IOL which has capsular opacity so its a little cloudy too. ... (7 replies)

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