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... I woke up this morning and noticed that my right eye felt wierd. I quickly noticed that my vision was a bit blurry and that I'm also seeing ghost images that are shifted to the right side. I thought it may be just a problem with my eye being dry. ... (0 replies)
... For the past few months I've been experiencing symptoms in my eyes. I get whitish cloudy patches on my eyes that I can sometimes blink away and sometimes not, as well as a general sense of "haziness" and blurriness. ... (0 replies)
... text again, just above it. I have spoken to an optometrist about this and he referred me to an eye doctor, but he also did not notice anything wrong. It happens in both eyes, so whichever eye I cover, I still notice it. ... (2 replies)

... ogressive glasses which I have no problem with but want to wear contacts too. Each doctor has eventually given up on me because they can't get the blurry, halo, ghosting out of my vision with contacts. ... (2 replies)
... Seems as if Crystalens might not have been a good choice after reading on here, I have a couple issues had Crystalens implanted in both eyes first went really well until my Dr. said you need a YAG to help vision. ... (0 replies)
... in both eyes, and the doctor said I had slight astigmatism, but he would not issue astigmatic contact lenses. ... (3 replies)
... I have just been going through what I think is the same thing you are describing. It is however in my left eye only and I wouldn't so much call it double vision but a perfect shadow around everything when I look with just my left eye. It's like that shadow font you can choose on the computer. ... (15 replies)
... Thank you Keela for the reply. Yes it is only in the right eye which i am having the problem. ... (15 replies)
... The testing and use of prisms suggests it's binocular double vision, but your post states it's in only the right eye. There's a big difference. ... (15 replies)
Ghosting or what?
Sep 25, 2005
... I dont have prescription eye glasses nor contacts. I've had perfect vision all my life...hmm. ... (9 replies)
Ghosting Vision
Dec 31, 2001
... Have ghosting of vision in both eyes, everything I see appears blured and watery. Vision automatically seems to deteriorate, especially as daylight fades. I have see numerous specialists, and nobody has any answers. ... (2 replies)
ILM Peeling
Jun 10, 2012
... ve both said about the treatments, even though necessary, causing their own problems. ... (78 replies)
... born with bilateral coloboma and cataracts in both eyes. My right eye is fairly useless as I only have peripheral vision. ... (2 replies)
... when both eyes are open, or in each eye individually. When you close one eye does it go away? ... (1 replies)
... Other than that my vision is perfect. I have been to 2 eye dr's and they both said my eyes are fine. I am also having no other real obvious symptoms besides light snow, and floaters. ... (2 replies)
... I am 55 also, and have just been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. ... (6 replies)
Cataract surgery
Jul 2, 2006
... am. I've filled out all the paperwork and everything is set to go. I'm having the Rezoom lens placed in my left eye. I think I'm more worried about after the surgery then the actual surgery. Right now my left eye is blind. ... (107 replies)
Mar 12, 2006
... I am a 27 year old male with a cataract in my right eye and dumbfounded opinion on my vision. ... (6 replies)
... l centers that offer discount rates. The procedure literally takes seconds to minutes to complete and many centers believe that they should get as many patients in as possible. Many centers use questionable sales tactics. When I did my homework, I found that many doctors will not even take the time to talk to you. ... (5 replies)
... we'd get clear vision by hook or crook! ... (74 replies)

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