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... lenses occasionally , now 6 months ago i woke up and wore my lenses as always but when i got back my right eye was blurry and after i took the lense i saw halos around lights rainbow coloured halos at night . ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for your informative response. I developed many floaters simulataneously in both eyes around age 28, but noone has ever indicated PVDs in my case. ... (3 replies)
... The distortions are caused by light diffracting through the floater debris before reaching your retinas. I know, if I ever drive at night, large halos develop around headlights and traffic lights. ... (3 replies)

... Maybe the halos are just "fuzzy" lights from you needing a little stronger prescription. That would definitely make it look like halos. ... (3 replies)
... Okay, well for the last couple of months I have began to notice a lot of glare in my sight with both eyes. ... (0 replies)
... I dunno what to do because I know that this is not normal! This just started around April, and has gotten a bit worse because I tend to focus on them every damn minute. ... (7 replies)
... I've had starbursts around street lamps etc at night for years, but this is a lot worse. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I am 20 years old, and starting two months ago my vision has changed for the worse. I am Nearsighted and also have Astigmatism in both eyes. I've always had Visual Snow since I can remember, and it really hasn't been a big problem unless I pay attention to it, which I have done lately because of random changes that I have noticed in my vision . For starters, I now see... (7 replies)
... Yes, I understand. It's very depressing. It's also very depressing when doctors don't know what the cause is. When I open my eyes wide too, the starbursts and glare disappear BUT the halos are constant. ... (16 replies)
... to refer to ophamtologist. I started having long beams of light extending down from light source and once I open my eyes, its completely gone. and color rainbow around lights. now it's turned into starburst and halo without the rainbow.. so weird because its so sudden when I noticed it. depressed. ... (16 replies)
RGP lens glare
Apr 8, 2009
... glare around objects. Outdoors there are no problems at all, my vision is completely crisp and clear with the lenses. At first I thought the glare problems was a remainder of my moderate astigmatism, but why would that vanish outdoors? ... (0 replies)
... About 3 years ago, I developed floaters in both eyes for no obvious reason. Well, I've learned to accept that they are probably harmless and will not go away. Now in the past year or so I notice when I look at a streetlight or oncoming headlights (at night), there is a big halo. At first I thought it was just a little bit foggy or something. Now I've realized the problem... (3 replies)
... like and, this is going to make me sound like a donkey kong but, it felt like radiation was coming off monitor and seeping into my head. the next day the muscles around my eyes were all sore and eyes were extremly sensitive to light. after investigating computer i found that i had a faulty video card in it. ... (2 replies)
... it is dilated. But anyone who looks at me notices the difference of the size of my pupils quite quickly. I still have some puffiness of the eyelid and some pink around the eye. I'm also noticing that at night, the "halos" around lights aren't as big. I wonder if they will go away completely when I have the other eye done. ... (3 replies)
... but theres this weird double vision effect on any lights i see. kind of like i'm wearing 3d glasses. ... (0 replies)
... for three years. Developed halos and starbursts around lights at night and LED lights during day and astigmatism returned to where I had to go back to glasses. Fluorescent lights were bothersome. Glare from windows annoying. ... (1 replies)
... Furthermore, i have been seeing glare, halo and starburst around streetlights, the moon, car lights, led lights, etc... ... (1 replies)
... Dear people, i have had some problems with my eyes for the last month. When i look at a wall with a detailed texture, it seems to me that somehow parts of it are slightly moving. I have the same with watching a computer screen; i get than the impression that the lines are moving from side to side, not aggressively but only very slowly. I have the same effect, and it even... (0 replies)
... these dots don't look like the floaters i still see now. sometimes i see a shower of dots which look similar but they are a bit bigger and move around randomly unlike floaters. ... (0 replies)
... Over the past two years, my night vision has also been suffering from halos and comets around lights. It has progressively gotten worse. ... (3 replies)

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