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Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... Get that under control and your vision may clear up. Tension of any kind is not helpful to the eyes. Are your eyes dry and 'burning'? ... (8 replies)
... Has anyone found relief by using the more aqueous contact lenses for dry eye? ... (2 replies)
... I am currently being treated for dry eye caused by blepharitis with an antibiotic ointment and Refresh drops. ... (3 replies)

... I've been wearing Acuvue for as long as I can remember. My opthalmologist put me on antibiotic drops and told me to keep them out for 2 wks due to redness and irritation. It's been like that for awhile but he didn't like what he saw. ... (2 replies)
... ok so it is dry eyes symptom yes? ... (15 replies)
... suggested regimen by my eye doctor. Also, I had to get new glasses for the computer that have a non glare coating on them. ... (15 replies)
... I started to get super light sensitivity, grittiness, and a lot of red. I went to the eye doc and they said I had inflamation, but no signs of a scratch. She put me on steroids. I responded right away to them. ... (3 replies)
Dry Eye?
Feb 24, 2013
... For the last three months when I wake up my right eye is red. No other symptoms until recently. When I wake up my eye lid feels like it is stuck to my eyeball. Once I put some tear drops in it gets better. My vision has also gotten worse. Can dry eye cause all of this? ... (1 replies)
... I would be very leary of any type of drops that are suppose to make you see better. Have you done much research on-line? That's where I would start and see what you can find out. I have cataract surgery scheduled for the 19th of this month and I'm planning to post how it goes, so hopefully it will go like everybody says: "oh there's nothing to it", but I think that... (2 replies)
... Last months he didn't say a word. I also have developed dry eye and now have to use drops four times a day and scrubs twice a day which have caused scar tissue, which leads me to this. ... (2 replies)
... I have a prescription for distance glasses from an eye doctor, which was O.D. +0.75 -2.25 0.30 O.S. -4.00 -1.00 165 but I want to know how much weaker PRESCRIPTION do I need for using at distance 25-40 cm (20 replies)
... I believe you have told me what your major cause of your misery with the dry eye is!! Sitting at your computer 8 hours a day on your job. Worse thing you could for people like us. I was told by my Doctor that you don't blink enough when sitting at a computer, thus causing the eyes to dry. Just a thought... ... (20 replies)
... dearest JIM, God bless U for your info. so which droopy eyelid surgery did you have? ... (20 replies)
... Sorry for you having all the problems you are having with your eyes, especially at such a young age. ... (20 replies)
Help for Dry Eyes?
Feb 18, 2010
... They will use some numbing drops first and they wear magnified glasses while they do either procedure. ... (13 replies)
Do I have Dry Eye?
Jun 15, 2008
... hours a day. I use contacts when I'm running and wear glasses the rest of the day. ... (6 replies)
... I do have dry eye conditions and use a eye wash called Igene and that helps and have a catract on the right eye and wear glasses to boot . I am so sorry that you are having all these problems . Have you talked with the doctor about this are going to see someone else for anothe opinion ? ... (3 replies)
... in glasses. I was recently seen by an optho for cloudy vision in my right eye. She diagnosed me with "dry eye" and told me to lay off of my lenses and keep my eyes lubricated. ... (6 replies)
... I have dry eye condtion and use an Igiene product to wash my eye lids everyday with . Yes, crying does make it worse the eyes burn and itch if I would to cry an if they get tired they itch . ... (1 replies)
Dry Eye ????
Aug 19, 2007
... I also have a dry eye condition and have red eyelids and crusting also and burning and was or had to pay for Igiene and eye lid cleaner and like it very much . Dry eyes can affect your eyesight also . My eyesigth has gotten better even though I have a high preception of glasses , but my eyes do feel better now . ... (7 replies)

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