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... diopters. You are correct in saying your tear film affects matters. Those with dry or moist eyes may need different contact pescriptions. Also your vision with contacts fluctuates depending on the dryness of your eyes. I guess this is why sometimes they just pescribe the same power contacts vs. ... (18 replies)
... The percentage is not fixed.Correction at -7.00D is .50D,correction at -10.00D is 1.00D.These corrections dont take into account the effect of the tear film forming a tear lens and the image size difference formed on the retina with cls versus eyeglasses.The most accurate way to refine the cl power is to perform an overrefraction over the cls while looking at the eyechart(at... (18 replies)
... The difference in diopters between glasses and contacts go up the more myopic you are but the percentage is fixed. I have tried samples of several different pescriptions and in every case, it was 1. ... (18 replies)

... What??????? That makes no sense. My glasses prescription is a -10.00, so if I multiply that by 1.25 for my contact lens prescription, then I should be wearing a -12.50 for my contacts????? You are completely wrong. (18 replies)
... Yes, it is common to have a lower contact prescription compared to your glasses prescription. The contact prescription is lower because the contact sits right against your eyeballs, but the glasses sit about 1 inch away from your eyeballs. ... (18 replies)
... She pointed out that the prescription needed to be less than my glasses prescription, as contacts sit closer to the eye. ... (5 replies)
... I know what its like to be presbyopic. With strong contacts things from near become blurry. You may want enough undercorrection to see clear from near. ... (18 replies)
... No,No,No.You are correct regarding the effect of vertex distance but totally wrong regarding your 1.25 multiplication factor.Vertex distance starts to become relevant as you go past 4 diopters and becomes increasingly so as the powers increase. (18 replies)
... contacts. 8 times 1.25 is 10. I never said I was a doctor but if someone gives me their glasses or contact pescription, anyone can do the math. Its because of vertex distance, contacts sit directly on the eyeball while glasses hover away from it. ... (18 replies)
... Are you kidding me? How can you tell somebody over the internet what power contact lenses they should be wearing without examining them? Are you a doctor? NO Did you examine the creator of this thread? NO If this can be done over the internet, then why are optometrists and ophthalmologists going to school for so long? (18 replies)
... I am not a doctor but have worn contacts and so have my friends and family. I have observed the difference in pescription. ... (18 replies)
... contact sample I tried I was seeing just as well as my glasses in either and both eyes! ... (18 replies)
... Yeah, you probably shouldn't go back. That seems inappropriate. Recently, a local opthalmologist was found guilty of sexually assaulting ten of his sedated patients. Some of the patients were eye cancer patients who were heavily sedated when he sexually assaulted them. He lost his license to practice for the rest of his life and has to spend 2 years in prison. (18 replies)
... hed. I guess he misinterpreted that. He then would crack a joke and place his hand on my knee, then he would place his hand on my hand...for a time period longer than friendly and he kind of squeezed my hand a couple of those times... ... (18 replies)
... for my contacts and my dr. ... (18 replies)
... I am -19 :eek: Biggest problem is women seem to hate it and contacts is not an option for me :( I have even heard about -35 but never seen it. (10 replies)
... As soon as I changed my clothes I felt something in my lower eyelid and it hurt really bad. There was an eyelash in there. Thank goodness it didn't happen while I was driving. ... (67 replies)

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