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... I have flashes in both of my eyes (more prominent in my right) only when I run or jump. I just has an exam with a retina specialist and he took a picture of my retina as well (OCT). He said all looked good and healthy but clearly something is wrong. I also see black spots for a second ad flashes when I cough. Sometimes the flashes are accompanied by streaks that look like... (3 replies)
... Eye exam was about one or two weeks ago. And I've had several in the past year by different people. All told me that structurally, my eye was perfect (aside from slight myopia in one eye) and astigmatism. Yeah, it was dilated, and I also got the intra-ocular pressure tested. If it's significant, I'm quite sure that the flashes have decreased significantly since I got glasses ,... (6 replies)
... I can also see my "heartbeat in my eyes" although don't have the circles or sensitivity. I get it when I unfocus my eyes and stare at a white background such as my white bathroom floor or a blank wall. ... (24 replies)

... I started seeing my heartbeat this past December and went to the eye doctors and he said everything was fine with my eyes and it was with my brain. So I went to my doctors and I insisted on a MRI and they found 2 lesions in my white matter of my brain. ... (24 replies)
... e dopler on my arteries and everything came back fine. I take my blood pressure at home some times and have had it taken at the doctors office and its normal. My heartbeat in my eye never goes away and if I get my heartrate up, it beats faster too in my eye. ... (24 replies)
... That heartbeat stuff. ... (24 replies)
... This morning was the first time I ever saw my heartbeat in my eyes and it freaked me out - so I was happy to hear others with this symptom...I'm in a rural area, so the hospital usually refers us to major cities for certain diagnosis, the internet helps so much to find out whether I need to make a long trip! I've also become extremely aware of my eyes doing strange things... (24 replies)
... low the sun to hit my eyes at all, but when I first realized I was light sensitive, I could be in the sun for however long with no pain, but a few hours later my eyes would become so tired and red I could barely keep them open. Now I wear sunglasses all the time no matter what. ... (24 replies)
... nd of course went to the eye dr. immediately. He told me it was actually just a floater as well, and it can be common, you just have to ignore it, and he gave my eyes the once over and said everything was fine. However, since it's directly in my line of sight, I couldn't just get over it and I became obsessed with it. ... (24 replies)
... I have seen my heart beat in my eyes but it's not too often thank goodness. And I hope after reading your posts that I don't start myself to noticing it. Because that's how I work. ... (24 replies)
... My eye doctor got back to me and he said that in 30 years of practice he has not seen a patient with the visible heartbeat in the eye phenomena. ... (24 replies)
... maybe its something to do with our eyes LOL. ... (24 replies)
... I know exactly what you mean. I do understand this. I have been obsessed about my vision since my problem with it started about a month ago. New floaters, flashing lights, then the heartbeat.... The anxiety is worse than the symptoms. I find myself avoiding things/places where the visual distortions show up. That's not good. I have had this checked out by a retina... (24 replies)
... I've seen my heart beat in my eyes....but that's something I try to not concentrate on and it usually works. Lines totally shudder for me. And the sun also really hurts my eyes. And I don't see well at night. I can't believe there are others out there. cazajacks....Have you had any tests? Do you have a history of migraines? (24 replies)
... I also have had floaters for years. I see the circles at the sides of my eyes as well. ... (24 replies)
... ek, I've realized that if I don't have sunglasses on it's TOO bright. Everything looks almost bright white. I'm a bit concerned about my light sensitivity. My eyes have also been sore. Basically, you're not alone. ... (24 replies)
... Then when I move from a lighted space to a dark space and move my eyes as you said I see a flashing all the way to the right. ... (24 replies)
... I can see my heartbeat in my eyes, and I have the circles in my vision when moving my eyes too far to the left or right. I have seen these exact symptoms described over and over in a forum which was open between 2004 and 2007. ... (24 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Feb 14, 2005
... Hey Steve! I'm still here. I wasn't able to log on for awhile. :rolleyes: Anyway, let me say that I was shocked to hear your Schirmers scores. Did they do it with or without the anasthetic drops beforehand? I am going to try and have mine redone tomorrow at my Dr's appt. Let me say that I am so happy that you'll be seeing Dr Tseng soon. When exactly is your appt? ... (488 replies)
Grainy vision
Dec 10, 2016
... This is the way the subconscious portion of your mind has always viewed reality through your eyes and your conscious mind is now becoming aware of it. ... (0 replies)

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