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... My left eye was itchy and initially I thought it was allergies so I stopped wearing contacts. Then I peaked underneath my upper eyelid and found a bump. ... (0 replies)
... I have had the same problem for years, I have started using baby oil to take my make up off, I use baby shampoo to wash my face and eyes after. It helped for a bit, but I still can't wear eye shadow, I take my mascara off as soon as I get home and I'm not going anywhere else. I still have some itch, and redness. My lips do the same thing. Frustrating. I will use aquaphor... (21 replies)
... the time. I did not use any eye make up at the time. Several months ago I started using make up again, had no problems, and then out of the blue, again, my left eyelid got swollen, then red, then itchy and then scaley. The skin on my eyelid is so stretched now that even when it's not swollen, it droops over my eyelashes. ... (21 replies)

... Approximately four days ago, I woke up with a red left eye. It's bloodshot, it feels constantly strained and stressed. It has tear (clear, thin fluidic) discharge regularly. The skin is much looser, and the muscle and tissue surrounded the eye internally is extremely red and inflammed, with considerable light swelling. It is itchy sometimes; always very uncomfortable and... (0 replies)
... I visited my eye doctor last week. He observed papillae under the eyelid and prescribed a strong steroid eye drop. It has not helped at all. I have Graves disease, but he saw no sign of Graves ophthalmology disease. ... (3 replies)
... My symptoms started just over 2 weeks ago, with problems with my left eye only - grittyness, mild burning under upper eyelid, profuse watering, not really any discharge to speak of although I have had a very small amount of white discharge but it really is very very small and only seen it twice. Also, upper lid was itchy (not the skin surface, mor inside or under the lid),... (9 replies)
Aug 30, 2009
... I am using restasis for extremely dry eyes and it has worked very well for my dry eye problem. After seven months i am having upper eyelid allergy or i should say dry, red itchy patches on my upper eye lids. Do you think it can be from the restatis? ... (0 replies)
... come hard, but rather stretched and swollen, right above the crease, sometimes it looks like there's a little pocket filled with fluid hanging all the way to the upper eyelashes. ... (21 replies)
... toward the outer corner of my top eyelid. Now that bump stretches all the way across the eyelid and and it's swollen. My lower eyelid has the same type of swollen problem. ... (2 replies)
... Summer 2003 It started by very dry lower eyelids, like a dry red strip. I noticed it by the clumpiness of my concealer. The the upper became very dry and itchy.... ... (6 replies)
... I have the major burning, severe dry eye, one half of one upper eyelid is swollen and itchy, and my eyes are always red and veiny. ... (3 replies)
... almost every day when i wake up, my eyelids are puffy and swollen. it's mostly in the upper lids but there is swelling in the lower lid area as well. the eyes are a little sore but not really itchy. ... (0 replies)
... I have two white spots on the lower eyelid in the very corner of the eye. ... (1 replies)
... The doc just called it Blepharitis. The oil glands were clogged and infected and had some crusting and sticky eyelids, itchy eyelids. ... (36 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Sep 23, 2004
... Hello today. Yes, I have itchy caruncles. Doesn't that sound funny to say? ... (488 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Sep 23, 2004
... it's hard to describe, almost like they have short itchy bristly hairs sticking into them. I don't know if this is due to the dryness or the blocked glands. ... (488 replies)
Tear duct plugs?
Jan 12, 2004
... that can cause infection etc but still opted for the plugs. All in all, it was well worth it and I'm glad I did. At times they can feel itchy otherwise I don't notice them. ... (19 replies)

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