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... Thanks so much for all the replies and suggestions. When I get this thing on my eyelid, I do put a very thin layer of cortisone ointment on the red spot, do it for maybe two days and stop when the itchiness goes away. I didn't realize it could result in thinning of the skin on the eyelid.... but I did know that it's not good to use too much of anything containing steroids.... (21 replies)
... This certainly sounds like an allergic reaction to something, most likely an item in your makeup. There are though a few other things that could cause it such as your shampoo or a dermatological condition resulting in dandruff in that eyebrow/eyelid. The only other thing I can think of would be, have you ever used a steroidal cream or ointment on that eyelid? That can result... (21 replies)
... It sounds like you are not wearing eye shadow, but if you do, and use anything that has red or pink in the color, you can be allergic to it. I used some with pink in it and the eyelid did the same thing as yours, so don't use pink in eyeshadows. Sunny (21 replies)

... Sounds to me like you have an infection, a stye or chalazion. If a stye or chalazion keeps coming back it can be surgically removed. Hopefully there's a responsible eye doctor somewhere on Staten Island - don't go back to that nitwit, whatever you do! Good luck . . . I hope you get it all taken care of before the holidays!! (21 replies)
... Thank you for your response, deeply appreciate it. The burny, itchy and discomfort seems to be always there, it got worse with eye drops. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone:wave: I recently was diagnosed with mild eye infection, I was put on Tobradex, a combination of antibiotic and cortizone. My eye continued to get worse instead of better, called doc's office, stopped the medication, got a new prescription minus the cortizone, just the antibiotic. My eye continued to be burny, itchy, much discomfort. I am allergic to sulfa so... (6 replies)
... e to see some evidence of allergies in my eyes but that it wasn't what he would call severe and since my eyes didn't appear to be red and I wasn't complaining of itchy or burning he said he didn't want to give me eye drops. ... (18 replies)
... Hey all, Hoping to get some advice from you guys! I have been wearing contacts for about 15 years. I started to have some problems within the last couple of years where my eyes would be uncomfortable and I could not wear contacts for a day or two. About 6 or 7 weeks ago, I developed an earache in my left ear and went to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for an... (0 replies)
... ive taken tobradex for the past week and a half for red, dry, itchy eyes. Doctor said it would help clear it up or somthing. ... (3 replies)
Right eye blurry
Oct 12, 2008
... Hi, ive noticed the past couple days that my right eye has been blurry. I wear contacts, and i previously went to the doctor because my eyes were red, itchy, and irritant to light. She prescribed me tobradex, which has a form of steroids in it. My eyes cleared up within a week, and my eyes feel better again. Now, though, my right eye has got blurry, and its very irritating. i... (0 replies)
... When I first wake up in the morning my eyes seem to have a film over them. I can clear my vision by either blinking or washing my eyes out with some water. I also have mucous strings that I can literally pull out of my eyes. Within maybe about 20-30 minutes of being awake, the mucous seems to clear but then again maybe its not because during the day my vision seems to be... (1 replies)
... My eyes always seem to itch and ache. I work in a dealership and my office has bright lighting. Can this be adding to the problem? I also take nasonex to relieve allergy symptoms and it helps only my nose, not eyes. Eye doctor found no issues with eyes other than allergy. I have tried everything and I am at my whits end.I look tired ( and stoned), feel tired and my eyes are... (0 replies)
... rs before having to switch brands. My eye doc said that everyone must change brand every 3 yrs. I was dx with GPS from wearing same brand for so long. It is very itchy eyes, scracthy bubbles under the eyelids. I had to have 3 differnt eye drops and had to take them for 1 month 4 x a day. Could not wear contacts for 3 wks. ... (2 replies)
... years. The problem is that these past couple years, the soft contacts i have been wearing, feel fine when they are in, but my eyes feel itchy when i take them out. ... (2 replies)
Eye strain???
Aug 20, 2008
... hey, for the past 3 days my right eye has been slightly bloodshot and the left eye very little. the reason im concerened is because my eyes feel dry yet they still water and they are slightly itchy/burning. i think it is probably eye strain because for the past few years or so ive spent countless hours in front of my television playing video games. i enjoy video games quite a... (1 replies)
Very itchy eye?
Aug 19, 2008
... brianmf- Thank you, and I am calling the Dr. this morning. skyy11 (2 replies)
... I have been having a problem over the last year or so with these episodes of excessive tearing, redness and itching of one eye. I will go along for a few weeks and then it starts again. I awaken with crusting over of the one eye and the tearing spills down my face and as I wipe the skin around the eye gets inflammed. My eye is very itchy. I have tried allergy drops... (0 replies)
Very itchy eye?
Aug 18, 2008
... Yes, contact the doctor immediately! It sounds like you and the baby have an eye infection and it needs treatment. (2 replies)
... Few years ago I have used Cortisone eye drops to treat my allergic and itchy eyes. After a while, in my next visiting to the dr, I found that my eyes pressure is 30. ... (2 replies)
... Sometimes it's an allergic reaction to, say, tree pollen. (That's what I used to have when I was younger.) Maybe start with a visit to your general practitioner doctor, and ask if he or she would recommend an ophthalmologist. (1 replies)

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