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... Ointments can also be very good. If the dry eyes or burning, itchy feeling is mostly when you awaken in the morning then scour the "corneal erosion" threads. Otherwise, there are quite a few dry eye threads here as well. ... (6 replies)
Red itchy eyes
Jun 16, 2008
... FYI, called my eye doctor this morning. Went in to see him this afternoon. He said I'm having an allergic reaction to something. Don't know what it is but he told me to discontinue using the eye drops my GP gave me last Monday. He gave me something else that has predisone in it. He said it will clear it up. (2 replies)
... I am contemplating getting fitted for disposible contact lenses. Lately I have been suffering with inflammed itchy very watery eyes. This I believe is due to springtime allergies. ... (3 replies)

... lids could very well be the result of allergies. You may want to be sure to wash your face and eye lids thoroughly after being outside or when they start to feel itchy or dry, just to get the irritants off of them. ... (125 replies)
Who to believe
Mar 31, 2008
... I went for my usual eye exam in January. I got my new rx for glasses and contacts. All is good. My left eye got red and mildly itchy no gunk and never crusted over on 3/19. It stayed red only in the corner for 10 days. I finally went to the dr but saw his nurse practitioner. He put drops and used a black light to look in my eye. I was told that I had a bacterial... (1 replies)
Blocked tearduct
Feb 29, 2008
... op check I was given a prescription for Pataday, which helped with the itchy scratchy feeling. I would ask about that for yourself. ... (13 replies)
... However, my whole eyeball is itchy and burning still. My eyelids are even red and itchy. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. A while back, I had told my eye doctor how many hours per day I wear my contacts, and he didn't really say much about it. I think he just asked if they bother me to wear them that long, and I said no. Because usually, they don't, unless I've been using that particular pair for longer than a couple months. I believe the ones I have now, you can wear for a... (5 replies)
... Hello, I've been wearing contacts for about 11 years. I pretty much wear them from 7 AM until 11 PM every day. Once in a while, though, one or both of them really irritates me eye(s)- it will feel dry, like it's sticking to my eye, and will get all cloudy and gunky. If I'm out somewhere, I just have to deal with it, and then I take my contacts out and put my glasses on when I... (5 replies)
Itchy red eyes
Dec 23, 2007
... You should definately go and see your doctor. It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to something. Watch out about the amount of cotisone cream you use, it could actually cause more harm than good. My daughter had a red area on her face and it turned out to be an infection. She was prescribed antibiotics and it has cleared up. (1 replies)
Itchy Eyelid
Dec 23, 2007
... You need to see your eye doctor. It sounds like you have an infection. Your OD may prescribe ointment, lids scrubs, or drops. I wouldn't wait any longer. The condition usually doesn't clear up on it's own. (1 replies)
... Hi, thanks for all the info... I went to the doctor today, he told me to use a specific gentle cleaner and lotion, cetaphil? and some antihistamine pills, and some cream, don't like putting too much crap on my eyes cuz i'm not a fan of pre-mature aging, and strong medical stuff on your eyes cant be good in the long run. I'm just wondering if it really was that purple eye... (7 replies)
... Hey Tiffifries, the purple shadow was the cause of my irritation also. I really like that color, but just couldn't wear it. I just recently found Loreal's bare minerals eye shadow, and the purple is really nice. I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks now and have no irritation. So after your irritation goes away, give it a try. Hope you are getting better and doing good... (7 replies)
... It may not be your eyeshadow, but just in case it is, when this happened to me, it took about a week to go away after I stopped wearing the shadow. So give it some time. If you are wearing any that may have red dye in it, it does cause problems for some people. Not saying the shadow is red, but it uses red to get the proper color. I think maybe you should see a doc, he... (7 replies)
... yes i wear eyeshadow, but i have never had an allergic reaction before, and i have not started using any new products. I have no worn make up for over 2 days, and its not going away..... thanks though. Someone mentioned something about it possibly being from stress, but either way its extremely uncomfortable, and very irritating, and since i don't know where it came from i... (7 replies)
... Do you wear eye shadow? If so you could be allergic to that, or any eye creams. Sunny (7 replies)
Dry eye
Dec 8, 2007
... I always knew that I have dry eye problems, but recently, It's really painful and itchy. At first, My right eye was so in pain but a few day later, I began to have pain in my left eye too. I've tried optive lubricant eye drops and although it did help a little but it doesn't seem to be working. I tried to use the humidifier but nothing change. I don't have insurance so it's... (2 replies)
... ops. Anyway, I've been wearing contacts for the past 25 years. In June I started working at a job that had me around cardboard boxes. I started getting really itchy eyes and my contacts started swirling around my eyes! ... (3 replies)
... Hi folks. Here's my problem. For the last yr or so my right eye had been bugging me, but can't remember the beginning symptoms. But I do know I started out with a *bump*toward the outer corner of my top eyelid. Now that bump stretches all the way across the eyelid and and it's swollen. My lower eyelid has the same type of swollen problem. I also have gunk build-up that I can... (2 replies)
... Well, I had my DCR (tear duct surgery) Tuesday. If this is minor surgery than I pray that I never have to have surgery again. All of you out there who have had surgery really have my admiration. This was the worst experience of my life, not to mention the most absolutely terrifying. Just thinking about it gets me very anxious and it's over now!!! Boy did they sugar cout... (2 replies)

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