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... t been in this forum in a very long time. Decided to look this thread up and give a good report. I was cured of the filamentary keratitus about 17 months ago. This was done by wearing a bandage contact lense about 9 months coupled with regular use of preservative free liquid tears. ... (0 replies)
... have done. Eye pain just cannot be ingored or adapted to like others kinds of pain as it is so "in your face"... I do not think I am healed from the filamentary keratitus as I still feel to old sensations sometimes, though there is no real pain, watering, swelling, etc. ... (71 replies)
... and talk with me, I finally did the schrimmer test and Im at a .3mm, not good, I couldn't even wet the paper. He said there is no way in hell I have Filamentary Keratitus and he even told me that some people cannot even blink with out having their eyes completely shut on them from the dryness. ... (71 replies)

... I will be more careful. I think that having bad sinuses and being that I am always plugged up and can't breathe it's backing up in my eyes. So this filamentary keratitus is something I most definately don't have, I just suffer from severe dry eye and these mucus strings, I have no idea why it all of a sudden just came about? ... (71 replies)
... asion wanting the pain pills." The tone was if he was scoffing. I do not think some of these docs read up enough. More than one study on the net says filamentary keratitus can involve "severe pain." I obviously have a severe chronic case. ... (40 replies)
... As to the docs, Medicaid, well, you got more faith in mankind than me. With few exceptions, life is all about money... One`s own personal pleasure comes first, and people rarely have compassion for suffering they themselves have not experienced. Negative to all your tests, lids look fine, no bumps, no strange liquids oozing out. I have though seen white liquid a few times... (40 replies)
... Well the calling card appears to be the removal of mucous filaments, thus the name, "filamentary keratitus." Ever had these? I asked other questions also. Will you answer them? Thanks. :) (40 replies)
... Thanks. How long did it take you to get over the filamentary keratitus? Did you employ any strategy other than tears? Ever try an bandage lense? That solved it for me but I got an edema from it. Did you ever have to have them remove filaments off your eye? Ever try mucomist? I am really not clear where the abrasions fit in. I mean they find abrasions and no filaments and vica... (40 replies)
... Yes I did have withdrawls and had to be weened off easily, I was on them for years after the tragedy in 1998. But it's been about 3 years since I've been off of them, I don't know what really caused my severe dry eye and mucus strings but it's been with me for 4 years now and I am getting a little bit better, Im going to continue using the Restasis and the Castor oil eye... (71 replies)
... delilah, Did you have withdrawal symptoms from the Valium? Eg. dry nose, mouth, eyes, or tremors, visual disturbances, dizziness, general vulnerability to stress? For many these symptoms can last a year, sometimes longer but they get gradually better. Those are very ugly drugs that should not be prescribed more than a few weeks IMO. Sounds to me like we all have the... (71 replies)
... Its been about 3 years since I've been off the valium, my eye problems didn't really start getting out of control till 2003, I am sort of thinking maybe it was this stupid freak psycho boyfriend I had that stalked me and wouldn't leave me alone that might of triggered this problem, because now I come to think of it, my eyes really started bothering me in 2003. The winter of... (71 replies)
... Delilah, How long have you been off the Valium? Benzo drugs like Valium can cause uncomfortable and multi-facted reactions in at least a substantial minority of people. Are numerous studies and the American Psychiatric Association acknowledges a long term syndrome that can last many months, sometimes to a few years. But no one that I have come across, including myself, ever... (71 replies)
... Johnny I was wondering if all the years I was on Valium made me have dry eye? The year of 1998 5 family members died, 3 which were suicide so they put me on Valium and I was addicted to it for years. I just read on-line that it can cause dry eye, but if I haven't taken it for years then I am wondering how in the hell am I suffereing now? I guess I will really never know,... (71 replies)
... For some things unfortunately there are no easy answers. Those with good health take it for granted and it is hard for me not to be envious. Maybe eating a balanced diet of organic foods would help. It is the modern trend.. I have neurological problems also, drug induced though and most report full healing though it can take a long time. Unfortunately I simpy cannot afford an... (71 replies)
... If I could go back in time to the day before my eyes started bothering me, I would. Then maybe I could prevent it. Nobody knows what caused my dry eyes. I have auto-immune problems which are probably causing it, but my blood tests always come back inconclusive. Dry eyes are not a symptom of MS, but having MS just sets me up for other auto-immune disorders that could be causing... (71 replies)
... Delilah, I know where you are at mentally. I have lost going on three years of my life and counting to "side effects" (putting it mildly) from a tranquilzer I took, Klonopin. This is a common reaction but people keep telling me that doctors do not have time to warn people of this prior to prescribing. But if people are at risk of losing years of their life they need to make... (71 replies)
... Mucus strings like glue, Im sick of them as well. Sorry Purple I thought you had the filaments horribly I think it's Johnny who has them horribly then gets rid of them. I know what you mean about the strings like glue, I pull my own out, I don't understand what in the hell is going on, I've about given up and I am not going to bother wasting money with plugs and having to... (71 replies)
... Purple, Do you know what is causing your dry eye? Is it in any way related to the MS? (71 replies)
... Delilah, let me stress again that I do not have filaments on my eyes. Like you, I have the mucus strings. I did have filaments once or twice a few years ago but my doctor was able to just remove them and put me on some anti-biotic drops and I never had them again. But I have had abrasions and a lot of debris in my eyes due to the dryness. I have so many mucus strings that my... (71 replies)
... Hello everyone Im so sorry Purple and Johnny that your poor eyes are so bad, I'd rather suffer from the strings in my eyes than those horrilbe stinging filaments, I don't even know how you could take that? The Castor oil drops are working but like Purple for the past two days now I have had the damn strings coming out of my eyes like crazy :confused: My eyes were doing so... (71 replies)

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