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... No, unfortunately even soaking the lens with tears would not help me. If I had a real reason to use a bandage lens then I would have to try, but just having dry eyes alone is not a reason to use a bandage contact lens. When I had that nasty ulcer I used one for a few weeks. It really helped tremendously with the pain. It also helped the cornea heal because my eyelid was not... (71 replies)
... I wish there was an answer for you Purple. The fact that you are coping says a lot. Maybe if you soaked the lense often with tears? I get the lense changed every three weeks. The aversion to keeping in a lense among some docs is scary. Like if my current docs retires or stops practicing for some reason down the road. Amazed me how stubborn some were in the face of my... (71 replies)
... Jonny, I had tried contact lenses a few years ago and discovered that my eyes were too dry to hold them in, as contact lenses float in your tear film, of which I have very little. I wore a bandage contact lens for a few weeks when I had a corneal ulcer, but there were days when it just would not stay in due to the dryness. I was not allowed to put the lens in myself fue to my... (71 replies)

... have you considered a bandage lense yourself? It is like keeping a constant source of moisture on top of the cornea. Also, do you know if someone can theoretically wear such a lense for the rest of their lives? I mean in my case something has to be done, it`s either control it or remove the eye as crazy as that may sound. Last round before going with the lense I had 15... (71 replies)
... Jonny, I am glad to hear you are doing better. I hope it continue and you make a full recovery. (71 replies)
... No doc has any answers for me either as to the sure underlying cause. But thank God I found one that would keep a bandage lense in long term. I was literally about to lose my mind, the stinging, having to shut the eye, sensation like a thorn was in there all the time, swelling, redness, watering. The devil had to have invented that torture... And I was getting edemas (swollen... (71 replies)
... Delilah I am glad that the castor oil drops seem to be helping you. Nothing seems to be working for me. It is so weird how the condition of my eyes differes so much from one week to the next even though I do the same things every day. Last week on wednesday I went to the eye dr and he said how fantastic my cornea surfaces looked and that they didn't look dry at all. That... (71 replies)
... Castor Oil Eye drops are working wonderfully!!!!! I've only been using the drops for about 5 days now and they are doing wonders for my eyes. My dry eye in the morning is still the same, but the dryness durning the day is much better and the mucus strings are not as bad and I am not having to use my other artificial tears as much. I wanted to thank-you for introducing me to... (71 replies)
... I ordered my oil drops yesterday, thanks for all the info, my doctor wants to put plugs in but Im too afraid. Johnny I am very sorry your poor eyes are bugging you again. I was wondering how long you've been suffering from FK? When the FK hits how long does it last? How in the hell can you even deal with that when it happens? That must be horrible, can that just happen to... (71 replies)
... Johnny I am glad to hear you are feeling better. One day hopefully you will not have to deal with this crap at all anymore. I went to the eye dr today and he said that my corneal surface looks very good. But my eye allergies are driving me nuts. Delilah, my doc said I have to give the Castor Oil drops a few more weeks to really work. He said that if anything, it will... (71 replies)
... Happy Easter and Im so sorry your eyes were buring during your celebration:( Today my eyes are even worse, lucky it's raining here for some moisture. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask him why he did what he did and ask him to please write a perscription for the Castor Oil eye drops. Along with everything else my stupid back went out, so now I get to go to the... (71 replies)
... Yeah, when your eyes feel this crappy only chocolate can make them feel better. :) When I had my corneal ulcer a few years ago I was in so much pain and so scared, but then my mom brought me chocolate and I felt better! Mmmmmmmm. Chocolate. I think you need to call your doctor and ask him why he prescribed the mucomist drops (NAC drops) for you. I mean, just flushing... (71 replies)
... Hi Purple Im so sorry your going through a rough time, you have good days and bad days right? I hope your going to be okay, I know what you mean when you said, "it's never going to go away" because that is how I feel about my eye problem. What should I tell my doctor? Should I write him a letter? I need to call him and see if he can write a perscription for the Castor Oil... (71 replies)
... Delilah, I asked my doctor about your NAC drops and he said that there is no reason for me to use those drops since I don't have FK. He agreed with me that it could possibly harm my tear film if I were to use a mucolytic drop. He wouldn't even think of prescribing that for me. Why did your doctor prescribe it for you if you don't have FK? I am going to try the Castor Oil... (71 replies)
... OMG, I never thought of that? So maybe the NAC drops are drying out my eyes even more? I've started to notice they are a lot more dryer, the reason why I wanted to try them was to see if they would get rid of these long strings of mucus in my eyes, I can't take it anymore and I don't know what to do? Maybe I should try the Castor oil drops? NAC is compounded from mucomyst... (71 replies)
... Delilah, if the NAC drops are used to dissolve mucus, aren't you concerned that they are damaging your already fragile tear film? I mean, a very important part of the tear film is the mucus layer. (71 replies)
... Delilah, the reason I was asking is because my doctor mentioned to me that one of his patients had asked him about Castor Oil eyedrops and I thought that might have been the "C" in NAC. What are these NAC drops supposed to do for you anyway? I will mention the NAC drops to my doctor when I see him on saturday and see what he says. He could just call Leiters anyway. I have... (71 replies)
... Leiters pharmacy or Apothecare pharmacy, you have to have a doctor perscribe them. They are called C-ACETYL-CYSTEINE 5% the doctor has to write the perscription and you can fax it to Leiters pharmacy then they will call you back and you pay over the phone, be sure to get the small bottle first if you haven't tried them because it isn't worth it to buy the large bottle. They... (71 replies)
... Delilah, I know that you told me once before but I can't seem to find it here - what are NAC drops? (71 replies)
... There is a surgery called PTK (I think) that regenerates the corneal epithelium. It is all pretty complicated but in essence, without the lense, I am being putting into a state of constant corneal abrasions caused by the filaments that stick like glue. The devil himself could not have thought this up... Thankfully for the rest of mankind it is rare... Restasis may be tried but... (71 replies)

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