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... Your going to have to wear the bandage lense all the time? Isn't there something else they can do? OMG I couldn't handle wearing that every day but if your eye is swollen and hurting, thanks for telling me about the Muro 128, wish it would of helped with the filaments, I haven't noticed that the NAC drops are helping with dissolving the mucus strings, I wonder if I need to... (71 replies)
... Yep, you name it, I have tried it.... It did not help with the filaments but sped up the healing of edemas when I got them. Quitting smoking helped huh? Looks like I am going to have to do the same, though I am sceptical about any pronounced change from it. Looks as though I may be in for long term use of a bandage lense. Risky and not a solution, but sure beats the... (71 replies)
... I was wondering if you tried the Muro-128? This eye drop is specifically for corneal edema and abrasions, its $20 bucks in the store and I use it because it helps with the mucus strings. It only gets rid of them for a short time but when I go somewhere I use it and it does burn the heck out of my eyes. Im going to keep using the NAC drops to see if it improves my eyes, not... (71 replies)

... Delilah, Sorry you are paying out so much for Restasis. I have almost a whole months supply I am not using, luckily have insurance. As to the mucomist, did not work for me but of course may for you. I got a month`s supply for $25 at a compounding pharmacy. They had to order the ingredients. Look around.... Thanks everyone for the concern. The high water bandage lense... (71 replies)
... Purple, I totally understand how you feel, many of my friends don't understand either, the only one that really does is my best friend of 19 years, in fact I have shown her the long rubbery mucus strings when I have to pull them out of my eyes and now she knows. Im using the NAC drops but I feel that they are not making the strings go away? I thought for sure they would... (71 replies)
... Jonny412 : How is your high water(70%)soft bandage contact lens treatment progressing ? I truly hope your Optometrist has found the right answer for you FK problems. Purple : Keep "looking" for the right combination of drops for your "own" comfort. Forget the "so called friends" that have no insight to your eye discomforts. (Re : Your IOP, I hope it is still staying in the... (71 replies)
... Hey, I wonder if the dr from NY who he was on the phone with was MY dr!!!! He has a few other patients who he uses them for and he is always calling them! that would have been funny. I think Leiters has a great service and it's wonderful that they can provide this specialized ophthalmic medication, but they have to be nice. I'm surprised that a business owner would be rude to... (71 replies)
... I talked to Chuck Leiter yesterday LMAO and I told him what happened, how that woman was extremely rude, how she over charged me, put the wrong Doctor down on my perscription and spelled my town wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! He called back and apologized and it pissed me off he said she doesn't mean to be rude she's just straight to the fact and that she is going through a divorce, I was... (71 replies)
... LOL, I know Leiter's Pharmacy VERY well!!!! I used to get compounded fluorometholone preservative free drops from them as well as Cyclosporine drops (before Restasis came out) and some other drops. They have a lot of my money! They have a wonderful service. I did sometimes encounter a little rudeness too. I do remember that I used to deal with a guy named Brandon sometimes... (71 replies)
... Im so sorry you have to go through so much. I know that Amniotic Membrane Transplant is something extremely serious and yes I would too consider it the last resort. I got my NAC eye drops today but I haven't tried them yet. My Restasis was $114.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its freakin ridiculous that these pharmaceutical companies can charge whatever they want and I have no... (71 replies)
... Delilah, my corneas actually are looking pretty decent at the moment. My ophthalmologist is a corneal specialist and he does all of the surgeries and stuff, but he is managing me with medication right now. Like I said, my corneas actually look good. Radical surgery like an Amniotic Membrane Transplant would really be a last resort for me. I don't have any FK at the moment,... (71 replies)
... I was just wondering if you thought maybe about the new procedure called Amniotic Membrane Transplant? It would most likely cure your FK and restore your poor cornea. When your eyes get stuck together does eye drops help it? Do you have to have eye drops on you 24-7? Im so sorry, I get my eye drops tomorrow actually, they are just so damn expensive. I am very thank-ful I... (71 replies)
... Hey Johnny, what's going on with your eye? Delilah, I am so glad that you finally got a diagnosis. Glad you don't have FK. It sounds like this guy knows what he is talking about. Btw - what your doctor said about some people's eyes getting stuck when they blink - that's me. I hope the Restasis works for you. It's just too bad that you have to travel so far to... (71 replies)
... So those of you with Filamentary Keratitus like Jonny who are suffereing so badly might benefit from this procedure? ... (1 replies)
... I hope he gives you good news when you go back. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. (71 replies)
... I totally agree, and thanks. The lense must be worn for an extended period along with measures to encourage normal tear production in the offending eye. And, the optometrist, though possessing less formal credentials, is the most knowledgeable and sensible doctor I have found for this condtion. (71 replies)
... Jonny : I have monitored your case for a long time. Purple has provided good insight. It is known that the management of more severe forms of filamentary keratitis,a high-water (~70%), soft bandage contact lens with prophylactic antibiotic drops is needed. Be prepared to manage this condition for prolonged periods. Filamentary keratitis may take weeks or even months to... (71 replies)
... That has been the hope for over 4 months now, and as soon as the eye heals the docs take off the lense and it is back in trauma mode within a few days... (71 replies)
... Hopefully the bandage lens will give your cornea the rest and protection that it needs so that it can heal and you won't have this problem anymore. (71 replies)
... Purple, I go back to the doc thurs, got to get the lense and eye checked often. Yea, is great getting pain relief!! Can see well out of it now too. But, is still scary not knowing what is wrong with me. Hope I am not dependant on a bandage lense for life, but hope even more, that it continues to work. God have mercy... (71 replies)

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