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... I think I missed one of your questions. This all started when I had dry itchy eyes then I noticed I was seeing very blurry out of the right eye. Went to the doc, he said "corneal abrasion," gave me an antibiotic drop and sent me home. Checked it 3 days later and the eye was all clear. 4 days later it is dripping, hurting, and blurry. He then saw 3 "abrasions," was... (40 replies)
... Nooooo, you are not a leper! My right eye was like that for a while too, bright red and bloodshot and oozing green stuff when I had the ulcer. I had to reassure a lot of people that it wasn't contagious. My eyes still look pretty bad. My students always ask me why I am crying, but I'm really not. My eyes are watering. I guess your docs won't prescribe narcotic pain killers... (40 replies)
... Purple, Thank so much for your story! I have been sick for 2 & 1/2 years now. I have dealt with Klonopin withdrawal which is horrendous and am nowing going through that again, PLUS the eye, which has not improved at all in 4 months, has gotten worse if anything. I have no support. My family lives out of state and thinks it is all drama, or that is what they suddenly chose... (40 replies)

... I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. Nobody realizes how much the eye can hurt if they have not had it themselves. Chronic illness is a very difficult thing to adjust to. I am most certainly not trying to make light of what you are going through, because i know how painful corneal abrasions and filaments can be. It's probably one of the most painful things a person can ever... (40 replies)
... Purple, Yes to all your questions. All rings true, filaments, abrasions after, have tried all the drops, branks, thick ones, oinments, yes I have taken the antibiotic drops. Artificial tears only agravate it more when it is flared up. No sooner than an abrasion heals more filaments arrive. I deal with this all the time and am running out of fight, has gone on 4 months. They... (40 replies)
... Sometimes putting in a thicker eyedrop or ointment can help heal the cornea and alleviate the discomfort. Try getting an over the counter artificial tears ointment such as HypoTears or Bausch & Lomb MoistureEyes. Sometimes just the thickiness of an ointment soothes a sore eye. It certainly can't hurt. You also may need to use the cold compresses regularly several times a... (40 replies)
... By the way? How is anyone expected to just live like this, like there is a stick jammed in the edge of your eye all day month after month? I mean anyone freals out when something is stuck in their eye... Imagine this all the time! It has been flaired up for hours now, nothing relieves the pain, and my doc that will see me after hours is on vacation. I may take an opiate... (40 replies)
... Purple, It sounds like you got it worse than me and I do pray for you. I do not have those strands you talk about. Okay I will keep doing what I am doing, managing the pain as best as possible and getting my "surgery" twice a week. One doc uses forceps, the other a cuetip. I prefer the cuetip method, much less nerve racking. I got to make it all weekend and the eye is... (40 replies)
... I don't know how it would be possible to remove filaments yourself. How can you see them? What sterile tool would you use to remove it? When I say that I have strands of mucus in my eyes I don't mean from my occasional filamentary keratitis. I mean that I have BIG pieces of mucus that are 100% visible when I look in the mirror. They're not filaments. They're strings of... (40 replies)
... I don't know if I am correct or not with my "diagnosis". But it would just anger me very much as a patient if I were having a problem and the doctor that is supposed to help me didn't try to get to the bottom of things. Just because you are on Medicaid doesn't mean you are of lesser importance than a patient with private insurance. (well, I guess to some doctors it does mean... (40 replies)
... Okay well maybe that is why I am not getting much more than a quick eye exam and a few answers to questions while they jot down their notes. Medicaid does not pay them what they want. Money is what everything comes down to anyway.... I do have tears, just a fast breakdown time on the right eye. Maybe they can deduce what gland is not functioning properly, but again that leaves... (40 replies)
... That is *EXACTLY* what I am talking about! You need to know if the dryness in that eye is being caused by an inflamed Lacrimal gland, or by clogged Meibomian Glands or by something else entirely (which I don't know what that would be exactly!). Only then can you get the right treatment. It is possible to attempt to figure this out on your own. You just have to pay careful... (40 replies)
... Quantity or quality? That was one excellent post and rest assured I was ask the corneal specialist about it, will be seeing him for a while. Will also see what I can find on the net. So it would be one gland or another? Then that leaves the question, what is cusing the gland to maljunction? Example: inflamation... Okay what is causing the inflamation? And why just one eye? See... (40 replies)
... It's unfortunate that Medicaid is so constricting with who they will allow you to see. Is your dryness in that eye a *quantity* problem or a *quality* problem? In other words, do you have enough tears and they just don't stay on your cornea, or do you not produce any tears at all? If you have a *quantity* problem then it is because your lacrimal gland is not producing... (40 replies)
... I have been to an eye hospital and seen a prominent corneal specialist many times, and he says there is no way to know for sure what is causing the dryness in one eye. Two other eye doctors say the same thing. I believe them, and I have found no studies on the net to contradict them. You are free to believe what you will. There are mysteries in medicine, and it can be like... (40 replies)
... You've got to see someone who specializes in dry eyes. If you contact the ophthalmology department at your local hospital they should be able to help you find someone. Or look up eye hospitals and see what is in your area. (where do you live?) A hospital should take Medicaid. Now, do you have any tears at all? Or do you just have tears that are deficient in one or more of the... (40 replies)
... Do you have any idea how I find that out? Because I have been to three doctors and the only corneal specialist in town that takes Medicaid, and all say there is no way to know for sure. I did get a script of Doxymycine. The doc also said that I am sensitive as he has seen people with similar tear films problems and filaments and they were not experiencing near the same degree... (40 replies)
... You are right. Taking Restasis is only going to mask the problem. If there is any inflammation it will help with that, but you need to find out the reason behind having one dry eye. (40 replies)
... Purple, Sure sounds like a terrible experience with the ulcer. It blows me away. My main doc is going out of town and need someone to treat my eye. Went to a guy I had been to one other time and he refered me out because I showed hesitation at taking restasis. He also would not precribe doxycycline, said he saw no reason for it. And he said he would not remove filaments... (40 replies)
... You really can't test for inflamed lacrimal glands. An experienced doctor just knows what to look for. Yes, there are many glands in the eye. The ones I am talking about, the lacrimal glands, are the big glands that are next to your nose. They produce the watery layer of your tears. If one is inflamed for any reason, it won't produce tears. Is it possible that you ever had any... (40 replies)

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