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... I do not know. Can you test for inflamed glands? The doc I saw today gave me the impression that there are inumerable glands related to the eyes... Honestly I do not think they will give me a bandage lense as I got an edema from a lense, but it was a prescription lense (all the doc had) not a bandage. All was rosey, eye fully stable, with a bandage lense in and taking it out... (40 replies)
... The human body does very strange things! It is rather odd that this is only affecting one eye. Is there anything wrong with that eye in particular that would be causing this, like inflamed lacrimal glands? I hope you are able to get a bandage lens that works for you this time. (40 replies)
... Thanks for sharing Purple. I hope you found some joy in your day. Here is something interesting.... I had some tests done today and only my right eye is dry. The tear breakup time is too fast, about 5 seconds, while it is normal in my left eye. Insane... Doc said this is very rare and I only have trouble with my right eye. More filaments taken off the eye today and I was in... (40 replies)

... Thank you. I am doing pretty well with my MS. But since I am on Interferon injections for the MS, I can't take a lot of the herbal stuff. I also have to be careful which Vitamins I take. I can't even take Echinacea because it sends the immune system into overdrive. So I am steering clear of all the herbal stuff. I actually am not taking any Benzodiazepine drugs. Never have.... (40 replies)
... Both of those supplements have been proven to work in many patients and all the ingredients are listed on the web at their respective sites. You can also find the back label to Biotears. Theralife did an extensive double blind study. I`d send you links but that is not allowed on this site. I do not think they are sold in stores. I`m getting involved in this as docs have not... (40 replies)
... One of the most important things you can do to help dry eyes is to take a lot of flaxseed oil and fish oil. I didn't see that on the ingredient list for the Theralife Eye or the BioTears. I will be in the Vitamin Shoppe tomorrow to get the oils I just mentioned, so I'll see if they have either one and look at it up close instead of just glancing at it on the web. The thing is,... (40 replies)
... Have had no tests. I`ll research the antibiotic, I get a different report regarding it`s effects from someone on another thread. My problem is mostly medication related I am nearly sure. Docs say it is clearly not fungal, viral, or bacterial. I am about to complete a detox off Klonopin, dry eye is a very common withdrawal symptom. Unforutnately it can persist many months after... (40 replies)
... Have you had any blood tests for the known causes of dry eye? Sjogren's Syndrome (an auto-immune disorder that they think I have) and Thyroid Disorders are the two that pop to my mind right now. This Theralife Eye, is it a supplement? What's in it? Most ophthalmologists recommend taking a lot of flaxseed oil and fish oil. I was on Doxycycline for a long time and it... (40 replies)
... Purple, I have been to a corneal specialist and he has had nothing more to offer than anyone else... I assume you are seeing one and you haven`t told me anything I have not already heard... "Liquid tears, liquid tears, liquid tears".... What is the point in my insurance paying mega bucks to hear that again and again? And, actually, long term use of liquid tears could be... (40 replies)
... I tried Restasis but I was allergic to it. I am allergic to so many things that I'm afraid to try any of those natural remedies. I have not heard of the ones you mentioned. I'm sorry you have had such a bad experience with the ophthalmologists you have seen. But the sad fact is that somebody other than a corneal specialist is not going to be qualified enough to really... (40 replies)
... Purple my doc is an OD,and he seems to know as much or more than the young corneal specialist I went to. He also spends time and listens. Bottom line, as appears obvious, no one has any real answers... That is except to tell you to buy over the counter tears, and my insurance company has been drained out of 1000s for this advice. Yet another chronic illness with no sure, my... (40 replies)
... I never heard of mucomist. What is that? I have had tiny bits of mucus that got stuck to my cornea that my doctor had to scrape off. (or pull off, or whatever he did.) I think the only way to prevent this is to just use a lot of very thick tear drops and ointments. When I feel my eyes getting particularly dry I use some gel drops. I also go to the eye doctor every two... (40 replies)
... Oh, in answer to your question, yes I have had to have things removed that ere imbedded in my cornea. Once or twice I had a piece of dirt stuck in there and even some specks of eyelashes. (40 replies)
... For me, the dry eye is causing a lot of inflammation. One solution for me was to have all 4 tear ducts cauterized (permamnently closed) so no tears can drain out of my eyes. That has helped. I did not have to use a bandage lens when I had the filamentary keratitis because my doctor gave me enough anti-inflammatory drops that it went away without that. But I did have to use a... (40 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 17, 2006
... I agree Mike. Be as forceful as you feel you need to as I am not getting real far. I am trying to see if I fit in here. Again, has anyone on this thread used a bandage contact and gotten full resolution? Has anyone had filaments pulled off their eye? I have tried other oinments, day and night, and they did no good. I may have a pure case of filamentary keratitus, cause, simply... (56 replies)
... I have had corneal abrasions, filamentary keratitis, a corneal ulcer, you name it. I feel your pain! Did they tell you *why* you are getting all this? Basically filamentary keratitis is teeny, microscopic abrasions on your cornea. You could probably find a more technical definition than that, but that's how my doctor explained it to me when I had it. Make sure you use a... (40 replies)
... If you have or have had this, please share your experience. I have dealt with chronic eye pain for four months now, have this diagnosis and have made little progress. I got more kinds of eye drops than you can imagine. A bandage contact lense has been the only sustained relief but I got a bad edema while wearing one so the docs are very reluctant to put one back on. I also get... (40 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 15, 2006
... I just do not find this tell tale sign, worst pain upon waking in the medical research I have found, not a word of that. Also, the bottom line with this is that you have a corneal abrasion. These take time to heal and may not, in every case, get better as the day goes on. This could depend on a number of factors, immune function and/or age. It may take a few days to heal in... (56 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 14, 2006
... It is totally cool about the remark Mike, I took it wrong and thanks again for trying to help. Sheesh.. Do you relate to the rapid blinking, watering, swollen lids, eye looks dead an shutting? have you ever gone with a bandage contact lense and had that solve your problem? See I have been off and on a lense, was my "cure" until they took it off. BUT what these docs found has... (56 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 14, 2006
... Mike, Thanks for the help. I do not know when I get erosions, but unlike you and many of the rest, my problems do not seem to begin in the a.m. In fact this is the best time. It is typically the worst at night. And I almost always have some level of foreign body sensation in my right eye. At night though is it usually goes in the toilet, blinking rapidly, swelling lids,... (56 replies)

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