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... First I've decided to get an eye exam, so I've made an appointment for an eye exam in 2 weeks time. ... (2 replies)
... I am hoping someone can help me associate my symptoms. I am a 26yr old healthy female, well up to this year. I have been having problems with only my left eye. I have pain above the eye, sort of behind the lid. I comes for a few days at a time and goes for another day or two, but always comes back. ... (0 replies)
Dry eye
Dec 8, 2007
... I always knew that I have dry eye problems, but recently, It's really painful and itchy. At first, My right eye was so in pain but a few day later, I began to have pain in my left eye too. ... (2 replies)

... Hi, I finally got my appt for the eye doctor from my GP. I had loads of tests done and the eye doctor said that my eye looks healthy and keep taking the drops. ... (0 replies)
... cently my right eye is more dilated sometimes and I noticed it because although I wear glasses for distance I just noticed in the bathroom it is dialated and the left one is not, it makes my right eye a little more blurry than usual without my glasses. ... (0 replies)
Extreme dry eye
Sep 22, 2007
... I have a recurrent problem with my left eye I've suffered for 3 years. Five doctors have all said that a layer of my left eye becmes separated from the other layers when it gets dry and cannot slide back in place without applying some lubrication or "jel". ... (1 replies)
Dry Eye ????
Aug 19, 2007
... I have had problems with left eye for three weeks now. ... (7 replies)
Eye throbs
Aug 7, 2007
... my personal thought is that it is normal and my eye is still getting used to being straight. because it has been crooked for a number of years.. im really not to worried.. ... (0 replies)
... in my eyes. It's usually been related to eyestrain from doing too much precision work etc. But lately a new and more bothersome problem has presented itself. My left eye pains at random times during the day, regardless of what I've been doing. ... (0 replies)
Pain behind eye
May 15, 2007
... My left eye has strange slight pain behind it , for one year on and off. I had an eye exam and nothing could be seen. ... (1 replies)
... My husband had Lasik in 1995 and PRK in 2005. When he goes to sleep he wakes up with bad pain in his left eye and it takes him half an hour of blinking to settle it down before he can fall asleep again. ... (1 replies)
Eye/Brow pain
Nov 16, 2006
... part of the year, I've had pains in my eyes, mostly the right one. In fact, I can actually touch the top right part of my right eyelid and feel exactly where the pain is. It feels like a vein or something. Sometimes I feel more pain when I look up or down. And my brow hurts when touched, especially the left one. ... (3 replies)
... never effected my eyes before. At first I just sort of didn't worry about it for a month or two and my GP didn't realise what it was and just prescribed some dry eye drops. I used them for a while and the dryness seemed to go away but then returned and in a day or so went from nothing to inflammed red left eye. ... (3 replies)
... I've been having an eye spasm in my left eye for a few weeks now. ... (0 replies)
... Well here i am again with yet another of my problems, i must sound like such a drama queen!! I've got this sharp pain behind my left eye when i touch my eyelid. I also get large amounts of twitching in that eye every few days and slight blurring along with blotches in my vision aswell. ... (0 replies)
... Sometimes that can detect it even when an MRI cannot. It can detect very subtle changes. That is the usual diagnostic tool. Optic Neuritis can cause eye headaches, double vision, and pain upon movement of the eye especially when looking from side to side and up and down. ... (3 replies)
... Severe" pain is not typical of eye strain and eye strain does not develop suddenly. CTs and MRIs may not reveal a low grade inflammation of the optic nerve which could cause this pain on eye movement. ... (3 replies)
... I wish someone would answer your question as this is happening to my mother. She is also experiencing double vision along with the pain. All her CTs and MRIs are negative also. Hopefully someone will have some advice for you and my mom soon. take care (3 replies)
Eye infections
Aug 1, 2006
... im getting soo frustrated. Right now i have a bad eye infection in my left eye it burns and stings so bad the pain is unbearable. I wear contacts and this is about the 15 eye infection i have had this summer. ... (0 replies)
... I've been around and around this block with my eyes for years and things only get worse as i get older it seems. My eye doc says dry eyes, but I seem to have problems with ONE eye at a time, usually it's my left eye, and my right eye is behaving and carrying the load. ... (3 replies)

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