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... I have what looks like a lump under eyelid and also sore r eye that is painful and look bloodshot.But i will have to wait till doc opens monday as is closed now but might be worse by monday help. ... (1 replies)
... ve tried everything and that includes six types of antibiotics. You might just have a sty, you should go see a doctor since infection is a fear and it being your eyelid is a senstive spot. ... (8 replies)
... things that helped. To get a chalazion to disappear soak a camomile tea bag in boiling water. Place the hot tea bag on a spoon and hold the spoon close to the eyelid that has the chalazion. Let the steam hit the affected eyelid. When the tea bag gets cool redip in the boiling water to heat it up again. ... (3 replies)

... Since it`s been a "long time", it can be a chalazion. The eyedoctors mainly recommend using something hot on they eyelid (e.g hot water) (on the lump) to see if that helps. If it dont, and it just keeps getting bigger, then the only way to get rid of it is surgery (what i have done). But the surgery itself is... (3 replies)
... Don't have any idea what is going on. I learned after injurying my eye last year that the eye clinic (though they don't advertise it) has someone taking calls and I could've been seen. You might want to call just incase things get bad. You'd rather see an "eye" doctor than go to the ER--you'll get specialized care with the former. (1 replies)
... Since mid 2002 I've felt that under my left eye lid it's very congested, sticky and cluggy. ... (0 replies)
... hi , i had a chalazion 3 years ago which finally become a small lump 1 years ago now , this small lump seems to take almost all part of the eyelid ( just under the lashes ) but it is very small , i can feel him picthing with my finger (here i noticed it takes a good part of the eyelid contrary to a normal chalazion which is a small ball ) , and i can notice a small... (5 replies)
... i also have swelling all around my cheekbone on the same side. I also have a slight lump on the lower lid of my eye. ... (1 replies)
Eyelid Bump
Apr 7, 2010
... i thought it was pink eye. A lump has grown under my eye lid and it hurts as if I've been punched in the eye. It's swollen and looks pretty bad. No crusties or discharge is coming out though. ... (3 replies)
... type lump on my eyelid for about 5 years. When I went to have a blepharoplasty on the upper eyelids, he said it was a tear duct that had fallen. ... (1 replies)
... doctors still give me collyre and so on who are ineffective , they said its too small to being cute the lump under the eyelid is so small that i dont even think the disformation will go away if the lump disappear but the last doctors i saw told me the disformation is due to the lump well i dunno what to do , iam planning for plastic surgery because noone else seems... (7 replies)
... Hi i have been to at least 8 differant doctors and dermatologists to no evail . I am hoping someone knows or can diagnose what i have. A few years ago i was playing with my dog and her tooth accidently hit my eye right below the eyebrow i had a bit of a bruise there and a little lump.(dr said healing scar tissue) The brusie went away but the lump didnt it seems to have... (0 replies)
... Picture a very small pebble sitting on my eyeball, underneath my lid. A small lump would be visible on the outside... ... (16 replies)
... **** that , noone have enough knowledge to answer ....... i really really need an answer pls (5 replies)
... help me plz (5 replies)
... it is a very small chalazion which not go away... (5 replies)
... The best thing I can tell you to do is to go see another ophthalmologist (or the same one if you like him) and find out exactly what it is. (5 replies)
... noone can help me ? (5 replies)
... I know I should not do this, but if I put my finger under my upper eyelid beside my nose, I feel an enlarged pea size lump and what feels like a swollen tube going up from it, my left eye has none of this. ... (3 replies)
... If the chalazion is already getting better and there is just a very small lump that doesn't look as though it contains anything to drain.. ... (14 replies)

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