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... I have just been diagosed with Meibomian gland dysfunction. My eyes didn't hurt UNTIL I started the treatment! ... (50 replies)
... main cause of this blurriness as my eyes are not being coated properly, but I also havent seen to many people complain about this and I dont know if the routine treatment is going to really attack this. ... (39 replies)
... w a specialist at hopkins who diagnosed blepharitis, and she put me on erythmocyin, doxycycline and told me to do the usual warm compresses. I have been on this treatment for about a month and I am very worried because I still have seen no improvement. ... (39 replies)

... counter treatment for meibomitis. ... (32 replies)
... Sylfaen, Last post was in 2011. Are you still out there? I am going through the same thing so there must be hundreds of people affected by Accutane's toxicity. I have spent so much money trying to find relief. I even wished that I could get new eyelids for my damaged ones! If anyone has any knowledge of helpful treatment, please answer me back. (0 replies)
... Does anyone have any positive treatment outcomes? ... (0 replies)
... I think the soreness on my eyes has to do with touching my eyes/eyelids so much - I think they are better off when left alone. Those hot compresses are drying my eyes out. I think I would rather have the puffiness than the red red eyelids. Good luck with your treatment. (50 replies)
... Hi NJpeg, That's interesting. Why are we all being told to do the scrubs and the drops if many of us are saying it makes our eyes hurt, and finding that they DON'T hurt when we don't do it? Maybe I should try only the compresses. I wasn't told about massages but then when I looked up the ailment online today, I saw something about massages. I called the doc today cuz my... (50 replies)
... lid massages after the compresses. its hard to describe and there are many ways to do it, but basically i press down on the edge of my lids where the meibomian glands are to express the oil, top and bottom lid. ... (50 replies)
... I can't stand them!! It looks like I'm tired and haven't had any sleep for days. Someone even said that to me!! I was just wondering about your treatment and if the swelling had gone down. Take care. ... (50 replies)
... Instead of u , i don't feel any pain on my eyelid either during hot compress session or not , only problem there is the esthetic prejudice of the puffyness . Seeing oil glands ? i dunno about it , what it look like ? And yes i stoped applying warm compress after having done it 1 time/day for one month without any improvement I didn't try any other thing except of... (50 replies)
... Hey jack94 - did you stop doing the warm compresses? Do your eyes feel better? I just think maybe it's too much hot/warm that's making my eyes so sore. Can you see any oil glands - I see them in the corner of my eyes, but they are not disappearing with the warm compresses. I'm going to ask my dr. about the docylcline (sp) - I don't think he wanted me to start this yet... (50 replies)
... hi , the specialist i've seen told me its useless to continue if i see no improvement within 30 days , he also told me to do hot compress 1 time / day . As i've seen no improvement i stoped it ... maybe iam wrong ?! (50 replies)
... hey, i think its normal that ur eyes feel worse in the beginning. that's what most people experience. it happened to me and when i first started treatment my puffy lids, soreness, etc, got a lot worse for a long time. it took a month or two for it to start feeling better. ... (50 replies)
... i believe that if i got the right treatment in the beginning it would be under control by now. i also wish i did a more rigorous treatment after i found out in the beginning. do you think that if i haven't gotten it under control after a year of treatment, its still possible to do so? ... (50 replies)
... massage treatment which i do since 3 weeks now but , unfortunately for me , i see no improvement . ... (50 replies)
... c i started treatment late it cant get to where it could have been, esp since i was only 17 when i first got it. ... (50 replies)
... Jen, my eyes have been status quo until very recently, when they started to feel worse. We just started having to put the heat on about two weeks ago, and that is exactly when my eyes started feeling worse. Almost immediately my left eye got really bad. The corneal surface is really beat up. I've been on Quixin (anti-biotic drops) since then because my doctor wanted to keep... (39 replies)
... n appointment with him. He does an extremely thorough eye exam and should definitely be able to tell you exactly what your problem is and what the best course of treatment is. He's one of the best in the country for dry eye treatment. ... (39 replies)
... After 21 years of agony, I finally have relief. I have suffered with dry eye syndrome, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis in my right eye since an eye injury in 1982. ... (25 replies)

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