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... Below is my July 5 post--maybe some of it can be useful to you. Google the words you do not understand: Just had my first BlephEx treatment in for Blepharitis in a Phoenix suburb. Opthalmologist charged $100 to pluck out select eye lashes and examine under microscope to demo the creepy mites. He did not clean the tweezers before or after using them on me. Next assistant... (4 replies)
... Hi Jellyfish, I had a similar surgery on 6/18/15 (without scleral buckling), going thru the poor eye sign experiences now; searching internet for answers, then came across this board and find your message, I am related to your experience 99%. I had my 5 weeks post-op yesterday and the gas bubble is still at 30%, I started to see things little clear last week (4 weeks after... (15 replies)
... blepharitis in november 2014. I was told to do hot compresses, lid message . Lid hygeine. Eye drops ect.. ... (4 replies)

... In the meantime, i read on another message board that someone had success using eye wash that you can buy at any store in the eye section. ... (6 replies)
... BTW, something is wrong with the HB software, as it also tells me that there was an error after you hit "Post Reply." Instead of rewriting your message and sending it again, just wait and go back to the main thread, and you will see your original message published any way. ... (27 replies)
... Please relax ! Same issues as yours... Read my old posts. BUT, there is nothing to worry about, just make sure you have retina's checked annually. They are prone to issues because they are stretched extra because of the myopia high number. Do not think "Lasik" even if a practitioner says they can do it. Contacts - sparingly, why aggravate your eyes?? Anyway, just... (2 replies)
... ne and tell them how she is. I am a bit worried about it and am looking forward to it being over and finding out what her new vision is like. Will post another message when I have some news. ... (18 replies)
... February 4th so not that long to wait. I will post a message on here after she has had it to let everyone know how it went. ... (18 replies)
... Luck to us both on this one. You are the ONLY OTHER PERSON I have met interested in the Can C Line of products...which was the original reason I joined this message board! ... (2 replies)
Glaucoma surgery
Jun 22, 2013
... Hi Jean, seems there was another message. I tried to respond to your last post, and my first message repeated? ... (6 replies)
... to get some feedback and opinions about this... For the past few years, my sensitivity to light has got increasing worse. I am now to the point that typing this message requires sunglasses, squinting, and the brightness of the computer screen to be set at the lowest setting possible. ... (4 replies)
... Vision Message Board' I live in ILLinois USA. ... (0 replies)
... I do believe the message you received was for M27. Vitrectomy was also in one of my readings on complications of cat. ... (66 replies)
... I have asked all around on the message boards of 4 different sites and no one seems to have any knowledge about them. Or they are ignoring me. ... (66 replies)
... real quick, just to try and help you find help....believe it or not....a Regular Optometrist can actually refer you to a good Specialist.....why not just simply go and have your eyes examined at sears or pennys, tell her your problems and she may have a good friends/doctor to refer you too ..... they are usually very helpful as they can often identify problems (they are wanna... (27 replies)
Feb 6, 2013
... told to use my Systane 4 times a day, I seemed to be, in my amateur opinion, getting chemical burn or irritation. It was too much. Posting another message instead of editing again, because you might not get a notification that way. ... (14 replies)
... e pain that will follow in the days after the surgery. The procedure will be scissorless and sutureless, using a fibrin tissue adhesive instead. I have read some message boards from a few years ago but if anyone has been through this surgery recently and can share their experience or any tips that would be great. ... (2 replies)
... (10 replies)
... I just want to clarify that not all the times when flashes appears with floaters it mandatory means detached retina, I have read on others message boards a few people having flashes and floaters without any retinal problem, and some other people with just floaters having detached retina. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, Your message caught my eye (No joke intended)... I have had the very same problem for the past three weeks but mine is in my left eye. I was getting sparkling silver lights and a sort of film would cover my eye making vision practically impossible. The sparkling lights were awful and could last from 5-30 mins at a time. I rang my optician and he told me to see an... (2 replies)

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